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The 7 Best Lyft and Uber Light-Up Signs to Make Sure Your Passengers Can Find You

Last updated: July 8, 2021
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The Best Lyft and Uber Light-Up Signs to Make Sure Your Passengers Can Find You

Driving for Uber and Lyft is an excellent option for making extra cash.

You can set your own hours, see new parts of your city, and earn tips.

And you get to do it all from the comfort of your car — say goodbye to the confines of your office.

If you’ve ever taken an Uber or Lyft ride, you may have noticed drivers displaying different types of signs in their windows with the Uber or Lyft logo.

If this has left you wondering if you need a similar sign for your Uber or Lyft car, then this guide is for you.

Here’s a look at the signs that Uber and Lyft offer drivers, as well as some other quality third-party signs available online.

Why Uber and Lyft Drivers Need a Sign

Fraud is a problem that has plagued taxi and private car hire companies ever since they’ve existed.

To ensure that passengers know they’re riding in a legitimate, licensed vehicle, cities require taxi drivers to display a license or other sign in a prominent place.

With the advent of rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, things got a bit more complicated.

Indeed, the laws have still not fully caught up with all the new licensing issues that these companies have created.

The problem still remains, however, that Uber and Lyft passengers need a way to know that they’re getting a ride with the right driver.

At the same time, law enforcement officers and other public safety officials need an easy way to identify rideshare vehicles in case any issues arise.

To help with these issues, most markets have local regulations that require rideshare drivers to display the rideshare company’s logo in a prominent location on their vehicle.

Usually, this means attaching a sticker to the front windshield, but the requirements vary based on your city.

Consult the Uber or Lyft page for your city to find the correct information on what your local requirements are.

Beyond meeting legal requirements, having a beautifully lit Uber or Lyft sign in your car window helps make the best first impression on riders.

Having a sign won’t automatically boost your driver rating or make you more money, but it will make it easier for passengers to spot your car on a crowded street late at night.

The easier it is to find the vehicle, the better the ride experience for your passengers.

And a better ride experience will translate into higher ratings and possibly even higher tips.

But which sign should you choose? Where do you get them? Read on to find out.

Types of Uber and Lyft Signs

From the classic pink mustache that used to adorn Lyft rides to the generic stickers that Uber uses to the fancy new glowing Lyft Amp, there are many sign options out there.

But which one should the average Uber driver or Lyft driver choose?

Before we can answer that question, you need to understand the different types of signs available to Uber and Lyft drivers.

They fall into three basic categories:

  • Window signs
  • Magnetic signs
  • Light-up signs

Window signs are by far the most common signs you’ll see.

They range from the official decals that Uber and Lyft issue drivers to aftermarket Uber and Lyft stickers that you can purchase online.

Some are actual decals that use adhesive to attach to your windows, while others use suction cups or even static cling methods.

We prefer the latter two methods of attachment, as they don’t leave any sticky residue behind when or if you have to remove the sign.

Up next, there are magnetic signs.

These usually go on the side or even hood of your car.

While they can be a nice way to make it extra clear that you’re driving for Uber or Lyft, you won’t find any official magnetic signs available.

You can purchase magnetic signs from third parties online, but we think that putting signs on the exterior of your car is generally overkill.

For one thing, they’ll be difficult to see at night (unless they glow in the dark), and they also just look tacky.

To give the best impression to your passengers, we recommend you avoid these types of signs.

Finally, we have light-up signs.

These are our favorite type out there. Select Uber and Lyft drivers can get the official Uber Beacon or Lyft Amp.

These light up signs not only make your ride visible at night, but they also can display key information to your passengers such as the estimated arrival time.

In addition to the official signs for Uber and Lyft, there are many other light-up signs available from third-party manufacturers.

They range from simple LED lights to sophisticated signs that can display either Uber or Lyft depending on which type of ride you’re currently giving.

The 7 Best Uber and Lyft Signs

Now that we’ve outlined the different types of Uber and Lyft signs, here’s a look at eight of our favorite signs for you to use today.

1. Lyft Amp

The Best Lyft and Uber Light-Up Signs to Make Sure Your Passengers Can Find You: Amp

The Amp is the official sign that Lyft offers to higher-tier drivers.

It sits on your dashboard, syncs with your phone, and displays the Lyft emblem using bright LED lights (along with some cool animations).

To be able to get an Amp, you need to reach Gold or Platinum Accelerate Reward status.

This involves giving a minimum number of rides within a set period of time (this varies based on your city, so check the Lyft driver app for specifics).

You also have to be in a city where the Amp is available (most major cities) and provide Lyft with an updated shipping address (all Amps have free shipping).

If you’re not eligible for the Lyft Amp, you can still use an LED sign (see below) or just display the decals that Lyft sends you.

2. Uber Beacon

The Best Lyft and Uber Light-Up Signs to Make Sure Your Passengers Can Find You: Beacon

Next on the list is the Uber Beacon.

In an attempt to compete with Lyft’s Amp, Uber has created their own version.

It’s not quite a sophisticated as the one Lyft uses (it can’t display messages to passengers), but it does have the neat feature of displaying whatever color your passenger chooses using the Uber app (everything from light blue to vibrant pink).

This helps passengers find your vehicle in a crowd.

The Uber Beacon is currently in the trial phase in select cities. Check the Uber driver app to see if it’s available in your market (and watch your email for invitations).

If this Uber offering isn’t available in your area, you can still use one of the LED signs we discuss below, as well as the official Uber driver sign that Uber sends you.

3. Lyft Suction Cup Decal

The Best Lyft and Uber Light-Up Signs to Make Sure Your Passengers Can Find You: Suction Cup

For another option, you can use this suction cup decal sticker.

It displays the Lyft logo in a fairly basic way, and it attaches to any of your car windows using suction cups.

It won’t be easily visible at night, but it will serve the purpose of identifying your car as a Lyft vehicle.

Get it on Amazon for $4.37.

4. Uber Suction Cup Decal

The Best Lyft and Uber Light-Up Signs to Make Sure Your Passengers Can Find You: Suction cup decal

Need a suction cup decal to identify you as an Uber driver?

This will do the trick.

It uses suction cups to easily attach to your windows, and it won’t leave any residue behind.

It also comes in a 2-pack so you can have a sign for both your front and back windshield.

As with the Lyft sign above, it will be difficult to see at night, but it does identify you better than having no sign at all.

Buy it on Amazon for $9.99.

5. LightWorks Labs LYFT Logo Light Sign

The Best Lyft and Uber Light-Up Signs to Make Sure Your Passengers Can Find You: Lightworks Labs

This next option is an interesting one.

It’s a hybrid of an LED sign and a decal. It uses a USB charging cable for its power, making it glow brightly at night.

The only downside of this sign is that it doesn’t come with any way to attach it to your windshield.

You can use whatever method you want (we recommend getting a plastic sleeve you can attach with suction cups).

Get it now for $29.99.

6. Uber Glow Logo Light Sign

The Best Lyft and Uber Light-Up Signs to Make Sure Your Passengers Can Find You: Glow

Want a glowing Uber sign logo?

This LED sign does an excellent job, and it even features the new Uber logo with slick acrylic engraving.

You can easily attach it to your windshield using suction cups, and you can power it using a USB cable.

Get it on Amazon for $17.99.

7. RUN HELIX Uber Lyft Glow Light LED Driver Removable Sign

The Best Lyft and Uber Light-Up Signs to Make Sure Your Passengers Can Find You: Run Helix

Our final option combines the Uber and Lyft logos into one light-up sign.

It’s a durable, bestseller sign that’s easy to attach and remove using suction cups.

The biggest benefit is that it has both the Uber and Lyft logos visible, so you don’t have to switch out Lyft and Uber light signs or worry about having too many things blocking your windshield.

Get the sign on Amazon for $15.99.

Uber and Lyft Sign FAQ

To conclude this guide, here are answers to some common questions about Uber and Lyft signs.

1. Are Uber and Lyft signs tax deductible?

Most likely, yes.

You should always consult with an accountant for answers to questions about tax deductions, but you can probably count any sign you use as “Supplies” for your rideshare driving business.

2. Do I need a sign as a food delivery driver?

If you’re delivering food for a platform like Uber Eats, Postmates, or Grubhub, you probably don’t need a sticker or sign.

The requirements generally only apply to rideshare drivers.

That being said, you should always check the requirements of your specific company and city to be sure.

3. Can I make my own sign?

If you want to make a personalized Uber sign or Lyft sign, be sure you’re not violating any trademarks.

There are strict laws governing how you can use the Uber or Lyft logo, so it’s best to steer clear of them when making signs for your car.

We recommend saving homemade signs for the interior of your car (perhaps to ask for tips).

4. Will having a sign cause problems with pedestrians or other cars?

No, it shouldn’t.

Displaying a sign on the inside or outside of your Lyft or Uber car is perfectly legal, and you shouldn’t need to worry about operating in any sort of “stealth mode” for fear of what other people think.

That being said, you may encounter the occasional person who is hostile towards you just for being a rideshare driver.

If this happens, you can always contact the police if you feel unsafe (and call either the Uber or Lyft phone number for further support).

5. Am I legally required to display my sign?

This depends on your city.

Some markets require you to display signs on both your front and back windshield whenever you’re in driver mode.

This applies whether you’re giving an Uber or Lyft ride.

The specifics of where you have to display the sign can also vary based on where you’re operating.

If you have any questions about these matters as a new driver for Uber or Lyft, you can contact Uber support or Lyft support for guidance.

Get the Right Uber or Lyft Sign for Your Needs

Choosing the right Lyft or Uber logo light up sign can be a challenge.

But whether you’re operating in New York, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas, it’s crucial to have the right sign.

It doesn’t just serve as your business card to passengers — it’s also a legal requirement in many areas.

Haven’t started driving for Uber or Lyft yet?

Be sure to check out our guides to the Uber referral code, new Uber driver sign-up bonus, and Lyft driver sign-up process.

You can earn some serious incentives when you sign up to drive with Uber or Lyft using our links.

Looking for more rideshare driver accessories? Check out our guide to the best dash cams.

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  1. Shawn McGlamery Says:

    Florida Uber drivers do not buy blue lights they are illegal , Blue lights are reserved for EMS Fire and Police only under Florida Traffic laws, I found out after an expensice ticket

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