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Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, Uber has implemented significant changes, mainly recommending passengers to stay home as much as possible and travel for only essential needs.

This is for their own safety and that of others, including their drivers.

Now, as cities worldwide gradually begin to reopen and people start to move again, Uber continues to adapt their policies, causing more or less flexibility for everyone.

In this article, you will find the most updated Uber rules that every passenger must follow.

Riders, who have had their accounts deactivated due to lack of compliance with Uber rules, can especially benefit from reading this post.

Additionally, in another post, we have already addressed guidelines for rideshare drivers.

What Are The Uber Rules?

Uber’s community guidelines generally reflect each operating country’s local regulations or state laws, including airport rules.

They were developed to facilitate a positive and safe experience for all users and apply to everyone who signs up for an Uber account, including independent contractors (“driver”) and passengers (“rider”).

For instance, the most standard policy for Uber drivers is to undergo a criminal background check before qualifying to drive for Uber.

While passengers mainly must conform to common courtesy rules when being in another person’s vehicle.

Otherwise, breaking any Uber rule can result in a canceled trip or, worse, a suspended account.

Uber COVID-19 Rules

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led Uber to implement additional requirements for everyone, including employees, to support a safer community.

Uber’s online community center has created a dedicated section for COVID-19 resources to keep users up-to-date on this special situation.

Uber’s COVID-19 restrictions fall under their latest Door-to-Door Safety Standard plan, which utilizes innovative technology while encouraging shared responsibility and new protections for all users.

Uber has also teamed up with health experts from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to educate its users on safety tips and recommendations, specifically about ridesharing and food delivery.

Masks Are Required

“No mask, no ride.”

Uber’s latest new rule on mask requirements is pretty simple.

Drivers and riders are required to wear a face cover or mask, even when vaccinated.

Those who repeatedly violate the rule can have their Uber account disabled.

There’s even an in-app checklist for riders.

Before every trip, passengers need to verify through their Uber app that they’re wearing a face mask by taking a selfie.

Likewise, if a driver doesn’t have a mask on, a rider may cancel the trip without penalty and report the issue via the app.

Front Seats Are Off Limits

For an Uber booking to be confirmed, passengers must approve a set of terms on the app before the driver arrives.

According to such terms, riders must only sit in the back seat to reduce lower risks of physical contact with the driver, thus protecting both parties against any potential illnesses.

Additionally, riders must also allow the windows to be opened for ventilation purposes.

Drivers Are Provided With Safety and Sanitization Equipment

Among other worker rights that Uber drivers qualify for, the company believes materials and protective equipment should be easily accessible to them to help maintain a clean and safe ride experience.

Therefore, the rideshare giant has allocated $50 million to giving the active driver free supplies.

They include masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and sprays, and gloves.

The driver received most of these items directly at home from Uber.

Several countries with limited shipping options have received reimbursements for cleaning supplies and protective gear.

Moving beyond 2021, it’s good also to know that Uber’s future clean-up initiatives involve continuously supplying drivers and delivery people with sanitization supplies to maintain a clean vehicle.

They’ve even partnered up with Clorox in selected North American cities to educate all users regarding specific disinfecting tips.

Plus, with Unilever in the UK to offer hygiene kits for drivers and delivery people.

Future expansion plans are in progress to supply them across western and eastern Europe and Africa.

So, passenger users can rest assured that Uber is trying their best to support a safe riding experience.

Washing Your Hands Is Suggested

Before getting into their Uber ride, riders are highly recommended to follow Uber’s new pandemic-related procedure called the Wash Wear Air.

As such, riders can follow these three simple steps:

  • Wash your hands with water and soap or sanitize them
  • Remember your face cover or mask
  • Air out your ride

Rider Safety Feedback

Uber encourages riders to provide safety feedback and rate their drivers to continuously improve upon new rules and procedures while ensuring everyone complies.

For instance, issues with navigation, vehicle quality, speeding, and lack of mask-wearing.

Uber also has a dedicated online hub addressing women’s safety if female riders have any safety issues.

Non-Negotiable Uber Rules For Riders

Regardless of whether you like the rules or not, Uber’s current and new policies are mainly there to keep you safe.

Therefore, there’s no way to become an exception to the rules.

vector graphic showing an illustration of Uber rules on a clipboard

1. Riders Must Be At Least 18

In order to create an Uber account and request rides, the minimum age of the rider must be 18 years old.

Someone over 18 years of age must accompany any rider under 18.

This is one of the most important Uber rules and applies to all Uber modes of transport, including bikes, scooters, and cars.

Similarly, children cannot order food without an adult’s account on Uber Eats.

For more information about Uber’s minor policy, check out out post about the Uber age limit.

2. Rides Must Be Called Through The Uber App

If you want to call your Uber driver for any reason, it must be done through the Uber app.

Your phone number will be kept private.

Neither you nor the driver will see each other’s number when talking through the app.

After a completed trip, your rider information will also be protected because the app will hide your specific pickup and drop-off details in the driver’s trip history.

Other than for ride-related matters, passengers can also use the Uber app to call 911.

It will show your real-time location and trip details, which you can then share with the emergency dispatcher.

In some U.S. cities, the information will be automatically shared with the authorities.

3. Riders Must Always Wear Seat Belts

The use of a seat belt can help prevent fatalities and injuries caused by car crashes.

Always buckle up, whether you are driving, delivering, or riding in a vehicle.

To avoid vehicle accidents, riders need to request that their vehicle has enough seat belts for all group members.

Drivers can decline rides if their car does not have enough seat belts for everyone.

4. Rider Count Must Not Exceed Vehicle Capacity

Among the more popular Uber rider services is UberX, which usually takes a max of four passengers.

However, under the latest Uber rules to ensure everyone’s safety, only a max of three people can be carried out in an UberX ride.

Regarding extra passengers for when riding with Uber, the account holder is liable for the behavior of all their guests.

If you arrange delivery or ride for another adult or rent a bicycle or scooter on their behalf, you’re responsible for their behavior.

5. Riders Cannot Share Accounts

You cannot share your account.

The Uber app requires you to develop and maintain a valid account to use it.

Your login information should never be shared, nor should you allow anyone else to use your account.

If another person meets our age requirement, requesting a ride or delivery for them is fine and not against Uber’s Community Guidelines.

You can request a ride for another rider while using the app and without sharing your account.

If a rider violates this policy, they are permanently removed from the platform.

Unconfirmed complaints will result in a formal warning.

A strike system is used for tracking and recording unconfirmed complaints.

Account termination is possible if a rider complains of multiple account sharing incidents.

Uber Rider Etiquette

Uber riders are, after all, guests at the end of the day in someone else’s car.

Therefore, certain vehicle requirements are in place to support a safe and positive experience for all, and riders play a crucial role in upholding those standards.


1. Be Ready Before Calling Ride

As a rider, you are responsible for preparing what’s necessary before your Uber driver arrives.

For instance, double-check your booking details’ accuracy and check whether the vehicle license plate matches your confirmed booking before getting in.

As an extra precaution, ask the driver for their valid driver’s license.

2. Listen To Your Driver

You should let your driver do the driving to ensure everyone’s safety.

Do not touch the steering wheel or gear shift or tamper with any knobs, buttons, or other components used to operate a vehicle.

Never ask a driver or courier to go faster or make illegal stops, deliveries, or maneuvers.

3. Be Clean And Courteous

Maintain a casual and friendly relationship with drivers, delivery people, and co-riders.

Avoid personal questions with your driver, touching them in any manner, and aggressive behavior.

It’s never acceptable to damage others’ property, such as leaving cosmetic damage in any area of the Uber vehicle.

Also, damaging a phone or tablet, purposely spilling food or drinks inside the car, smoking in a vehicle, or vomiting after drinking excessively.

Aside from normal wear and tear, riders are responsible for the cost of cleaning and repairing the damaged property.

4. Tip Your Driver

With ever-changing safety and health measures, more pressure is placed on drivers and delivery people to work extra hard to ensure a safe community.

Therefore, they would highly appreciate any extra tip coming their way.

You can leave a tip if you have had an Uber ride or Uber Eats delivery within the past 30 days by going through your account history in the app.

5. Inform Your Driver Of Any Animals

If you ride with a service animal, your driver cannot refuse to transport you.

If you are traveling with an animal that isn’t a service animal, it’s good etiquette to inform your driver that you have a pet with you.

The driver can decide whether to transport pets that do not service animals.

6. No Drugs, Alcohol, And Weapon

You cannot ride with Uber while under the influence of drugs or drinking alcohol.

Never bring into an Uber car open alcohol containers or illegal drugs.

If you suspect your driver may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, ask him to end the trip immediately.

Then leave the car to call 911 and also report your driver through the app.

The same applies to firearms or weapons.

As is permitted by applicable law, riders are prohibited from carrying guns while using the Uber apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly sought-after questions by other Uber passengers.

Can you sit in the front or back of an Uber?

You should always sit in the back seat, especially if you are alone.

This helps you enjoy some personal space, and it allows you to exit safely on either side of the vehicle to avoid other moving cars.

Is kissing allowed in an Uber?

There’s no law prohibiting kissing in an Uber.

However, it’s common courtesy not to make out in someone else’s car.

Can you take alcohol in an Uber?

You can take alcohol in an Uber if the bottle is unopened and sealed tightly.

Otherwise, no, you cannot take opened alcohol containers or drink during your ride.

Can you request a female Uber driver?

No, riders cannot request a specific Uber driver, and you also cannot make a driver request for a specific gender.

Can you smoke in an Uber?

As a guideline based on courtesy, riders are not allowed to smoke in their Uber driver’s vehicle.

Can you bring an ice chest in an Uber?

As long as the ice cooler is leak-proof and tightly closed while placed in the vehicle trunk, a passenger can carry it with them in Uber.

Riders should also remember that the driver can take photos of any spilled liquid and fine the passenger for a cleaning fee via the app.

What happens if an Uber driver gets pulled over?

It depends on the reason why the driver is being pulled over.

A burned-out light in the driver’s car does not affect the passenger, who should not interfere in the situation.

The passenger is responsible if the driver runs a red light at the passenger’s request.

The rider should then pay the fine and accept responsibility for the consequences.

However, in the end, the driver is ultimately responsible for all passengers in the car, and they would be held accountable because they violated a law.

Passengers should have empathy and be tolerant of uncontrollable events.

Riders’ actions can seriously impact an Uber driver’s job and could endanger their livelihood.

Wrapping Up

With unpredicable events, ridesharing leaders like Uber have had to constantly adapt by changing existing policies and adding on newer ones.

This greatly impacts its many different types of users, particularly passengers, for they play a vital role in ensuring the ridesharing community remains safe.

Therefore, as active Uber riders, it’s your responsibility to follow and stay well-informed about the latest company policies, especially if you wish to keep using the app and avoid any account deactivation.

With our clear and succinct guidelines provided here of Uber rules for riders, you’re sure to enjoy your next ride and many more to come.

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