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Vango: Features, Pricing, and How It Works In 2023

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Do you live in Colorado and find yourself tired of being stuck in the Denver Metro area traffic?

Are you frustrated with the consistently increasing gas prices when traveling from Longmont to Boulder or Northern Colorado to Golden?

Your daily commute shouldn’t be as stressful as work or the money you’re trying to save.

If you are a person looking for an alternative to getting to work, one not just more efficient for you but better for the place you call home, VanGo is the solution.

What Is VanGo?

VanGo is a transportation service that operates by grouping individuals together who have similar commutes in one vehicle.

You share a ride to your destination and get to work faster and less stressed by avoiding traffic and resting your mind on early morning starts.

screenshot of the vango website

How Does VanGo Work?

VanGo is used to make commuters’ lives easier, which is why VanGo works by allowing users to only have to pay a monthly fare for their service.

The company utilizes Vanpools and offers rides to multiple people on the same route up to 100 miles either way and 20 miles minimum.

You sign up for VanGo, fill in your credentials, and schedule your times.

Using VanGo is as simple as vanpooling itself.

How Many People Per Vanpool?

The company utilizes vanpools with up to seven people per vanpool with their utilization of Dodge Grand Caravans and Toyota Siennas.

With over 70 vans, VanGo provides rides for well over 300 passengers for their daily commute. 

Why Use VanGo?

There are many reasons to utilize VanGo’s Vanpooling as opposed to another form of transportation.

The benefits reach your environment by lessening the cars on the road, and with one payment a month, you receive commutes of relaxed driving, commuter tax benefits, HOV lanes, and guaranteed drives to and from work.

Not to mention the money you save from vanpooling on car maintenance, daily gas refills, and insurance payments.

VanGo is the better option for those who travel daily and wish to save money rather than spend it.

Better for the Environment

By signing up with VanGo, you’re not only providing yourself with a better commute experience but aiding your environment.

With three to seven individuals in a vanpool, that’s three to seven cars off the highway.

Vanpooling’s societal benefits include fewer miles traveled by vehicles, less fuel required for vehicles, and less greenhouse gas emissions.

All of these protect our environment, even with as few as ten people choosing to vanpool has a massive impact.

Guaranteed Ride

VanGo is a reliable and trustworthy company.

In the scenario where you have to leave work early, whether you’re calling out, your boss asks you to stay behind for extra paperwork, or there’s an emergency you need to attend to immediately, VanGo provides.

With their Guaranteed Ride Home Program, VanGo won’t leave you stranded at work.

No matter the circumstance, they will offer you a ride home or wherever you need to go within a hundred-mile radius.  

Shared Driving

Vanpooling is an environmentally-friendly solution and a trustworthy form of transportation, but among other things, vanpooling is stress-free, relaxing, and leisure time.

Reduce Stress

You can reduce a lot of stress by signing up with VanGo.

The only thing you have to be responsible for is waking up on time and hopping in your vanpool before it takes off.

Driving yourself to work is stressful enough on its own when you worry about traffic and getting your own time.

Letting someone else drive you takes that weight off your shoulders.

Increase Relaxation

By not having to drive, you can ease your mind and relax.

With going to and from work every day and driving yourself, there isn’t much time to do anything that relaxes you.

Vanpooling gives you that option.

Leisure Time

The biggest benefit, one that encompasses reducing stress and increasing relaxation, is the free time vanpooling gives you.

You can spend the drive preparing for a big presentation, scrolling through social media on your phone, reading the book you haven’t had time to finish yet, or catching up on sleep.

With the extra time on your hands, you can have a stress-free, relaxing car ride before a day of work.

Professional Fleet Maintenance

VanGo doesn’t just take care of you but their vehicles as well.

Professional Fleet Maintenance means that the vehicles you’re vanpooling in are safe and regularly cared for.

With maintenance and repair, Vango’s vehicles are focused on cleanliness and safety.

By caring for your vehicle, Van Go gives you a trip with comfort and peace of mind.

Commuter Tax Benefits

Commuter Tax Benefits are a pre-tax transit in which, if you are enrolled, money is taken from your taxes and given to you before paying your new deducted tax payment.

Essentially, by vanpooling, you aren’t just saving money but gaining money to pay for your commute.

Because VanGo’s vehicles are commuter highway vehicles, you receive these commuter tax benefits alongside your speedy drive to work.

HOV Lanes

Using VanGo for your daily commute allows you to use HOV lanes.

HOV lanes are designed for vehicles with more than two to three people inside.  

Driving yourself to work may offer you some alone time, but in HOV lanes, you can bypass all the frustrating, seeming unavoidable traffic.

Where Does VanGo Operate?

VanGo operates in Colorado, or more specifically, northern parts of the state and the Denver Metro Area.

These are highly populated areas in Colorado that experience high quantities of traffic.

VanGo is utilized the most in these areas for multiple reasons.

Northern Colorado

Northern Colorado encompasses many towns you must pass through for work if you live in the area.

VanGo provides services throughout the area, as well as Longmont, Boulder, and Golden.

On top of all the places VanGo operates, you can enjoy the scenic routes instead of focusing on the road while driving through them.

Denver Metro Area

Denver Metro Area traffic is a nightmare.

Unfortunately, it also happens to be an area many commuters have to drive through to get to their jobs.

In 2020, Denver drivers spent over a billion dollars on gas.

The traffic jams are unimaginable and the last thing anyone wants to start or end their day.

Vanpooling removes this frustration with your ability to use the HOV lanes, and even if you do run into some traffic despite the highway’s fast pass lanes, you aren’t the one driving, so you don’t have to deal with it.

How Much Does VanGo Cost?

As previously stated, VanGo requires payment monthly, but this fare depends on the number of commuters in the vehicle.

If you have the proper number of six passengers, the fare will remain the same each month.

However, the fare can waiver if you drop below four passengers.

As long as you have four passengers and above, you are guaranteed a reasonable billing payment.

How to Use VanGo

You can start using VanGo as soon as you sign up.

You’ll need to first create an account.

Then, you can request a ride, research your driver, and track your child’s trip in real-time.

Set up Your VanGo Account

The first step is downloading the VanGo app.

You can download the app at the App Store or Google Play.

Upon downloading the app, you’ll need to create your family account with the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • ZIP code
  • Phone number

Once you save your information, VanGo will confirm your account by texting you a verification code.

You’ll then create your teen’s profile with the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Profile picture (optional but recommended)
  • Phone number (optional but lets drivers contact them when picking up)
  • Date of birth

Enter at least two locations where your child may be picked up from.

These could be places like your home, their school, or the local soccer field.

VanGo will give you price quotes for these locations.

You’ll then be prompted to provide your credit card information.

Note that you will only be charged after the completion of your ride.

After completing the above steps, you’re ready to request your child’s first ride with VanGo.

Request VanGo Rides

Requesting a ride requires you to set a pickup location, choose a drop-off location, and wait for your driver to accept your request.

Head to the “Add Rides” page located in the bottom navigation of the app.

Provide the following information to schedule your first ride:

  • Pick-up date and time
  • Pick-up location
  • Drop-off location
  • How long the driver needs to wait at the pickup location
  • Passenger(s)
  • Additional instructions

After you’ve provided all the trip details, you’ll receive a fare estimate.

You can confirm your trip if everything looks good.

When you request a ride, it will be marked as pending.

Once a driver accepts, you’ll receive a push notification and your ride will then say “Accepted.”

Prepare for Pickup

You can view your trip reservation details once your ride is confirmed by the driver.

Tap on the “Schedule” tab at the bottom of the screen.

From there, tap on the scheduled ride to see more details.

You can then see information regarding the reservation and your driver.

You’ll find a picture of the driver, the type of car, and license plate number.

There’s also a short description of the driver along with their driver rating.

You can even contact your driver through text or phone call.

You can pass all of this information along to your child so they also understand who’s driving them.

Track Your Child’s Ride

VanGo keeps you in the loop every step of the way.

You’ll receive push notifications when the driver is on their way, when they’ve arrived, when your child is picked up, and when they’re dropped off.

You can also track your child’s location in real-time.

To do so, tap on the schedule tab in the app.

When the ride starts, tap the “Track Your Ride” button.

You can then see exactly where your child is during the trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to be knowledgeable about VanGo before you sign up to use the service.

Let’s go over some information we didn’t cover above.

Is VanGo available in my area?

VanGo is only available in select areas in the United States.

You can sign up for the service if you live in Fairfield County (Connecticut), Phoenix, Houston, or Dallas.

How can I drive for VanGo?

VanGo drivers must pass a background check, give their fingerprints, and have at least three years of childcare experience.

You also need to have a clean driving record, pass a vehicle inspection, and partake in an interview with the VanGo team.

You can apply to become a driver on the driver application page.

If you’re interested in driving for Uber and Lyft, we have information on their application processes as well.

Is VanGo safe?

VanGo makes your child’s safety their priority.

Every driver is required to have at least three years of childcare experience and complete an official fingerprinting process.

In addition, they must complete and pass an extensive vetting process that includes:

  • An interview with VanGo team members
  • A background check
  • A driving record check
  • A reference check
  • A vehicle inspection

As a result, only 10% of all VanGo applicants are accepted.

Incidentally, 85% of drivers you’ll be matched with will be moms, so they’ll know exactly how much your child means to you.

For further peace of mind, every VanGo driver is required to keep their GPS on for the duration of the ride, so as soon as you get the notification that your child has been picked up, you can start tracking their route straight through the VanGo app.

Just select the current date on the “Schedule” tab and tap on the ride you’re looking to track.

How can I contact VanGo customer support?

You can contact VanGo customer support via email, calling, or texting.

Here is the VanGo customer support information:

Can my child submit their own ride request?

No. Accounts on the VanGo app are meant for parents and guardians, which means you will have to submit ride requests on behalf of your teen or pre-teen.

When is the latest that I can request a ride?

VanGo doesn’t have a stated deadline for ride requests, though it’s unlikely that you’ll easily find an immediate ride if you’re submitting an on-demand request.

Your best bet is to request your ride by at least 8 p.m. the night prior to your child’s requested ride date, as this time frame is a standard deadline for other “Uber for kids” apps.

What information can I see about my child’s driver once they accept?

Within your ride details, you’ll be able to see the driver’s photo, name, rating, vehicle model, license plate number, and their phone number.

Tapping into their profile, you can view more information regarding their childcare experience.

If you have any concerns, you can always call or text the driver by tapping “Call” or “SMS” on the ride details page.

You can also contact VanGo by calling the company at (203) 424-2223, texting them at (203) 349-6278, or emailing them at [email protected]

How To Drive for VanGo

VanGo is a resource of the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization or the NFRMPO.

There are several steps you have to take to drive for VanGo.


To be eligible for NFRMPO, which makes you eligible for VanGo, you need experience in governmental operations, know how to drive,


Among the eligibility required to work for VanGo, you have to complete the federal and state requirements and have a license.

Through the process, you will see what it takes to work for the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization.

How To Sign Up

You can check out the NFRMPO job postings page and fill out an application

Wrapping Up

VanGo is a vanpooling service with a continuously growing fanbase that provides easy drives to and from work.

It’s as easy to sign up as it is to hop in one of VanGo’s vehicles.

You can comment if you have any further questions.

VanGo is an easy, affordable, and stress-free way to get to and from work daily.

After one vanpool, you’ll never want to drive yourself again.

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