Uber Ride Advice: Increase Ratings, Tips, and The Rideshare Experience

“My driver rating is falling lower than I would like it to”. “I’m a new rideshare driver and want to get driving right, the first time around”. Disclosure: is supported by our users. We may recieve compensation from the companies whose products we write about, test, or review. We are independently owned and the...

“My driver rating is falling lower than I would like it to”.

“I’m a new rideshare driver and want to get driving right, the first time around”.

Disclosure: is supported by our users. We may recieve compensation from the companies whose products we write about, test, or review. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

“I am about to be deactivated by Uber“.

If any of these apply to you, then it’s time for some Uber ride advice. These types of situations are completely normal, and happen to most rideshare drivers at some point int their career.

We’ve compiled several pieces of advice to help drivers earn five-star ratings and make good impressions on riders with every ride.

Here are some simple ways to be an extraordinary Uber partner driver.

Uber Driver Advice to Get 5-Star Ratings

1. Keep the Car Clean

It sounds very basic, but a clean car goes a long way. While the paint on the outside makes a good first impression, it’s the cleanliness of the inside that matters for a rider’s overall riding experience.

Clean windows, seats, door handles and a trash-free interior will highly increase a rider’s riding satisfaction. Air fresheners will make a nice touch, too, just as long as the scent isn’t too strong.

Driver tip: Many carwashes offer specials for Uber and Lyft drivers, so ask a manager about special pricing the next time you stop by. In my area, many of these are up to 50% off. Drivers can also write carwashes off as an expense, so when factoring that into the equation, the carwash becomes even cheaper.

2. Keep the Conversation Minimal

Different passengers have different personalities. While some can be chatty and love a long conversation, some are introverted and would prefer to keep quiet during the ride. It’s alright for drivers to strike a conversation and ask how the passenger’s day is going. From there, it’s possible to gauge a passenger’s interest to converse.

If the passenger is pretty receptive and talks a lot, it’s fine to keep the casual conversation going. If the passenger just gives a one-word response, it’s best to keep the chatting to a minimum for the duration of the ride.

Driver tip: If a passenger wants to sit in silence, that’s fine. If that’s awkward, a great way to ease the tension is to subtly turn up the music in your car.

3. Mount Your Phone

Mount your Phone | Uber Ride Advice for New Partner Drivers to Get High Ratings
A driver fiddling around with a phone can make a passenger feel unsafe since the driver won’t be able to keep his eyes on the road. It’s also unavoidable to use the phone while driving since it’s needed for GPS.

While the passenger may not call out the driver in these cases, it can reflect in the rating the passenger gives. A mount for the phone helps a driver keep his attention on the road while still being able to take directions from the smartphone app.

I recommend: WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Mount ($6.99)

4. Carry Extra Charging Cables

Driving all day and needing to use the smartphone at the same time definitely means a driver will need to carry a charging cable. What’s forgotten is that, sometimes, passengers need a recharge, too. While it’s not a necessity to provide passengers with a charging cable, going this extra mile will be highly appreciated and will most likely reflect in the rating.

Carry a charging cable for yourself, but also for passengers. I’ve run into times when my phone has died during a ride and the driver didn’t have a charging cable. Once I got to a charger after the ride, and got my phone battery recharged, the Uber ride was over and I went about my day. Had the driver had a charger, I would have likely given him a tip within the app.

I recommend: AmazonBasics 4.0 Amp Dual USB Car Charger ($7.49)

5. Have a Box of Necessities on Board

Water, mints, tissue or wet wipes, alcohol or sanitizer, even a barf bag are all items the passenger will definitely be impressed with. It shows how far a driver will go to keep his passenger comfortable while in his car. This kind of extra will not only score a five-star rating, but it will definitely attract a couple of compliments, too.

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding drivers offering extra items to passengers. Ask any driver and you’ll get a different opinion. When I drive, I don’t offer bottled water, candy, or gum, but I DO offer mints. You can pick up a huge bag at the store for only a couple dollars, and almost every rider will take one, especially business travelers.

Driver tip: Only offer small items like mints as an extra perk, then include a mobile trash can in the back seat for wrappers. Candy gets messy and water gets spilled. Only offer what you’re comfortable with riders eating in your seats.

For more tips on how to be a top Uber driver, watch this video from TheDano9754:

Being an Uber driver partner isn’t all about just turning on the app, picking up passengers, and taking them from point A to point B. Ratings mean a lot for drivers, and could determine whether they stay active as an Uber partner or not. So it’s absolutely important for drivers to be prepared every time they drive passengers around. If you’re looking for some Uber ride advice, keep these tips in mind!

Do you have any Uber ride advice to help drivers get 5-star ratings? Let us know in the comments below!

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