What is UberXL? Complete Overview & Essential Information

If you’ve tried Uber, no matter which car type you hailed, you’ve probably gotten used to the convenient features and reliable service. If you’re looking to really up your rideshare game, you need to try out Uber XL.

With Uber’s many options such as UberX, Uber Pool, Uber Black, UberXL, it can be a bit tricky to pick out which service is best.

To counter, this article will give you a complete overview of the UberXL service and provide you with tips and tricks to make the most out of this vehicle type.

UberXL Overview: Something For Everyone

What is UberXL?

You’ve seen it on your app multiple times, but what exactly is an UberXL, and how is it different from other types?

UberXL is the vehicle type that fits larger groups of people and overall, has more room in the interior of the car. In comparison to the UberX which can only fit a group of four, UberXL can service a group of up to six people.

UberXL drivers are required to have bigger cars which can be used not just to accommodate more people but to fit in big luggage as well. Taking a trip with the family? Have a big group that all needs a ride? This type has you covered.

What is the difference between Uber Black and UberXL?

Some people confuse Uber XL to be similar to UberBLACK, but they are two entirely different services.

Uber Black is a luxury service which books the black SUVs or luxury sedans for passengers, while UberXL doesn’t necessarily have to be luxurious, just at least big enough to fit a minimum of 6 passengers. Big and luxurious SUVs can qualify for both Uber Black and Uber XL.

You might be lucky and occasionally get a super nice vehicle as an XL (I once got a Tesla) but usually it will just be bigger than a regular UberX.

Another difference between UberXL and the higher-end services are the attire of the driver. UberBLACK and UberSUV drivers will usually wear a shirt and tie, or other dressy clothes, while an UberXL driver will likely be wearing something equivalent to jeans and a t shirt.

What cars are qualified to be an UberXL?

There are a few requirements a vehicle must meet before being approved for service. According to Alvia.com, the requirements for UberXL vehicles, include the following:

  • 4-door, must seat 6 or more passengers excluding the driver
  • Year 2002 or newer*
  • * Uber car requirements vary by city for the corresponding year as well. It is currently year 2002 or newer in many cities:
    • NYC – 2006
    • Pittsburgh – 2006
    • Philadelphia – 2002
    • Chicago – 2002
  • In some other cities it must be 2006 or newer
  • In-state car insurance
  • In-state plates
  • Current car registration
  • No marked, taxi, or salvaged vehicles
  • Pass the Uber vehicle inspection

A few examples of cars that would likely meet these requirements include…

Toyota Highlander Subaru Tribecca Dodge Durango Honda Odyssey & Pilot Chevrolet Traverse Honda Pilot
Ford Explorer Kia Sorrento Ford Flex Hyundai Sante Fe Dodge Journey
Toyota Sienna Dodge Grand Caravan Volkswagen Tiguan Chrysler Town and Country GMC Acadia

These are just among a handful of the qualified cars for UberXL. There are still many others that can be approved for the service, but this list should give drivers a general idea of the type of vehicle that would qualify.

4. How to request an UberXL

Booking the UberXL service is just like booking any other Uber service.

Once the rider opens the Uber app, the default can either be UberPOOL or UberX, depending on the location. To be able to select UberXL, the rider would first have to enter his/her destination.

After that, a slider will appear where the rider can choose the type of service to book. Once the rider taps on the UberXL icon the button should say “Request UberXL”. The rider should then confirm the booking.

5. When is it best to book an UberXL?

When is it best to book an UberXL? | UberXL Overview | What is UberXL? Here's A Complete Overview
Booking an UberXL is ideal for large groups, such as a family or a group of friends, who are traveling together to a single destination.

UberXL is pricier than the UberX but the cost is cheaper once divided among the riders compared to booking two UberXs.

It’s also an ideal service to choose for those coming in from the airport who brought several bulks of luggage. UberXL can provide enough room to make pieces of luggage fit.

Have you booked an UberXL? How was the service? Let us know in the comments!

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