uberPOOL FAQ | Guide for Riders and Drivers

This list of uberPOOL FAQ will put any rider’s mind at ease before sharing a ride. While sharing the car with strangers may seem strange, this option makes getting to your destination more affordable. Once again, the future of transportation has evolved, so before booking your first uberPOOL, here are some of the most important things every passenger should know.

uberPOOL FAQ | Drivers and Riders Should Know This

1. What Makes uberPOOL Different from uberX?

uberPOOL is the new and more affordable alternative where passengers can share trips with other riders who are nearby and are heading towards the same direction. The cost of the fare is 25-40% less than that of the uberX fare. While the duration of the trip may increase by a few minutes, this is a good way of helping reduce cars on the road.

2. How to Book an uberPOOL Ride?

How To Book For An uberPOOL Ride? | Uberpool FAQ | Uberpool FAQ for Riders and Drivers
Booking an uberPOOL ride is just like booking an uberX. First, set the pickup point and choose the destination. Once the upfront fare is shown, select the uberPOOL option. Don’t worry if there are no other passenger matches during the trip; the trip’s fare is fixed.

3. What is the Estimated Waiting Time?

Drivers can only wait for up to two minutes for their riders. Passengers are charged a no-show fee after two minutes. Both parties should communicate with each other immediately for easy pick-up and to avoid inconveniencing the other passengers.

4. Will Surge Pricing Still Apply to uberPOOL?

Yes, the price for uberPOOL depends on the uberX pricing. On that note, the fare for uberPOOL will always be more affordable, because the possibility of a secondary trip is taken into account. For drivers, the calculation for payment differs compared to uberX. Discounts for riders are offered to convince more riders to take shared trips.

5. How Many Passengers are Allowed?

As of the moment, the app only accepts two people per pickup point for rides. There should only be four passengers in a vehicle. If more than two passengers show up, it’s best to cancel that trip and suggest to book an uberX instead. Riders are informed of this policy.

6. How Do Secondary Trips Work?

Secondary uberPOOL trips appear automatically once another person requests a shared ride en route. The app does not require permission from the first passenger to accept another ride. Instead, uberPOOL automatically updates the route in the map for a more efficient pick-up and drop-off.

7. Can You Still Change the Pickup Location or Destination?

Just like adding a stop, updating the trip location is also not possible once an uberPOOL trip has already started. The app uses the pickup and drop-off locations to match other riders heading towards the same destination. If a rider requests a destination change, the driver reserves the right to cancel the trip and the passenger can book an uberX ride instead.


Get more info about uberPool courtesy of iOS Genius video below:

Despite the risks and uncertainties of sharing a ride with a stranger, the advantages are worth considering. Meeting a new friend, saving a few bucks, and easing traffic are just a few things you’ll gain from sacrificing an exclusive ride. The premise of ridesharing just keeps getting brighter!

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