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Uber Reserve: Car List, Pricing, and More

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Do you need to get to work on time for an important meeting?

Or do you have an appointment or interview you can’t be late for?

If you don’t have a reliable vehicle or mode of transportation, you might consider getting an Uber Reserve.

The Uber Reserve option allows you to make a reservation for an Uber ride at least two or more hours in advance.

The service is advancing across the Uber platform and is available in many cities today.

New cities are getting added to the Uber Reserve list every month.

Do you want to learn more about Uber Reserve?

Below, we outline how the service works, a comparison between different options, and the cost.

You will also learn the benefits of the platform and step-by-step directions.

What is Uber Reserve?

Uber Reserve is a way to make a reservation and choose a vehicle through the Uber app at least two hours before you need to start driving to your destination.

You can book the ride up to 30 days in advance.

You will need to cover a reservation fee.

Also, you can cancel the reservation one hour or more before the time you’ve chosen.

If you cancel any later, you will need to pay an extra charge.

How Does Uber Reserve Work?

Uber Reserve guarantees a scheduled ride in different cities throughout the United States including New York City and San Francisco.

The Uber driver can arrive a few minutes early for your pick-up when you use Uber Reserve.

The driver will wait five minutes after the scheduled pick-up for the Uber XL ride, Uber X ride, and a Comfort trip.

Is Uber Reserve Guaranteed?

Uber Black and Uber Black SUV reservations made a minimum of two hours ahead of time include a pick-up guarantee.

Further, it involves an on-time pick-up guarantee.

If your Uber driver is at least 5 or more minutes late or does not show up, Uber will provide you with $50 in Uber credit.

You can get up to three credits in 30 days.

Uber Reserve Comparison

Below, you will learn all about the different services that Uber pickup provides.

You can find out about Uber Reserve and how it compares to the Uber Schedule services that travelers use.

Here, we also compare the regular Uber service to the Uber Reserve scheduled pickup service.

Uber Schedule vs Uber Reserve

Uber drivers picking someone up through Uber Reserve provide the passengers with a 15-minute wait in case the travelers are running late to the pickup location.

The service fee ranges from $8 to $12.

The Uber Reserve service is meant for getting people to airports and making sure each passenger makes his or her flight.

Unlike the instant rides on Uber, the scheduled ride feature also allows you to request a ride up to 30 days ahead of time on any day of the year.

You can schedule the ride through the mobile Uber app.

With the Uber Schedule service, you won’t know the exact price of your ride due to surge pricing.

You will get notifications about the ride 15 minutes ahead of time.

However, scheduled rides are not as reliable.

Regular Uber vs Uber Reserve

Both regular Uber rides and Uber Reserve rides allow you to choose UberX, UberXL, and Uber SUV vehicles.

Essentially, if you have anywhere from four to six people in your party to transport, you can get the right vehicle for your needs.

However, regular Uber rides are instant and provide you with a driver very quickly.

Uber Reserve is meant for scheduling a ride in advance.

How Much Does Uber Reserve Cost?

Uber Reserve has an extra fee ranging from $8 to $12.

You will also need to cover the regular cost of the ride depending on the miles and time spent driving.

Do you need to get to the airport?

Your Uber ride will cost based on how far the airport is and include the extra reservation fee.

Does Uber Reserve Lock in the Price?

Uber Reserve has an excellent feature where you can lock in the price of your entire ride when you book the reservation.

You won’t face any surprises or surge pricing issues.

You can book the ride up to 30 days ahead of time and still lock in the same price as when you booked.

How Does Uber Reserve Set a Rate?

You will see the fare price when you start booking the ride ahead of time through the Uber app.

Your driver will get assigned up to 7 days in advance.

When you confirm and book the reservation, you will lock in the price.

If you arrive anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes late for the ride, you will have to pay an extra reservation fee.

What Are the Benefits of Uber Reserve?

Uber Reserve has numerous benefits for both drivers and riders, which are outlined below.

Benefits for Drivers

Drivers have the benefit of knowing exactly when they have a job and how much they will make with the help of Uber Reserve.

Uber drivers can plan out and schedule their work with Uber Reserve, which gives them more control.

Drivers also get 72 percent of the Reserve fee, which will increase their overall income.

Additional Earning Opportunity

Along with the 72 percent of the Reserve fee, Uber drivers can get the entire fee associated with the ride if the passenger cancels the reservation less than one hour before the scheduled time.

Benefits for Riders

Riders have the following benefits when using Uber Reserve.

  • Streamlined user experience for booking trips
  • Advanced booking to plan out trips as much as 30 days beforehand
  • Driver matching so you can pick your favorite driver or preferred automobile
  • On-time pickup guarantee
  • A built-in 15 minutes of wait time for drivers

Schedule in Advance

You can schedule your trip up to 30 days in advance with your fare locked in when you book the trip.

You will need to book the trip at least two hours ahead of time so that drivers can respond and you can get matched with the right driver and vehicle.

How to Use Uber Reserve

Below, you can view instructions about how to book a ride through Uber Reserve.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Open your mobile Uber app
  2. Click on the “Reserve” icon on your home screen
  3. Type in your pickup and drop-off locations
  4. Choose your pickup time and click on “confirm”
  5.  Pick your automotive option and click “reserve”

Uber Reserve FAQs

Below, you can learn the answers to some frequently asked questions about the Uber Reserve service.

Is Uber Reserve Worth It?

Uber Reserve is usually worth booking when you have airport trips to make.

Planning an Uber ride through Uber Reserve to schedule your trip will save you time in the long run.

You won’t need to stress about your flight if you book a ride the day before.

What is the Uber Reserve Cancellation Policy?

Click on the “reserve” icon on the home screen of your Uber app.

Now, you can cancel or update your upcoming reservations via the “upcoming” trips section.

You won’t have any extra charges if you cancel at least one hour before your scheduled pickup.

Wrap Up

Do you have to get to the airport next week?

Then, choose Uber Reserve to book a ride and have a guarantee of getting picked up on time.

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