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Veyo Phone Number: The Best Way To Get Instant Help

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If you are a Veyo customer and need help with an issue by phone, then the best way to get instant help is to call the Veyo phone number.

This phone number is available 24/7, and Veyo customer service representatives will be happy to assist you with whatever question or problem you may have.

Plus, by calling this phone number, you will be able to connect with Veyo immediately, without having to wait on hold or navigate through a maze of automated options.

How Veyo Communicates: A Primer

Veyo is an incredible new company with a mission to provide safe and reliable transportation in the United States to people in need of healthcare.

Getting to a hospital is sometimes the most difficult part of receiving medical attention.

Seniors that are Medicaid members and people with disabilities often cannot drive or have the means to access a car.

But now you can call the Veyo phone number for a ride!

Calling Ubers and Lyfts can be a truly daunting task for someone focused on getting the healthcare they require.

And calling an ambulance is seldom an option as it is an emergency service only and can cost thousands of dollars, even with insurance.

To simplify the process for people in need of transportation to a medical appointment, Veyo primarily communicates with their customers over the phone, a familiar device for seniors or individuals not up-to-date with current technology.

If you require medical transportation to social services, you can request a Veyo driver to come to pick you up at a specific address, as well as take you home afterward.

This service is a massive relief to many individuals.

To contact Veyo, there are a few different phone numbers you can call to speak with Veyo employees.

We will explain when to call which phone number so this process can be as streamlined as possible.

Can You Call Veyo Customer Service?

Yes, you can call Veyo customer service.

The Veyo customer service phone number can be either their quality assurance line or their rider complain ride, depending on what you need from them.

vector graphic showing a Veyo customer using the Veyo phone number to place a customer support call

If you call the quality assurance, they can help you schedule rides or answer any questions you may have about the company or process.

The quality assurance line is Veyo’s customer service line, and most general questions or concerns can be directed to this Veyo phone number.

Because Veyo caters to many seniors with little internet experience, they do most of their operations via phones.

This method makes it easier for people in need to contact the company and get the transportation they need.

What Can You Call Veyo For?

Veyo is a relatively new company with a mission to provide simple transportation to healthcare for people that need it.

This mission can include seniors, people without cars, and more.

There are a few different reasons you may want to get in touch with Veyo customer service.

Below are the main reasons one would contact Veyo and how to go about it.

1. Driver Questions

If drivers have questions about their position or a specific ride, they can call Veyo, but they mostly communicate with the company via emails or messages.

The service phone number for Veyo drivers is not public information, as it is only for those employed by Veyo.

If you are a driver and do not know this phone number or have lost it, you can likely reach the company using the ride rescheduling line.

You should also call this line if you, as a driver, need to reschedule a ride.

2. Rider Questions

When you call this number, you are prompted to select the option relating to the reason you are calling.

Pressing an option will direct you to a person that can help with your specific needs.

3. Reserve a Ride

The number to reserve a ride is the same as the quality assurance line.

The quality assurance line is designated to deal with most rider inquiries and requests so that there is one main line for most phone calls.

4. Account Issues

If you are having account issues, whether it’s a payment problem or you can’t log in, you can contact Veyo’s quality assurance line to get help.

The quality assurance line aims to make riders’ lives and Veyo experience easier, so the employees can help with most questions and situations.

Veyo Phone Number  

Below are four of the most useful Veyo phone numbers for a Veyo member.

Each of these lines has a different purpose or dual purpose, so it can help speed up the situation if you know exactly which phone number to call to get the fastest help.

vector graphic showing a veyo customer on the phone with a veyo customer service representative

Immediate Assistance Line

Although Veyo is a non emergency medical transportation service, they do offer immediate assistance.

Number: 1-877-986-7416

Do not call this line in a real emergency.

If there is an emergency, call 911 and request an ambulance and paramedics.

Instead, you can call this line if your other transportation provider falls through at the last minute, your driver doesn’t return to pick you up, or something else needs remedying immediately.

Quality Assurance Line/ Ride Scheduling

The quality assurance line is the line you will most likely need to call.

Number: 1-855-478-7350

When you call, you’re prompted with different options that will direct to various operators to help with your particular request or question.

To request a ride from Veyo, you can also call this number.

One of the first options given to you will be ‘schedule a ride’ which will connect with a person that can make a scheduled appointment for you.

For Ride Rescheduling

If your health care appointment changes or cancels, you can contact them to reschedule your ride for your appointment at a different hour or day.

Number: 1-855-264-6368

You can also call the quality assurance line to do this, but this phone number is a more direct way to get a ride rescheduled.

Driver Under the Influence

In unfortunate situations where you believe or suspect your driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or acting inappropriately in any way, call this number.

Number: 1-888-482-8458

Veyo takes these issues very seriously, so do not hesitate to call.

Wrapping Up

Veyo is a brilliant NEMT service for US residents that struggle to get to their medical and healthcare provider.

Now that this service exists, you can feel better about making it to these places safely without much hassle.

Keep these phone numbers handy, so you can easily have direct contact with Veyo and get the assistance and transportation service you need.

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