How To Check Your Uber Passenger Rating

An essential part of the rideshare platform, Uber passenger ratings are a reflection of how Uber drivers view and are paired with riders.

Just like for Uber drivers, a rider’s rating depends on how they behave and treat drivers during a ride. Ratings will definitely differ from one rider to another, but they still guide how riders conduct themselves during trips.

The Uber Passenger Rating and How It Affects You

How Ratings are Calculated

How Ratings are Calculated | Uber Passenger Rating | How To Check Your Rating in Uber
When a rider first joins Uber, they start off with 5 stars. Inevitably, these stars are reduced as the rider uses Uber. There is definitely no way that any rider can maintain their 5-star rating for long. Every Uber trip will be different, which makes keeping a perfect rating impossible.

While it is generally known that both drivers and riders rate each other after every trip, Uber has not revealed how it computes ratings. However, most people agree that ratings are an average of every trip that Uber drivers and riders have taken. As an aside, Furious__D on Reddit has a theoretical formula on how Uber computes ratings.

Why the Uber Passenger Rating Matters

Most people write off their Uber ratings as numbers that don’t matter in their Uber trips. However, this couldn’t be more wrong.

Uber drivers accept trips based on a rider’s Uber passenger rating. Some drivers will not accept trips booked by a rider with a 4.5 or lower rating. On the other hand, drivers who see a rider with a 4.8 and above will immediately take the ride.

Clearly, Uber passenger ratings play a big role in prioritizing riders when booking trips. Low-rated Uber riders could potentially find it harder to catch a ride due to their lower ratings. Therefore, it pays to have a good Uber passenger rating.

How to Check Uber Passenger Rating

Before, riders had to go through the Help section of the Uber app and select the “check rating” option to see their Uber passenger rating. As of 2017 however, Uber made a few tweaks that made checking ratings easier for riders. From the home screen of the app, riders need only swipe right to see their rating.

Uber most likely made checking a rider’s rating easier to encourage riders to be more mindful of their actions during trips. Riders can now easily see if their performance as an Uber passenger has improved or worsened.

How to Increase Uber Passenger Rating

If riders are bothered with their Uber passenger rating, there are ways to raise it.

Most Uber drivers rate their riders low if the passenger displayed bad behavior during their trip. This may include making the driver wait for more than 10 minutes or eating inside the car.

Additionally, being very vocal about complaints or being an aggressive “backseat driver” can lower an Uber passenger rating. If you avoid these behaviors, you should see your rating improve.

Raising the Uber passenger rating can take some work. Riders can compliment drivers on their driving or their vehicle. Being polite and attentive during the ride can also raise a rider’s rating. Engaging drivers in conversation or leaving a nice tip can help out a passenger’s ratings.

My Take

Riders and drivers alike depend on Uber ratings to judge the quality of their trips. In a way, it is a reflection of how one acts during a trip. It is inevitable that people use ratings to judge what kind of person will be driving or riding in an Uber. Thus, it just goes to show that being kind and respectful to drivers will pay off in those ratings!

How have you improved your Uber passenger ratings? Tell us in the comments!