What Uber Jobs Are Available for You?

There’s no denying the fact that Uber has changed how the world moves, and the good news is, there’s a whole host of Uber jobs available to people who want to be a part of the revolution. Uber employment opportunities abound, and these are some of the posts open to anyone with the right qualifications.

Uber Jobs | Opportunities in Various Fields

1. Drive for Uber

Drive for Uber | What Uber Jobs Are Available for You?

Uber is always on the hunt for new drivers, with the promise of making good money, flexible hours, and financial independence. Sounds good? Uber discusses the benefits of being a driver in this part of their site, and this page details all the requirements.

“Drive and earn as much as you want” is Uber’s tagline, but prospective drivers looking for a realistic estimate could refer to this article. Whether Uber would work better as a part time or a full-time job is arguable, but one thing’s for sure: it’s an attractive opportunity for individuals looking for extra income.

2. Uber Jobs in the Communications Field

A career in Uber’s communications field requires a flair for storytelling. Applicants who are familiar with the impact of the ridesharing app on traffic congestion relief, work opportunities, emission reduction, and more, and could communicate it in a clear, compelling manner can apply for a job in the company’s communication’s department. There are posts available to applicants all over the world. Check out the job openings on this page.

3. Be a Part of the Uber Legal Team

Lawyers and paralegals with a background in consumer protection, privacy, and regulatory laws are needed by Uber offices in various parts of the world. The open roles are detailed on this page, and interested lawyers who fit the bill can apply in the offices in their respective countries.

4. Uber Jobs in the Finance Department

Uber Jobs in the Finance Department | What Uber Jobs Are Available for You?

Uber’s finance department in the US is in need of talented people from the fields of accounting, finance, insurance and related fields. Analysts who can drive and support financial planning and turn insights into strategy is also needed. For the full list of the job openings in Uber’s Finance and Accounting teams worldwide, check out this page.

5. Be a Part of Uber’s HR Team

People who have a solid background in human resources, recruitment, training, facilities, and related fields has jobs waiting for them at Uber. The company is looking for HR employees who have a strong understanding of HR programs, who can build and maintain a fast-paced, high-growth environment, and are obsessive about all things operations. Individuals who think they fit the bill should check out the open roles here.

6. Uber Jobs in the Engineering Field

Engineering and programming are the backbones of Uber and most of the openings in this field gear towards Uber’s next big thing: self-driving cars. Engineers, technicians, and vehicle operators with an experience in this field are in demand, as more and more job positions are added. Having a solid background in data science and software development is a definite plus as well.

7. Be an Uber Designer

Be an Uber Designer | What Uber Jobs Are Available for You?

Being a designer at Uber isn’t limited to visual design: they have job openings for copywriters, content strategists, event producers, product designers and UX researchers. Uber promises the perfect home for creatives: a fun, lively environment filled with sharp, motivated co-workers. Interested parties should check out their job openings page.

Other Opportunities at Uber

8. Join the Uber Affiliate Program

The Uber Affiliate Program is a part of Uber’s campaign to promote ridesharing. An ideal gig for people who have a broad reach and audience, the program gives interested parties the edge they need to support the platform, including:

  • A registered affiliate account
  • A tracking application
  • Marketing assets
  • A handy payout model

According to Uber, members can earn as much as $3,000 a month by referring one driver a day. Interested parties can apply directly via the Uber Affiliates page.

9. Intern at Uber

College students looking for an impressive addition to their resumes can try out for Uber’s internship programs. How is it like to intern for one of the most innovative companies in the world today? Read the experiences of summer engineering interns here.

10. Be an Uberpreneur

Driving for Uber gives unlimited opportunities to the network from the driver’s seat. This article by Forbes tells the story of Gavin Escolar, a jewelry salesman who saw the opportunity in a part-time gig. Escolar turned his car into a showroom, an idea that earns him $18,000 in commissioned designs per month. This Uberpreneur’s secret? Respecting his clients’ silence, and pitching only when asked. Which, considering his earnings, must be a lot of times.

Uber has created possibilities for a lot of people, and it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Employees drive a company forward, and Uber is on the hunt for people who would take it to newer, soaring heights.

Are you a part of the Uber team? What can you say about working for the company? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments box below.

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