Uber Promo Codes | How to Use Them

If you’ve been wondering how to take advantage of Uber promo codes, or wondering how to acquire, use, and maximize them, then look no further. Today’s post is all about how to maximize this credit goldmine, and help you get the biggest discount on Uber rides possible.

After all, there’s only one thing better than taking an Uber ride… getting to do it with a discount!

Uber Promo Codes | The Basics

If you already have Uber promo codes to apply to your account, keep reading for how to apply the code, maximize the discount, and take your first ride. If you need a code, however, use our code “TRYNOW” for a discounted Uber ride.

How to Use an Uber Promo Code

If you’ve received an Uber promo code from a friend or advertisement, it’s likely that you’ve received a notification that notified you of the free credit in your account. Uber typically sends out a message notifying you of a discount on your next ride, then shows steps you can take to claim it.

How do you use these codes? There are two ways:

1. Using Uber Promo Codes on Your App

Using Uber Promo Codes on Your App | Uber Promo Codes | How to Use Them

  • Open the app
  • Open the main menu (three lines on the upper left corner)
  • Click on “Payment.”
  • Then, click on “Add Promo/Gift code.”
  • Key in your code
  • Click “Apply.”
  • Enjoy your free/discounted ride!

2. Logging on to the Uber Website via Web Browser

Logging on to the Uber Website via Web Browser | Uber Promo Codes | How to Use Them

  • Go to www.uber.com
  • Click the “Sign In” tab in the upper right corner
  • Click on “Rider Sign In.”
  • Key in your email/mobile number
  • Click “Payment” on the left side menu
  • Key in your promo code
  • Click “Apply.”
  • Enjoy your free/discounted ride!

Where Do You Get Free Codes?

1. Be a new user

This is the easiest way to get a free discount. Uber welcomes its users with nothing less than a one-time-use coupon. If you just started using Uber, you automatically get a $15 discount on your first ride. What a welcome!

2. Share Uber

Share your promo code from the app. You can post it on social media or send it via text: if someone signs up using your referral link, you can get a free ride credited to your account after they take their first trip. Refer Uber to your friends and family. If you’re a blogger, make a post about it. You may even post your referral link on Facebook! Don’t forget to thank your friends for the freebie.


3. Watch Out for Promotional Events

Watch Out for Promotional Events | Uber Promo Codes | How to Use Them

Uber sometimes releases specific promotional codes for special events. These codes expire after a few hours. Make sure you’re on the lookout!

Other Perks to Enjoy

4. Rider Referral Program

Are you an Uber driver out to make extra bucks? You can earn $5 for every new rider that signs up using your invite code. Uber does not take any percentage off of that: you get the entire $5 for every referral, and your brand new rider gets $20 off their first ride. Win-win!

5. Sign Up for Other rideshare Apps!

Sign Up for Other rideshare Apps! | Uber Promo Codes | How to Use Them

If you’re looking to make the most out of your ride sharing experience, sign up to Lyft as well! Lyft offers a variety of Lyft credits for your first ride, as well as a free ride if you get a friend to sign up! Come explore our list of the best Lyft promo codes today!


So you’ve redeemed your first ride. Congratulations! Now it’s time to grab that five-star passenger rating! Get valuable tips from Uber Lady Charlotte:

Are you a rider who hasn’t signed up for Uber or Lyft yet? Now you know you’re entitled to free rides! Do you already use Uber? Share that promo code and let your friends enjoy the benefits of your favorite ride sharing app!

Do you have other Uber promo hacks that we didn’t mention in the article? Share your tips in the comment box below.

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