7 of the Craziest Uber Stories Taken from Online Forums

If you’ve taken a ride in Lyft or Uber, you’ve probably wondered what types of things that your driver has gone through and their experiences. After all, having a steady rotation of new riders ushers in the possibility for some crazy stuff to happen. Uber stories are some of the craziest, strangest, and downright terrifying...

If you’ve taken a ride in Lyft or Uber, you’ve probably wondered what types of things that your driver has gone through and their experiences. After all, having a steady rotation of new riders ushers in the possibility for some crazy stuff to happen.

Uber stories are some of the craziest, strangest, and downright terrifying tales you will hear. Uber drivers have heard absurd phone calls, experienced profound selfishness, and gone through some life-threatening circumstances.

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7 Insane Uber Stories Shared by rideshare Drivers

Every job comes with a certain level of peril, and Uber drivers are certainly no exception. They’re dealing with total strangers, after all. So here are seven of the craziest Uber stories taken from online forums. Be prepared, the last one is the most disturbing.

1. Uber Stories | Late Night Cul-De-Sac

This Uber story comes from user dubweezie over at Reddit. The Redditor’s story began when he was supposed to pick up a guy over in Santa Ana, CA one late evening. Apparently, the passenger lived in a cul-de-sac where a small park sat in the neighborhood’s center. At first, the Uber driver couldn’t find the guy’s house, so he went for another circuit around the park.

About a quarter of the way the driver noticed two guys from the park approaching his vehicle. One of them pulled out a pistol and asked, “what the f*** you doing in my neighborhood.” Acting calmly, dubweezie told them he was an Uber driver and was to pick someone up.

The gun-toting stranger said, “Oh, you looking for ‘so-and-so.‘ He’s at the top of the cul-de-sac blue house.” The guy was suddenly calm, as if all of this was a misunderstanding. It probably was. Heart pounding, the Uber driver thanked both guys and booked it, canceling the ride. Suffice to say he was fortunate to get away with only a fright and a terrifying memory.

2. Uber  Stories | A $13 Headache

Uber  Stories | A $13 Headache | Craziest Uber Stories Taken From Online Forums
This Uber story doesn’t involve a passenger who is angry, late, entitled, or drunk. Still, somehow it’s just as bad. The tale comes from an Uber driver over in Salt Lake City, Utah. Like the first story, his tale started late one evening.

The driver picked up the passenger, a young kid, and the ride went swimmingly. However, after the trip, the kid filed a false report against the Uber driver. The report claimed that the driver was speeding and acted belligerently during the ride. The lie led to Uber giving the Utah local a warning and a deactivation threat, should it happen again.

Stunned, the driver defended himself and sent Uber a record of the trip. It showed that the vehicle was traveling at an average speed of 21 mph, dissolving the false claim. It turns out the whole reason for this headache was the kid wanted a refund for his $13 fare. He was prepared to jeopardize someone’s livelihood over $13. Some people, right?

4. Uber Stories | A Ghastly Phone Call

This one has a touch of gruesomeness to it. So Reddit user, rodrigorangelfdz, picked up a lady while she was having a conversation on her phone. Along the way, she said, “Yeah, you can’t tell anyone on the team yet. No no, I haven’t told anyone at all.”

The lady went on to say details of the incident is kind of ghastly. Some girl was apparently robbed and has been left for dead in the incident. The perps had run her over so badly that her body was “practically split in two under one of the wheels.”

What’s even more sickening was that when the lady arrived at the scene the girl was still clinging to life. She then ended her phone call and got out in front of a church. The lady was probably in forensics or a detective.

5. Uber Stories | A Fortunate Pick-Up

While it’s downright terrifying when your life is on the line, it’s equally so when it’s the opposite. Take Reddit user’s Check_My_Credentials experienced, for example. This Uber driver had picked up someone at a shady area around one in the morning. The passenger was thin; had long tangled hair, could use a shower or two.

As soon as the guy entered the car he was out like a light. Nothing odd since the hour is pretty late. A minute later, the Uber driver glanced over his shoulder to check traffic and saw the passenger’s lips were blue. Shaking and shouting the passenger’s name didn’t do a lick. And he wasn’t breathing either.

Fortunately, a hospital was three minutes away. So the Uber driver floored it and got him help. Turns out the skinny guy had overdosed on heroin and was lucky enough to be treated on time.

6. Uber Stories | Crunching Gravel in the Dark

This incident made Reddit user 99sstillfine quit Uber for good. The story started when he dropped off a passenger 25 miles out the city. He then got another request, this one 30 minutes further out. Thinking the ride’s going to make him quite a bit of money, he took it.

Finally, he arrives at a ranch-looking property. The area was pitch black, no lights whatsoever. Two miles in and there’s still no sign of any building. But since he already drove this far, he figured he might as well keep going. Then he spotted a house with no lights on.

He waited and waited but it seems no one was coming. So he gave the guy a call. Here’s how the conversation went.

“Hey, I’m your Uber driver, I’m outside. Take your time, I’m here whenever you’re ready.”
“Uber? I didn’t request a ride.”
“Hmm? I’m at ###XXXXX, Texas. Your address and information come up on my app.”
“Texas? I’m in Indiana. I’ve never been to Texas. Please don’t charge me.” The guy then hangs up. Warning bells in his head started pealing. So he turned down his radio, started listening into the night.

Suddenly, he hears gravel crunching, distant but fast and getting louder. And there were definitely more than two sets of feet. He glanced at his rearview mirror, saw two figures in black lit by the ominous red lights of his car. They’re sprinting, the noise of crunching gravel getting louder. Closer.

The guy floored it, the car pelting pebbles behind. He got back on the road and stops at a well-lit gas station to compose himself. He tried contacting Uber to shine some light on the incident. Nothing ever came of it. “To this day I’ll always wonder what happened that night,” the guy wrote.

But even with all these crazy stories being shared around, plenty of people are still using Uber for ridersharing. Money, in particular, is the main reason. There are those who are even quitting their job and going full time to be an Uber driver.

Are you an Uber driver? If so, please comment your own crazy, hilarious, or terrifying stories below. We’d love to hear your Uber experience!

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