What Is UberX?

If you live in a cab-friendly city, then it’s time you know about UberX. Uber has become synonymous with safe, affordable, and on-demand transport. With nearly 7 million drivers spanned across 760 cities worldwide, Uber boasts 50 million riders using its app to go places. In New York city, rideshare cars outnumber the classic yellow...

If you live in a cab-friendly city, then it’s time you know about UberX.

Uber has become synonymous with safe, affordable, and on-demand transport. With nearly 7 million drivers spanned across 760 cities worldwide, Uber boasts 50 million riders using its app to go places. In New York city, rideshare cars outnumber the classic yellow cabs 4 to 1, with the majority of them working under Uber.

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With the prevalence of Uber cars on the streets today, it’s worth knowing what they exactly are and what they offer. In this article, we will specifically look at UberX, since it’s like the gateway model to Uber’s higher up options and is the most heavily used one.

What is UberX | All Questions Answered

UberX vs. Other Uber Services

UberX vs. Other Uber Services | What Is UberX?

One of the coolest things about Uber is that it caters to a wide variety of demographics. Depending on your budget and needs you will always find a service that suits you. But having many options can easily confuse and overwhelm a new rider who doesn’t have much time for research and just needs a ride.

If you are one of them, let’s quickly go over everything Uber has to offer.

Based on where a rider is, the Uber app has a couple of options available. With UberX, you get a basic and affordable ride in an everyday car (don’t worry, Uber has strict car requirements, so you’ll still be picked up in a nice car!) that comfortably seats four people.

Uber also offers the following 6 options:

  1. UberXL – a 6-seater SUV or minivan; costs slightly more than UberX.
  2. UberSELECT –  4-seater luxury rides (think Mercedes, Audi, BMW) perfect for executives.
  3. UberPOOL – an UberX car (like Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Ford Escape) that lets you share your ride and your cost for a space in the 4-seater car; book a maximum of 2 slots. It’s the cheapest Uber service available.
  4. UberBLACK/UberSUV – a luxury Uber black car service, complete with leather interiors and a driver in formal attire; designed for VIPs, it’s the most expensive Uber service available.
  5. UberWav– wheelchair accessible vehicles that makes easy for those with a disability to travel; fares are comparable to UberX. The drivers are certified to be able to assist riders to and from the vehicle.
  6. UberTaxi- lets you hail a traditional local yellow cab through Uber app. No need to pay cash, at the end of the ride, you’ll be automatically charged through the payment method linked to your Uber account.

8 Frequently Asked Questions About UberX

1. How Much Does It Cost?

Many people are hesitant about trying Uber because they think it’s too expensive. While there some different versions of Uber that are definitely quite expensive, there are also base level options, like UberX, that will take you to your desired destination without causing a significant dent in your wallet.

What Does an UberX Fare Consist Of?

  • Base fare: an initial fee that covers the passenger pickup.
  • Cost per mile: fee you’re charged for every mile of the  journey
  • Booking fee: covers the operational cost
  • Cost per minute: fee you’re charged for every minute you spend in the car.
  • Surge pricing (only applicable if there’s high demand): Surge pricing is explained in detail below in FAQ #7.

The formula to calculate fare prices is:

Base Fare + (Cost per minute * time in ride) + (Cost per mile * ride distance) * Surge multiplier + Booking Fee = Your Fare

You can simply use this Uber calculator to get a fare estimate ahead of booking a trip.

Note that depending on your city, you will be charged in either of these two ways:

  1. Upfront fares: This lets you know the exact amount of the trip even before you place a request. All you have to do is enter your destination into the app, and based on the distance and time, it will provide you with the upfront fare. This price will include tolls, booking fee and surge pricing (if requesting a car during a high demand period). You are charged only when you arrive at your destination and the fare will increase if the trip is delayed due to frequent stops, change in destination, or heavy traffic.
  1. Post-trip fare: This is your traditional Uber fare for cities that don’t show upfront fares. It includes all the factors mentioned in the formula above. Do note that the rate of each factor varies by city, location and the Uber service requested.

There is also something called a “minimum fare” that you should be aware of. Every city has a standard minimum fare that’s set in place to make those extremely short trips still profitable for UberX drivers. This amount varies from city to city. For example, say you live in an area where the standard minimum fare is $4, and you want a quick ride to a location two blocks away. Let’s assume that the fare calculated based on the formula above comes out to $2, but that’s lower than your city’s minimum fare. In this instance, you will have to pay the difference of $2, bringing the final total to $4.

This keeps the drivers motivated to accept short ride requests.

2. What is the UberX Seating Capacity?

What is the UberX Seating Capacity? | What Is UberX?
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It’s four. Strict and unyielding. Some passengers try to bargain and plead with the driver to squeeze in an extra person, but your driver won’t hesitate to turn a passenger down. Overloading is a violation of the law.

3. Can My Child Use UberX Alone?

Can I Let My Child Use UberX? | What Is UberX?
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It depends on the age of the child. While the idea of UberSchoolService might appeal to some, children under the age of 13 must always be accompanied by a guardian. Teenagers aged 13 – 17 may ride unsupervised using a Teen account connected to a Family Profile. All drivers do undergo thorough background checks, but minors should always be with an adult.

4. What Should I Remember When Using UberX?

What Should I Remember When Using UberX? | What Is UberX?

A rider can be banned from using their smartphone app. Uber is quite strict about enforcing the following rules:

  • Prohibition of physical contact with the driver: flirting, touching, or hitting a driver or a fellow passenger is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of inappropriate and abusive language is grounds for complaint.
  • Do not damage the car or a fellow passengers’ property. Spilling drinks or food in the car, smoking, and vomiting due to inebriation are offenses that may result in a ban.
  • Do not try to contact the driver after the trip.
  • Unlawful activities are prohibited inside the car, such as trying to weasel your way out of paying fare. Don’t ask your driver to break the law either (e.g., exceed speed limits).
  • Firearms are not allowed inside the vehicle.
  • Abusing promotions is also grounds for a ban.

5. Can You Cancel an Uber Ride?

Yes. All you have to do is tap on “Cancel”, and confirm with “Yes”. You may incur a cancellation fee unless your driver is late more than 5 minutes to pick you up.

You will have to pay a cancellation fee when you cancel more than 2 minutes after a driver accepts your ride request. The amount of the fee can sometimes change depending on how far along the driver has progressed to your current location. You will also be charged if the driver waits at your pick up location for more than 5 minutes and then cancels the ride because of a no-show.

Repeated cancellations of multiple rides in a short amount of time can result in a penalty.

6. Do You Have to Tip Your Driver?

You don’t have to, but you certainly can. When you rate your driver after reaching your destination, you’ll be shown options with preset tip amounts you can choose from, or you can also enter a custom amount. Uber lets you tip your driver up to 30 days from taking the trip. The driver won’t know if you’ve tipped them until after they rate you, so tipping or not tipping won’t affect your rating.

7. How is Surge Pricing Calculated?

Surge happens when there is an increase in demand for rides and not enough drivers to meet that demand. It’s a way of regulating supply and demand, and for Uber to make more profit. The surge pricing depends on the rider’s current location and how intense the demand is in that area.

The surge rate influences your fare in the form of a multiplier, X.X. For example, if the surge multiplier in your area is currently 1.3x, then that amount gets multiplied into your base fee, time and distance; factors like tolls, cancellations, and booking fee aren’t affected by the surge multiplier.

8. What Is the UberX Advantage?

#ubersafety Staying safe with Uber.

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UberX offers a clean, secure ride for reasonable rates. It’s the epitome of what Uber has to offer. UberX is a clean, safe, and exclusive ride for a rate that won’t break the bank.

UberX | Tips, and Tricks

1. Share Your ETA With Friends

Share Your ETA With Friends | What Is UberX?

To share ETA, swipe up on the app screen and tap Send Status. Key in the contact details of up to 5 friends/family members, who will receive an SMS with the trip details.

2. Schedule a Ride in Advance

Schedule a Ride in Advance | What Is UberX?

Tap the icon located to the right of “Where to.” Input the trip details and schedule. Trips can be scheduled up to 30 days in advance.

3. Jam With Your Driver

A passenger using Apple’s iOS can now play songs from Spotify or Pandora in their driver’s car. Set up Uber’s music feature here.

4. Split the Fare with Friends

Split the Fare with Friends | What Is UberX?
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Click the “Split fare” button on the bottom of the app screen. Key in the number or name of the rider to split fares with.

New passenger? Learn the importance of a 5-star rating by watching this video by UberMikeSoCal below:

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UberX is one of the biggest technological innovations of our generation. With the push of a button, you hold the power to have a dependable vehicle with a professional and friendly driver at your service to take you wherever you need to be, eliminating the stress from tackling traffic and unknown roads yourself.

Over to you: Uber drivers and seasoned passengers, what is the most important thing new users should understand? Share your answers in the comment box below.

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