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Uber is the top-rated rideshare company, holding 69% of the rideshare market.

That’s because they are highly rated in the offered services of being on-time, comfortable, and most important, available for customers.

Uber operates in 85 countries, 24/7.

There are over seven million drivers who drive for Uber, and that’s because of generous Uber promotions for both drivers and riders.

What Are Uber Promotions?

Uber promotions are discounts and bonuses the company offers its riders and drivers.

As a rider, Uber wants you to choose them as your driver, so they have referral offers to get you to sign up and stay with them.

As for rideshare drivers, Uber wants to give their drivers the best pay and keep them working well, so they have driving bonuses that will keep all parties happy.

For example, a happy driver makes for a good experience for the rider.

How Do Uber Promotions Work?

Uber promotions work by giving discounts and free rides to riders when they sign up or Uber Cash when riders have others sign up.

The way promotions work for drivers differs by giving drivers excellent opportunities to make more money as committed drivers.

Types of Uber Promotions

  • Free Rides.
  • Discounted Rides.
  • Uber Cash.
  • Free Meals with Uber Eats.
  • Discounted Meals with Uber Eats.
  • Uber Sign-on Guarantees
  • Driver Bonuses

Promotions for Uber Riders

When starting a rideshare account with Uber, you can receive a discount code on future trips or a code for a free first ride.

If someone sends you an invitation to join, be sure to use the link, and a promo code is given so that the other person gets a reward as well.

If you search the web for a promotional code, be sure to have the code handy before completing your account setup because a promo code might not work if you set everything up first.

Choosing the promo code that is right for you can benefit you on the first ride or if you plan to Uber a lot, picking a code that discounts the first ten rides could be more valuable.

Some Promotional Codes Offer:

  • Take $25 OFF Your First 10 Trips total.
  • Take $6 OFF Your First Three Trips.
  • Get Uber Annual Pass Membership for $100.
  • Refer a Friend.

Promotions for Uber Drivers

Uber drivers get a different form of promotion when working for the company.

Uber likes to stay in high ranks by being the best rideshare company on the planet, so to do that, it must keep its drivers comfortable.

Among having decent pay and excellent tipping options, Uber has offered a sign-on guarantee for new drivers.

The old way was when Uber would offer a bonus code when signing up, but now they offer incentives.

The best way to get the most incentive is to have an existing Uber Driver send you an invite to join.

So, when you complete your trips, you will both get paid bonuses.

Some bonuses offer:

  • A driver will get a $10 bonus for making three consecutive trips during rush hour.
  • A driver can get $100 for making 30 trips in three days
  • A driver can earn $150 for making 45 trips in four days.
  • A driver can potentially earn bonuses for inviting a friend to become a driver.

What Do Uber Promotions Get You?

Uber promotions can save you money or earn you money, depending on whether you are a rider or driver.

As a rider, invite codes and promo codes can benefit new riders only.

Uber’s policy is not to flood the net with bonus codes for existing riders, so they just don’t offer them.

The only benefit existing riders can take part in is to refer a friend by sending an invite code to a potential new user.

When you refer someone who has never opened an Uber account, and they use that sent code to book their first ride.

When they do, you earn Uber Cash.

Uber drivers are the ones that truly benefit from Uber promotions since the incentives have gotten much more significant over the years.

Drivers can earn really good money if they invest the time.

Of course, it is easier for drivers closer to a metropolitan area to get more traction, but any driver with gumption can probably hit their quota.

Remember, making only 45 trips in four days can earn a driver an extra $150 on top of the fare and tips.

Now, it’s best to know that canceled rides don’t count towards the quota, and friend invites only work out if the other person follows through, adding the promo code properly when setting up their new account.

Uber Promotions for Uber Customers

Uber Promotions for Uber customers will vary if you are a rider or driver.

They are separate accounts, so if you are already a rider, you can sign up to be a driver and receive driver promotions.

Ride Discounts

There is a way to get a discounted ride each time you open the Uber mobile app: by choosing to ride in an Uber Pool instead of an UberX, Uber Green, Uber Black, or any of the other Uber cars.

As for finding free rides and coupon codes after you are already a customer of Uber, it’s not going to happen.

Unfortunately, if you are an existing riding customer, the only promotions code discounts you can benefit from are inviting a friend who is a non-existing customer or if you are new to joining Uber Eats.

New customers for Uber Eats can get their first meal free or discounted when using a promo code.

However, the Uber Loyalty program can help get frequent riders the discounts they deserve by using statement credits.

Accumulating points to receive rewards is easy if you are already utilizing the app, so it makes sense to sign up.

Loyalty Members will get one point for each eligible dollar on Uber Eats and two points for rides.

Delivery Discounts

The Uber Eats discounts change by the month.

Some promo codes might be for a free meal up to X amount of dollars, or it might be for a percentage off the meal.

Some codes will offer a percentage off, plus free delivery on order.

If you already receive emails from Uber, you will get some of the best offers on Uber Eats.

Uber Promotions for Uber Drivers

Promotions for Uber Drivers are the most beneficial because it allows a driver to make more money on top of making money.

Without speeding, drivers will need some hustle to make quotas to qualify for the promotional incentives.

Although Uber no longer offers its former sign-on bonus, it provides ways for drivers to make good money during surging, rush hour, and weekends.

Earnings Incentives & Payouts

Uber drivers take home about 75% of a trip.

The average pay per hour across the US is a little over $15 an hour.

That isn’t per ride, but per hour.

It can easily change and add up when you consider surge pricing.

Surge pricing happens daily during peak times of the day.

Riders will pay more to travel during those times, and as a result, drivers will get paid more.

Regarding incentives, Uber will text drivers about an upcoming opportunity to make more money.

It is not a mandatory thing or a daily occurrence.

Still, if a significant event is in the driving radius of a driver, they will send a message on where to go to receive the best advantage to make more money.

Driver Rewards

Uber offers driver rewards to their drivers through a driving app.

The driver’s app works in 3-month intervals and then will reset to start all over again.

The goal is for drivers to receive points and earn high ratings from passengers.

The more points and ratings, the higher a driver will go.

There are three levels to unlock: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Cancellations will affect the rewards level.

So even though cancellations might be out of your control, keeping a high rating is essential to keep increasing and earning more bonuses.

If a driver also delivers Uber Eats, they will earn points as well.

However, drivers that only deliver Uber Eats don’t qualify for this driver rewards program.

Does Uber Have a Referral Program?


Uber does have a one-time referral reward for new riders and drivers.

In addition, existing riders and drivers can continue to send referrals to potential new customers to earn bonuses and rewards.

How the Uber Referral Program Works for Customers

To sign up for an account from a referral, click the link or apply the promo code before completing the signup.

Note that if you already have an account but have never used it, a new referral promo code will not work.

Codes will only work for new accounts.

How the Uber Referral Program Works for Drivers

The referral program for drivers works a bit differently than the riders’ referrals.

To send a referral for either a rider or driver, locate the Free Rides or special invite promo code in the app.

Everyone has their own personal code to share with potential new riders and drivers, so it will automatically connect to your account.

You can share the promo code link with a friend to sign up through text message or Facebook.

However, drivers’ referrals go the extra mile because it has the New Driver Bonus.

This bonus guarantees that if the new driver does, in fact, sign up and completes the required number of trips, both you and the new driver will receive the bonus.

The referral program allows you to track the code to see if your friend has signed up.

For drivers’ it will enable you to track the new driver’s initial progress to know if you are close to receiving that bonus.

Current Uber Promotions

Uber has a load of current promotions currently running.

Promotions aren’t only for new riders and drivers, but programs to help keep the costs down on frequent Uber usage and the ability to earn points through travel and food orders through Uber Eats.

Current Uber Customer Promotions

Here are the best promotions for customers.

Uber One

Uber One is part of the current Uber customer promotions.

Besides earning points from rides and deliveries, Uber has now replaced the old Uber Pass with the new and improved, Uber One.

The monthly membership gives 5% off eligible rides, Uber Eats foods, alcohol, and groceries.

But, that’s not all; members get unlimited free delivery on orders over $15 on food delivery orders and over $30 on other grocery and store item deliveries.

Uber One costs members around $10 a month.

However, a current promotion allows existing Uber customers to get the first month for free.

Free Uber Credit (New Users)

Free Uber Credits for new users can only happen with the correct promo code entered before the new user account is set up.

Not all promotional codes offer a free ride.

When looking online for an Uber promo code, it’s best to choose which code will benefit you most since some codes provide $25 off the first trip, $5 off the first three trips, $4 off the first four trips, 10% off the first ten trips, and more.

If grabbing a code online, be sure to notice how many claims the code has for working.

If the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is not a legitimate code.

Free Credit For Referring Others (Existing Users)

Using the Uber mobile app will allow you to refer others to join Uber.

When a new driver uses your promo code that you had sent them by text or Facebook, you as an existing user will receive Uber Cash.

The Uber Cash can add up for existing users if they can actually find people that haven’t downloaded the Uber app yet.

Current Uber Driver Promotions

The current Uber driver promotions entice new drivers and keep existing drivers happy.

If drivers aren’t making good money and feeling appreciated, Uber will lose employees.

So, Uber made sure to create incentives and bonuses that would keep drivers working hard and earn rewards for doing a job well done.

Sign Up Bonuses for New Drivers

Sign up bonuses for new drivers are offered out the gate.

If another driver referred you, they are also eligible for a reward, which will allow them to earn Uber Cash.

New drivers must complete the quota set by Uber in a timely manner to receive the hefty signup bonus.

Uber Promotions for Existing Drivers

Promotions for existing drivers include inviting new drivers and receiving a bonus when the new driver completes their quota, but there are other exciting bonuses for existing drivers as well.

One promotion might be that a driver can receive $10 for making three consecutive trips during rush hour.

Drivers’ can also earn higher pay during surge price times that can tack onto those bonuses.

Another promotion bonus drivers will receive when driving for Uber is getting event notifications for their driving radius.

These notifications can allow drivers to get more business during peak event hours.

Earnings Guarantees

Uber earnings guarantees aren’t available in every area.

Earning guarantees can vary from location to location, depending on the metropolitan area.

In addition, the guarantee can change like any other promotion.

The best thing to remember is that whatever the app says is what Uber will stand by.

Be sure to check your guarantees regularly to see if there have been any changes.

Uber Quest

Uber Quest is a collection of quests that Uber will put on the app for drivers to complete to earn extra cash.

Quests can be something like Take A Pickup At 4 am each morning, Monday through Friday, and receive a $50 cash bonus.

To see Quests in the app:

  1. Open the mobile app and tap the upper left-hand menu.
  2. Click on Promotions or Opportunities
  3. See current and upcoming Quests.

How to Use Uber Promotions

Uber promotions will be logged into the Wallet on the app.

After you enter the Wallet, scroll down to Promotions.

You can then see all the promotion codes you’ve earned and their expiration dates.

When a promo code expires, it cannot be extended or reissued.

So be sure to use codes before they expire.

How to Get More Uber Promotions

There are ways to get more promotions with Uber.

Riders can earn more when they ride or sign up for Uber One.

Drivers have more opportunities to earn more promotions by being very active in driving.

Drivers can check out the hot spots and colored maps to see where more riders are requesting trips.

In addition, a driver can see direct promotions in the mobile app under the Earnings tab.

Lastly, Uber drivers can also take advantage of all earning capacities when they sign up to deliver for Uber Eats.

Wrapping Up

New, everchanging, and staple Uber promotions can benefit Uber riders and drivers.

Obviously, Uber drivers have many more opportunities to earn bonuses and rewards than drivers, but earning points with Uber can be a benefit for all users.

There are over seven million drivers, and Uber is always looking for more as the need for ridesharing grows.

In some cities, Uber is now offering Uber Green and Uber Charters to help reduce the carbon footprint

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