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Uber Eats Driver Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Just as Uber has revolutionized the on-demand transportation industry, they are also looking to make waves with the popular and convenient food delivery space using their Uber Eats driver network.

Spoiler alert: It’s more popular than ever and growing at an incredibly rapid pace.

Uber Eats allows users to open the Uber app, or the standalone delivery app, and order food with the press of a button. It’s convenient, inexpensive, and giving full-on delivery services like Postmates and DoorDash a run for their money.

Sound like something you might like to hop on board with? Our Uber Eats driver guide will touch on everything you need to know to get started.

Let’s jump right in.


How Does Uber Eats Work?

Uber Eats is similar to the transportation industry, but rather than pairing users with rides, this service pairs users with food.

Once users log into the app, they can select different food items from the menu, then place their order. Once the order is completed and paid for, the food will be made and then delivered by an Uber Eats driver to the user’s location.

How Does Uber Eats Work For Drivers?

Uber Eats for drivers is a very simple three step process:

1. Receive a delivery

Users will place a food delivery order through the Uber Eats app. Once placed, a nearby driver will be contacted and will be assigned that order for pickup and delivery.

2. Pick up the food from the restaurant

Once assigned a delivery, drivers will head to the restaurant to pick up the delivery order. The Uber Eats app will guide drivers to the pickup and dropoff locations.

3. Drop off the food to the customer

Once picked up, drivers will navigate to the customer’s location to drop off the food. Since transactions and payment are handled directly through the Uber Eats app, the delivery process is very simple for drivers.

Drive For Uber Eats

Driving for Uber Eats is a great way to diversify income, especially if you are already an existing driver looking for more ways to make money. Signing up is easy, and getting approved doesn’t take long.

Uber Eats Requirements

Drivers must…

  • Be at least 19 years of age, or older
  • Have a vehicle that fits the Uber Eats vehicle requirements
  • Have a driver’s license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration
  • Have at least one year of driving experience
  • Be able to lift up to 30 pounds

When you apply to Uber Eats, the application process is less intense than the one that is required to pick up passengers. This makes sense because picking up food is way different than picking up passengers.

If you are already an existing Uber driver, with Uber Eats delivery available in your area, you’ll be able to apply to drive for this service within your Driver Portal at partners.uber.com in the form of an “opt-in” rather than application.

Simply navigate to the Menu, then look for a message that looks like this:

Image Credit: therideshareguy.com

Once you see this, follow the instructions outlined and the driver app or website will walk you through the process, step-by-step.

Uber Eats Driver Pay

Uber Eats drivers are paid every time they drop off an order to a customer. Payments are processed through the delivery app, so drivers don’t have to carry cash or worry about taking payment directly.

The amount a driver ears depends on a few factors, similar to the cost of an Uber ride. These include:

  • Pickup fee
  • Drop-off fee
  • Mileage fee

Uber Eats drivers are paid weekly via direct deposit to their bank account that is linked to their driver account. An email notification of the payment will be sent out once the payment is processed.

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How Much Do Uber Eats Drivers Make?

Uber Eats drivers make good money, according to the research we did online when writing this article. Some drivers are apparently earning up to $20 per hour before taxes and expenses, which includes tips.

Like any other on-demand contractor, Uber Eats drivers are responsible for their own expenses, including vehicle maintenance costs, gas, insurance, etc.. Please keep this in mind before estimating how much you’ll make as a driver.

Typically, Uber pockets a 25% commission on a total food delivery order. This translates to 25% of whatever the total amount of deliveries an Uber Eats driver will earn.

Even so, some drivers are doing quite well and this is a great way to offset normal driving when days and nights are slow.

Do You Tip Uber Eats Drivers?

Since the Uber Eats delivery platform supports cashless in-app tipping, we suggest giving your delivery driver at least a couple dollars on every order. See the quote below to back up our reasoning for this suggestion.

According to a delivery driver from a recent Reddit post,

I do Uber Eats deliveries on my bike. And while I don’t regularly expect tips, when I do get even just a small one, it really does mean a lot. Uber takes a 30 percent cut, which adds up to a lot of money taken out of our paychecks. I find myself making huge deliveries to well-to-do neighborhoods, and get squat for it sometimes. Like I mentioned, it’s not an expectation, but when you spend 40 bucks on food, and you can’t spare a couple bucks for your delivery guy? Come on. Plus, we don’t get star ratings, so sometimes the tips are all we have.

Again it’s, your money, really you should do what you want with it. We can’t ask you for tips, so offering at least a couple bucks is the nice thing to do.

Uber Eats Deliveries

Picking up food in this type of service is similar to accepting trip requests through the driver app.

When a customer places a food delivery order though Uber Eats, drivers will have the option to accept the request. Once accepted, the customer’s information will be displayed, including order details such as pickup and dropoff locations.

Once thing to watch out for is beginning and ending trips. According to Ridesharingdriver.com,

You have to use the ‘Slide to begin trip’ and ‘Slide to end trip’ buttons, just like regular Uber. But instead of sliding to begin the trip when you actually begin the delivery, you slide to begin the trip when you arrive at the customer.

And, after you slide to begin, you immediately slide to end the trip. It’s not very intuitive, but once you do a delivery or two, you’ll get the hang of it.

You can also expect to receive multiple orders at once, which drivers refer to as “batched orders”. The best way to handle these is to pick up all the orders at once, then go deliver them one by one once you have all the food.

Uber Eats Delivery Types

When picking up a customer’s food for a delivery order, there are two types of deliveries that you can expect, curbside deliveries and walk-in deliveries.

Different cities have their own rules and regulations that determine which type of delivery couriers can expect. To find yours, check out your city on the Uber eats website, then find your city from the list.

Curbside Deliveries

This type of Uber Eats delivery is just as it sounds. When you pull up to a customer’s location, they’ll be notified and instructed to meet you outside. You are able to remain in your vehicle and hand them their order without having to get out.

Walk-in Drop-off Deliveries

This type of delivery falls in line with most other typical food deliveries. After arriving at a customer’s location, you’ll walk into the office, lobby, or up to the door and meet them to hand off the food. It’s always best to let them know as you’re arriving so neither party is waiting for the other.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, adding Uber Eats driver service to your portfolio has the ability to diversify your income streams and provide you with more ways to earn money on your own schedule.

But don’t just take our word for it, sign up today using the link below to start delivering!

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