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Save A Trip To The Store With Uber Pharmacy Delivery In 2023

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When you think of Uber, the first thing that comes to mind is likely their ride service that can take you almost anywhere you want to go.

Of course, Uber also offers the delivery service Uber Eats, as well as delivery for many kinds of groceries and household items.

In 2020, Uber expanded their services even further – from rideshare and grocery delivery to Uber pharmacy delivery.

Now, you can have Uber pick up your prescriptions and drop them at your door!

Read on to find more about the service and how it could streamline your day-to-day routine when it comes to your prescriptions.

What is Uber Pharmacy Delivery?

vector graphic showing an Uber Pharmacy delivery driver leaving a pharmacy and en route to a customer

Uber pharmacy delivery is a prescription delivery service offered by Uber.

Uber is one of the biggest peer-to-peer ridesharing companies in the world.

Uber already offers to pick up and deliver your groceries and other items.

They added Uber pharmacy delivery in 2020 to fill a need when so many people couldn’t get out safely.

An Uber driver gets your medication for you when you order your prescription through Uber Eats.

The driver picks it up from your pharmacy and delivers it to your door.

This service makes it easier for people to get their medicine.

Better access helps with prescription adherence.

People are less likely to skip a dose if it’s easy to get medication delivered.

More accessible prescriptions are a step toward better healthcare for patients.

Uber also joined forces with the ScriptDrop pharmacies service for pharmacy delivery.

This arm is a separate service from Uber pharmacy delivery.

Uber Health partnered with the existing ScriptDrop prescription drug delivery service.

This move allowed it to create delivery solutions in 37 United States.

Amanda Epp is the President of the ScriptDrop prescription delivery service.

She oversees the partnership with Uber.

How Does Uber Prescription Delivery Work?

Using Uber prescription delivery is easy and takes only a few steps to get started.

Uber Pharmacy Through Uber Eats

You can use the Uber Eats Android or iOS app to connect your account to NimbleRx.

Open the app and choose “Prescriptions.”

The app will prompt you to sign up to NimbleRx.


Talha Sattar founded NimbleRx in 2014 to make it easy for people to get their prescriptions through online commerce.

NimbleRx serves as a digital pharmacy.

The service sends prescriptions to neighborhood pharmacies then delivers them to customers’ homes.

You can create an account through NimbleRx and connect it to your Uber Eats account on their website.

Where is Uber Pharmacy Delivery Available?

Uber pharmacy delivery started in Seattle and Dallas.

They ran a trial program to see if interest was high enough for the service.

The service proved to be a hit, with Uber delivering over 15,000 prescriptions within a few months.

The Uber pharmacy delivery service quickly expanded to other large metropolitan areas, and is now available in cities like:

  • Miami
  • Houston
  • Austin
  • San Francisco
  • San Diego
  • New York City

What Do You Need to Get Uber Prescription Delivery?

Gather a few documents and some patient information before you make an order.

If you have your health insurance information and your prescription, you can order.

You’ll often get your prescription the same day.

Health Insurance

Uber pharmacy delivery with NimbleRx accepts most health insurance plans.

They also accept HSA/FSA cards.

You’ll enter this information before you schedule the delivery by taking a photo of your insurance card.

If you have a copay or no insurance, you must pay for the prescription in advance before the driver picks it up for you.

Uber won’t deliver prescriptions paid for in whole or in part by programs like TRICARE, Medicare, or Medicaid.


You can enter your prescription into the app at this point.

You can also have your doctor send it to “Uber fulfilled by NimbleRx.”

How Can You Order a Pharmacy Delivery Through Uber?

Follow these steps to order Uber pharmacy delivery through the Uber Eats app.

Step by Step Guide

Create an account at the NimbleRx website.

If you haven’t downloaded Uber Eats, download the app and create an account.

  1. Sign in to the Uber Eats app.
  2. Select the “Prescriptions” option at the top.
  3. Read the introduction, then select “Continue.”
  4. Read the explanation and select “Continue.” The app will prompt you to link your NimbleRx account.
  5. Choose “I have prescriptions now” if you have existing prescriptions to fill.
  6. Uber Eats will pull your personal information to populate the fields. Select “Confirm.”
  7. Enter the neighborhood pharmacy name that you prefer from the list. You can enter your prescriptions in the appropriate field.
  8. Tap “Review” to make sure everything looks correct.
  9. Choose the “Insurance” option and enter your insurance information.
  10. Upload a clear picture of your insurance card or select the option for not having insurance.
  11. Go back to the previous screen and choose the “Transfer prescriptions” option.
  12. Re-enter your pharmacy name and prescription, then select ‘Review.”
  13. If the Uber delivery and transfer terms look good to you, select “Transfer.”  

You can get same-day delivery of most medications.

New Yorkers and those in other busy metropolitan areas might need to wait until the next day.

Moreover, the time and day you order will make a difference.

If you want to get home delivery of future prescriptions, go back to step five above and choose “I will see a doctor soon.”

The next screen will show the phrase again with a down arrow next to it.

Select that arrow.

Follow the instructions to prepare for an upcoming prescription. Be sure to tell your doctor to send new prescriptions to “Uber fulfilled by NimbleRx.”

When a prescription appears in the app, you’ll receive a text message.

Then you can go into the pharmacy delivery app and pay.

Once you’ve done that, Uber pharmacy delivery will deliver your order.

How Much Does Uber Pharmacy Delivery Cost?

vector graphic showing the different types of Uber Eats fees that make up the cost of uber eats orders

The exact prices don’t appear on the website, but most deliveries typically have a $0 delivery fee.

However, bear in mind that the company does add a $2.99 service fee to deliveries.

You may also have the option to pay $4 or more for fast “free” delivery.

The cost of your prescription might also be higher.

NimbleRx uses small and independent pharmacies.

These smaller businesses charge higher prices than pharmacy chain stores.

They can’t afford to compete with the prices at big retail pharmacies like CVS or Walgreens.

CVS Health, Amazon, and other corporations recently started pharmacy delivery services.

NimbleRX decided that small and independently owned pharmacies needed to compete.

They use local pharmacies in your community instead of big chain stores.

If you use a local pharmacy that NimbleRx doesn’t have on their list, you’ll have to change pharmacies.

Which Pharmacies Can You Order From Through Uber?

NimbleRx has a network of thousands of pharmacies made up of local, regional, and independently owned stores across the nation.

A few examples are:

  • Parkside Compounding Pharmacy in California
  • Saint Peters Community Pharmacy in Missouri
  • Bartell Drugs in Washington

Independent pharmacies spread the news about NimbleRx through word of mouth.

They tell the patients who come to them regularly for prescriptions.

Many people use Uber delivery for the first time after hearing about it from a pharmacist.

You can see the available pharmacies and Uber direct delivery option in the app.

Small pharmacies usually have shorter hours than chain stores, so same-day delivery or delivery within two hours might not always be possible.

Also, remember that a prescription your doctor sends can take up to a day to appear in the NimbleRx system.

This delay means fulfillment can slow your delivery by up to two days.

If you need a prescription immediately, you might use another option.

Save your first time using Uber for a prescription you don’t need urgently.

Service is faster, typically, if you scan the prescription yourself.

This tendency varies by location, time of day, day of the week, and other factors.

Uber Pharmacy Delivery FAQs

Some of the common questions often center around what an Uber driver can or cannot deliver.

Unfortunately, there are some restrictions on the types of medication you can order.

vector graphic showing different phone models to demonstrate the best phones for uber drivers

Are Controlled Substances Available for Uber Pharmacy Delivery?

Your Uber delivery person won’t be able to deliver controlled substances like narcotic medications.

This means that many painkilling drugs are ineligible for delivery.

Can You Get Over the Counter Medications?

You can get over-the-counter medications through Uber Eats.

However, these items aren’t part of the pharmacy delivery service.

To do this, you’ll need to select “Essentials” at the top of the app instead of “Prescriptions.”

You’ll be able to order over-the-counter medications and many other items.

You can get home delivery of OTT meds from stores like Rite Aid, Walgreens, and many others.

Uber Pharmacy Delivery Options

If you’ve never ridden in an Uber or enjoyed delivery from your favorite restaurant, it’s never too late to try out one of their convenient services, like Uber Eats grocery and essentials deliveries.

Now, you’ll never have to deal with standing in line at a pharmacy or sitting in a drive-thru line to pick up your prescriptions.

If you feel it could simplify your day-to-day, check out Uber Eats and their medication delivery service today!

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