5 Ways You Can Contact Uber Driver Support

As part of Uber’s 180 Days of Change, they have promised to imrprove driver support by adding new ways for drivers to contact them.  They now have 5 ways for drivers to contact them.  We will show you in detail, below, the different ways you can use to contact them.

Uber has a ton of FAQ’s that will answer a lot of basic questions.  But there are times when we all need a little individual love and attention.  This is written for those times.  We wrote this with those of you in mind who know you have to speak to a person – for those times when Uber’s pre-written responses just won’t do.  We will show you the absolute quickest ways to contact driver support.

Please also note, that Uber is constantly making changes to the driver app and the website.  This could be out of date by later today for all we know!  But it is accurate as of the time of writing.  If and when they do make changes however, you should still be able to follow the general guidelines below.

The 5 Methods of Contact

Drivers may now contact Uber support:

  1. through the driver app
  2. via the Web
  3. through city-specific driver web pages
  4. by phone
  5. in person

Contacting Uber through the Driver App

This is the easiest and most logical place to start.  You can contact them by two methods in the app:

  • by phone
  • in writing

Contacting driver support through the app, starts with tapping the Account button at the bottom of your home screen:

Steps to contact Uber Driver Support via the driver app

Contacting them by phone is very easy.  You simply touch the phone icon in the Help section of the app.  The only problem is that recent reports from drivers show that you might wait anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes for someone to take your call.

To contact Uber by phone through the driver app, follow the instructions on these screenshots:

Steps to contact Uber Driver Support via the driver app

  1. Click on Account at the bottom of the screen
  2. Click on Help
  3. On the next screen (below) click on the phone icon in the upper right-hand corner:

Steps to contact Uber Driver Support via the driver app

To save you as much time and trouble as we can though, here’s Uber’s driver support phone number:

Contact Uber Driver Support by phone

Contacting them in writing will save you the most time, because you can do other things while you wait for them to respond and their written support is often times much faster than their phone support.  In fact, you can often get an answer back in writing quicker than the time it normally takes them to answer the phone.

RIDERS: Learn how you can contact Uber Rider Support

There are two ways to contact Uber Driver Support in writing.  One is through the app and the other is on the web.

To contact them in writing through the app, first click on Account/Help.  On the Help page, click on “Account and Payment”.

Steps to contact Uber Driver Support via the driver app

You’ll then be given a list of choices to help focus you in on the specific nature of your question:

Steps to contact Uber Driver Support via the driver app

Out of those choices, there are a few that will take you to a page that will allow you to send a message to Uber.  But how do you know which one?  You don’t.  You just have to guess and try.  Or, just do this:

  1. On the screen above choose “I can’t sign in or go online”. Your question probably has nothing to do with that in reality, but it doesn’t matter.  You just need to get to a page where you can send them a message.  It is most likely that none of their choices will have anything to do with your question, so you can save time just by choosing this one.
  2. On the next screen tap “I’m unable to sign in”.

Steps to contact Uber Driver Support via the driver app

On the next screen you’ll see a link near the bottom that says “MESSAGE US”.  Click on that and you’re there!  You can now send them a message in writing.

Steps to contact Uber Driver Support via the driver app

The easy way to remember this is to click on Account / Help / Accounts & Payments / then click on the first choice on the next couple of pages.

Contact Uber Driver Support Directly via the Web

While contacting Uber Driver Support in writing via the app is convenient, it’s not necessarily always the best way.  Sometimes you might have a fairly complex message you need to type out and if you’re like a lot of us, typing on a tiny phone screen isn’t the best way to do it.  Sometimes you just need a real computer with a regular keyboard!

This section will give you what you need to contact Uber directly through the web (so you can use whatever keyboard you like)!

The standard way drivers are familiar with to contact Uber is to go to partners.uber.com and click on Help.  That will then take you to help.uber.com (which you can just as effectively go to first).  And for some reason they’ve made this into a menu maze just like the driver app.  So you must click through several levels of menus to get to a place where you can actually contact them.  And good luck guessing what you should click on to get there!  Some links will take you to a contact page and some won’t.  You’ll feel like a rat trapped in a maze, randomly guessing which link will take you where you want to go!  So, let us save you a little time and give you a direct link to a contact page.

Click here for the direct link to Uber’s driver support contact page.

That will give you a page that will look like this:

Steps to contact Uber Driver Support via the driver app

Don’t click on any of the links at the top like “Signing Up” or “Account and Payment”.  Just fill out the form and send your message in.

Visit City-Specific Uber Pages

Maybe one of the best ways to get your questions answered that are specific to your city is to visit Uber’s city pages.

Below are links to Uber’s city-specific pages for all of the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada:

·         Abilene

·         Aguascalientes

·         Akron

·         Albuquerque

·         Amarillo

·         Ames

·         Anchorage

·         Ann Arbor

·         Asheville, NC

·         Athens

·         Atlanta

·         Augusta

·         Austin

·         Bakersfield

·         Baltimore-Maryland

·         Baton Rouge

·         Beaumont

·         Bellingham

·         Big Island

·         Billings

·         Birmingham, AL

·         Bismarck

·         Bloomington, IN

·         Boise

·         Boone

·         Boston

·         Bowling Green, KY

·         Bozeman

·         Calgary

·         Campeche

·         Cancun

·         Carbondale

·         Cedar Rapids

·         Celaya

·         Cen. Atlantic Coast, FL

·         Central Oregon

·         Champaign

·         Charleston, SC

·         Charlotte

·         Charlottesville

·         Chattanooga

·         Chicago

·         Cincinnati

·         Cleveland

·         Coastal Georgia

·         Coeur D’Alene

·         College Station

·         Colorado Springs

·         Columbia, MO

·         Columbia, SC

·         Columbus

·         Connecticut

·         Cookeville

·         Corpus Christi

·         Dallas-Fort Worth

·         Dayton

·         Delaware

·         Denver

·         Des Moines

·         Detroit

·         DuBois

·         Dubuque

·         Duluth

·         Eagle Pass

·         Eastern Idaho

·         Eastern North Carolina

·         Eastern Shore

·         Eastern Washington

·         Eastern WV

·         Eau Claire WI

·         Edmonton

·         El Paso

·         Erie

·         Evansville, IN

·         Fairbanks

·         Fargo – Moorhead

·         Fayetteville, AR

·         Fayetteville, NC

·         Flagstaff

·         Flint

·         Florence, SC

·         Florida Keys

·         Fort Collins

·         Fort Myers-Naples

·         Fort Wayne

·         Fresno

·         Gainesville

·         Gallup

·         Gatineau

·         Golden Triangle

·         Grand Forks

·         Grand Rapids

·         Greater Maine

·         Greater Williamsport

·         Green Bay

·         Greenville, SC

·         Gulfport-Biloxi

·         Hamilton

·         Hampton Roads

·         Harrisburg

·         Hattiesburg, MS

·         Hermosillo

·         Honolulu

·         Houston

·         Huntsville, AL

·         Indianapolis

·         Inland Empire

·         Iowa City

·         Jackson

·         Jackson, TN

·         Jacksonville

·         Johnstown-Altoona

·         Jonesboro

·         Juneau

·         Kalamazoo

·         Kansas City

·         Kauai

·         Killeen

·         Kingston

·         Kitchener-Waterloo

·         Knoxville

·         La Crosse

·         Lafayette, LA

·         Lancaster, PA

·         Lansing

·         Laredo

·         Las Cruces

·         Las Vegas

·         Lawrence

·         Lawton

·         Lehigh Valley

·         Leon

·         Lethbridge

·         Lexington

·         Lincoln

·         Little Rock

·         London, Ont

·         Los Angeles

·         Los Mochis

·         Louisville

·         Lubbock

·         Madison

·         Manhattan, KS

·         Mankato, MN

·         Maui

·         Memphis

·         Meridian

·         Miami

·         Midland-Odessa

·         Milwaukee

·         Minneapolis – St. Paul

·         Mississippi Delta

·         Missoula

·         Mobile, AL

·         Modesto

·         Monroe

·         Monterrey

·         Montgomery, AL

·         Montreal

·         Morelia

·         Myrtle Beach

·         Nacogdoches

·         Nashville

·         New Hampshire

·         New Jersey

·         New Jersey (Shore)

·         New Orleans

·         New York City

·         Niagara Region

·         North Georgia

·         Northern Missouri

·         Nuevo Vallarta

·         NW Indiana

·         NYC Suburbs

·         Ocala, FL

·         Oklahoma City

·         Olympia

·         Omaha

·         Orange County

·         Orlando

·         Ottawa

·         Outer Banks, NC

·         Oxford

·         Palm Springs

·         Panama City, Fl

·         Peninsula and SW WA

·         Pensacola, FL

·         Peoria, IL

·         Philadelphia

·         Phoenix

·         Piedmont Triad

·         Pittsburgh

·         Portland

·         Portland, ME

·         Puebla

·         Quad Cities

·         Quebec City

·         Raleigh-Durham

·         Reading, PA

·         Red Deer

·         Reno

·         Rhode Island

·         Richmond

·         Rio Grande Valley

·         Roanoke-Blacksburg

·         Rochester, MN

·         Rockford

·         Rockies

·         Sacramento

·         Salamanca

·         Salt Lake City

·         San Angelo

·         San Antonio

·         San Diego

·         San Francisco Bay Area

·         San Juan, PR

·         San Luis Obispo

·         Santa Barbara

·         Santa Fe

·         Sarasota

·         Savannah-Hilton Head

·         Seattle

·         Shreveport, LA

·         Sioux City

·         South Bend

·         South Georgia

·         South Tennessee

·         Southern Arkansas

·         Southern Oregon

·         Southern Utah

·         Spokane

·         Springfield, IL

·         Springfield, Mo

·         St Cloud

·         St Louis

·         State College

·         Stillwater

·         Tacoma

·         Tallahassee

·         Tampa Bay

·         Taos

·         Tepic

·         Terre Haute

·         Texarkana

·         The Hamptons

·         Toledo

·         Toluca

·         Topeka

·         Toronto

·         Traverse City

·         Tri-Cities

·         Tri-Cities, MI

·         Tucson

·         Tulsa

·         Tuscaloosa

·         Tyler

·         Upstate NY

·         Vermont

·         Waco

·         Washington D.C.

·         Waterloo-Cedar Falls

·         West Lafayette

·         Western Arizona

·         Western MA

·         Western WV

·         Wichita

·         Wichita Falls

·         Wilkes-Barre Scranton

·         Willamette Valley

·         Wilmington, NC

·         Windsor

·         Worcester

·         Wyoming

·         York-Gettysburg

·         Youngstown

·         Yuma

In-Person Driver Support

If all else fails, an in-person visit might just do the trick.  And in fact, there may be a few things that only an in-person visit is appropriate to address.  Below is a list of links to Uber’s Greenlight Hub locations in the top markets in the United States.  If you don’t see your city on this list, you can find  your city here.  Just replace “atlanta” there with the name of your city or the closest nearby major city.

IMPORTANT:  Tips on Writing a Support Inquiry to Help You Get an Intelligent Response

If you contact Uber online you should know ahead of time that any response to your question will most likely be a machine-generated response.  Uber seems obsessed with automating everything and they don’t seem nearly as obsessed with making sure they’re providing a satisfactory service to their drivers.

Since a computer will most likely send your first few responses you want to make your questions absolutely as simple and basic as possible.  Do not tell them your whole life story, just ask your question!  Don’t bother giving them any background, just ask the most essential part of your question.

For instance, if you’re getting a new car because your transmission fell out of your old one and you want to ask Uber what you need to do to add your new car to your driver account, don’t bother telling them anything about the transmission.  The computer that will be reading your message won’t care.  Just say something very simple like, “I need to add a car to my driver account.”  That’s really all you have to say.  The computer will send you a message that probably won’t really answer your specific questions and you’ll have to write back.  After a couple of rounds, if you still haven’t gotten a satisfactory answer, you need to say this:  “I need a human response please.”

That usually seems to do the trick.  Apparently, their computer is programmed to pass tickets off to a human if the word “human” is picked up in a message.  At least that’s what we’ve guessed after looking at many driver support requests.

One thing you may as well not bother ever contacting them about:

  • Unfair rating from a passenger. If you got a terribly unfair rating from a passenger, don’t even bother contacting Uber about it.  There is absolutely nothing they will do about it and you’ll just end up wasting your time and making yourself more frustrated than ever.  Just keep driving and doing a good job and don’t worry about it.  Your future good ratings will wash the unfair rating away in no time.