How to Make an Uber Reservation and Never Be Late Again

You have somewhere to be. Whether you’re heading to a wedding, business conference, or early morning flight, you need reliable transportation. What better way to secure your on-time ride than requesting it ahead of time?

Scheduling a ride offers many benefits, so it’s no wonder that this feature was a top suggestion from everyday riders and Uber for Business customers. Thankfully, Uber listened to the demand and now you can schedule a ride up to 30 days in advance for any time of day.

In this article, we’ll explain how to schedule rides on the Uber app, how ride reservations work, and how to cancel your reservation if necessary.

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Making an Uber Reservation

Making an Uber reservation on iPhone

Scheduling your ride in the app is just as easy as submitting a normal ride request. Follow these steps to successfully reserve your ride:

  1. Open your Uber app
  2. Tap the clock icon next to the “Where to?” search bar
  3. Select the date and 10-minute window in which you’d like your driver to arrive
  4. Type in your destination
  5. Select your desired vehicle option
  6. Tap the confirmation button at the bottom of your screen

Once your reservation is in, you can review the details of your upcoming trip by selecting the “Your Trips” category on the menu and tapping the “Upcoming” tab. On the day of your reservation, you’ll receive the usual push notification when your driver has arrived.

It’s important to know that drivers showing up within your requested 10-minute window is guaranteed. In the rare situation that a driver doesn’t make a timely appearance, or you receive a late match, Uber will ensure you receive $10 in Uber credit as compensation.

However, $10 isn’t exactly fair compensation for a missed flight, so make sure your ride is scheduled to arrive earlier than it needs to be when timing is critical.

How Much Do Scheduled Rides Cost?

Money and change on table

One of the greatest benefits of scheduling a ride is that real-time traffic and demand will not affect your cost — as long as you schedule it early enough. If your ride is booked at least 60 minutes ahead, you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying and avoid sudden surge pricing in your location.

That said, Uber ride reservations do not carry any additional fees beyond the rates typically included in a standard request, such as:

  • A base fare, which is a flat fee based on your location and choice of vehicle
  • Per-minute and per-mile charges, which factor in time and distance variables
  • A booking fee, which is a flat fee every rider must pay

Of course, tipping your Uber driver is highly encouraged, so make sure to factor the percentage you plan to add to your bill at the end of your ride.

Vehicle Options for Scheduled Rides

Black luxury car parked on street

While scheduling your ride is a fantastic option for most situations, there are reasons to opt for real-time requests. For example, if you’re going bar-hopping on a Friday night, it’s doubtful you’ll plan exactly when and where you’ll be picked up. The limitations Uber has on vehicle options for reservations may be another reason to make a normal ride request.

Services available for scheduling vary by location — the United Kingdom only allows riders to schedule UberX and UberACCESS — so it’s difficult to say exactly which ride types can or cannot be reserved. If Uber can’t guarantee your desired option, you simply won’t see the service listed when you’re in the scheduling process.

However, vehicle options have definitely increased since Uber first launched scheduled rides in 2016 with UberX. Nowadays, these vehicle options are commonly available for reservation:

  • UberX: The most widely requested Uber service, UberX is your average sedan that offers room for up to four passengers.
  • UberXL: Another economy option, you can schedule an UberXL ride to bump up the size of your economy vehicle to accommodate up to six.
  • Black: If you’re seeking a premium service for four, scheduling this luxury ride will lead to a professional driver rolling up in a sleek black car exactly when you want it.
  • Black SUV: The six-seater version of Black, this ride type provides enough room for you and your friends to ride in style.

Specialty services like Español and WAV generally cannot be scheduled ahead of time, but you may be able to schedule an Uber Select ride in some cities.

Canceling Your Uber Reservation

Person writing in her planner

If your schedule changes and you need to cancel or reschedule your reservation, Uber enables you to do this without cancellation fees anytime before you are matched with a driver. Follow these simple steps to do so:

  • Open your Uber app menu and navigate to “Your Trips”
  • Tap “Upcoming” at the top
  • Select “Edit Time” to reschedule your Uber ride, or select “Cancel Ride” to remove your request altogether

Again, if you follow this process in advance, no charges will be placed on your account. However, if you are matched with a driver before canceling, the cancellation fee can be up to $5 for an economy ride, or up to $10 for premium vehicle options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Three people about to get into their Uber reservation

Scheduling a ride is a simple task that only increases the convenience of rideshare. Interested in learning more? Here are answers to additional questions you may have:

1. How can drivers receive scheduled requests?

Drivers will automatically receive scheduled requests for services they’ve opted in to provide. Reservations will appear as normal requests, but with the benefit of having a guaranteed ride in their desired time frame.

2. How can I tell how much my ride will be if I schedule less than an hour ahead?

You won’t receive an exact price for your ride request in this situation. However, Uber will offer a fare estimate that’s as accurate as possible. Sudden surge pricing, among other dynamic pricing factors, may impact your final cost.

3. Can I schedule a ride on Lyft?

Absolutely. Lyft developed a scheduled rides feature before Uber did. Both apps function similarly, giving riders a huge benefit. You can get a detailed walk-through with our guide on scheduling rides with the Lyft app.

4. My app doesn’t provide an option for scheduled rides. What can I do?

If you’re unable to make a reservation, updating your app may be a solution. If your Uber app is already fully updated, consider contacting Uber by filling out and submitting this form. However, even though the feature is rolled out in the majority of cities worldwide, there’s a possibility that your location doesn’t support Uber reservations yet.

5. Does Uber limit the amount of reservations I can make?

Not at all! You’re welcome to schedule as many rides as you want. Every scheduled ride will appear under “Upcoming Trips” to help you remember upcoming plans for the next 30 days. This is especially helpful for long-term business travelers who have set conferences and meetings to attend.

6. Will Uber charge me for my reservation immediately after I confirm?

No, Uber doesn’t charge you for making reservations. The payment option you selected for the ride — whether that’s your credit card, PayPal, or another method of payment — will only be charged as usual, following trip completion. If you see a pending charge before you’ve completed your trip, this is likely a temporary authorization hold.

That said, if you need to cancel before receiving a driver match, you won’t have to deal with the hassle waiting for a refund.

7. How long will my driver wait after arriving?

Drivers will wait five minutes following their arrival. You’ll receive a push notification when they’re at your location, so you’ll know when to start heading over to their vehicle. If you miss this pick-up window, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

Request Your Reliable Ride Today

When convenient rides become even more convenient, do you have any reason not to request a ride? Ride reservations come with no additional costs and are available for the most popular vehicle options.

We hope this article serves as a great resource as you schedule your first ride for any time and (almost) anywhere. Never used Uber before? Sign up here to get started on reservations.


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