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Uber Updates Its Privacy Policy Effective May 25, 2018

Last updated: May 25, 2018
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It goes without saying sometimes, but we live in interesting times.The explosion of Big Data and its integration with nearly every aspect of our lives has meant that very little information is private anymore. Everything we do online, from web browsing to hailing a ride, is tracked and recorded in vast searchable databases for use by, well, someone. Many high-profile scandals around the world involving the mishandling of users’ personal data has cast somewhat of a negative on the part of large data firms like Facebook and even Uber. Every time you hail a ride, get picked up, and get dropped off, Uber keeps a record of those locations. Are they keeping those location data as protected as possible?

To help protect these sensitive data in light of recent controversies, the European Union recently passed the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a comprehensive law which protects the data and privacy of all individuals within the EU. Since companies like Uber operate in the EU, they have had to update their privacy policies in accordance with GDPR. Even if you live in the U.S., those updates apply to you.

Uber’s new privacy policy update includes new tools for contracting Uber to discuss your data privacy and request explanations, corrections, copies, or deletions of your personal data. There is also an expanded “Privacy Settings” menu in the Uber app which offers more rights and choices when it comes to your private data. Overall, Uber’s update offers more detailed explanations of how it collects your data and how it is used. An explanation of all of Uber’s data collection methods and practices can be found at their updated “Privacy” section of their website.

Uber’s new privacy policy goes into effect today. Will updates like these be enough to reassure the public that our data is in good hands?