Vehicle Requirements For Lyft You Need To Know

Before one can claim your new Lyft signup bonus, or even apply drive for Lyft, potential drivers must pass both driver’s and Lyft vehicle requirements.

Lyft makes almost no exceptions for their requirements, so before applying, make sure you check this general guide first.

Lyft Vehicle Requirements You Must Know

Potential drivers hoping to make some extra money by hopping on the rideshare bandwagon must first get vetted by Lyft.

They do this for two reasons: first to ensure the quality of their brand, but also to ensure the safety of both riders and drivers alike.

Lyft’s General Vehicle Requirements

Lyft offers different services such as Lyft Plus, Lyft Premier, Lyft Line, Lyft Lux, and the main Lyft service. Each service has its own specific vehicle requirements. This list is a general guideline for Lyft’s vehicle requirements:

  • Age of vehicle: the car shouldn’t be older than 2005 unless stated otherwise on Lyft’s website. This depends on the city.
  • Type of vehicle: Must be a 4-door vehicle, minivan, truck, or SUV
  • Transmission type: MT or AT are both allowed
  • Insurance requirement: Must have personal insurance, with driver listed on the insurance policy

Other requirements include:

  • Must pass Lyft’s vehicle inspection
  • Must not have major cosmetic damage

Lyft Plus Vehicle Requirements

Lyft Plus is a service specifically for a group of riders (five or more people.) The cost of riding Lyft Plus is 1.5x higher compared to their regular service. The following is a list of vehicle requirements for Lyft Plus:

  • Seating capacity: 6
  • Model age: the same as regular Lyft service

Lyft Premier Vehicle Requirements

Lyft Premier Vehicle Requirements | Vehicle Requirements For Lyft You Need To Know
Lyft Premier is a higher version of their main Lyft service. This is for riders who are willing to pay more to ride a nicer car. Aside from the general vehicle requirements, Lyft Premier cars should also follow these guidelines:

  • Seating capacity: 4
  • Car model: 2009 model or newer
  • Luxury car models: This includes Audi, Cadillac, Acura, BMW, Jaguar, Infiniti, Lincoln, Lexus, Land Rover, and Mercedes-Benz.

You can also visit their website to get the entire list of eligible premier cars.

Lyft Line Vehicle Requirements

The Lyft Line vehicle and service requirements are actually the same as their regular service. Lyft Line is simply Lyft’s way of allowing riders to share a ride with other riders to reduce the cost.

Lyft Lux Vehicle Requirements

This service is the company’s high-end ridesharing service meant to compete with Uber Black. It’s Lyft’s most expensive service, so the vehicle requirements are also higher:

  • Model 2011 or newer
  • Black exterior
  • Premium interior: leather (or leather-like material). Cloth interior is not allowed.

Lyft Inspection: What To Check

Before getting qualified to drive for Lyft, drivers must pass the vehicle inspection conducted by a certified mechanic. The mechanic will check the following:

  • Current and valid license plates
  • Sufficient tire tread
  • Windows: must have minor to no cracks, especially on the part of the driver’s field of vision. They should also roll up and down.
  • A/C and heat
  • Wipers
  • Lights (including headlights, turn signals, reverse lights and brake lights)
  • Horn
  • Seats (the front must move forward and backward)
  • Seatbelts
  • Tailpipe/muffler
  • Body: should be free of dents or damage.

Lyft Vehicle Restrictions

The following vehicles are restricted:

  • Full-sized vans (i.e. vans that can seat 12-15 passengers)
  • Taxis
  • Cars with salvage title or rebuilt title


Learn more about the best cars for Uber and Lyft by watching this video from RideShare Tips:

Before considering applying as a Lyft driver, make sure to check these guidelines to see if your car is qualified for Lyft’s vehicle requirements. Knowing these requirements will help you pick the appropriate vehicle before buying, renting, or leasing.

Did your car qualify for Lyft’s vehicle requirements? Share your awesome Ridester stories in the comments below!

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