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What Is Vibe Rideshare and How Does It Work?

Rideshare companies have never been more popular, and the market for them continues to grow with each passing year.

As such, it’s not uncommon to hear about novel rideshare companies like Vibe Rideshare.

Still, before you start downloading new rideshare apps or investing in the latest rideshare companies, it’s crucial to do a little research.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend hours poring over websites and articles to understand Vibe Rides.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Vibe Rideshare, including how it works!

What Is Vibe Rideshare?

Vibe Rideshare (also called Vibe Rides) was a rideshare MLM started by Ibüümerang in 2019.

It initially surfaced in Houston, Texas, designed to spread across the nation.

As of 2020, the two states offering Vibe Rideshare services were Texas and Florida.

The primary differences between Vibe Rides and other rideshare services were:

  • The ability to invest in the company
  • The range of rider customization

For example, Vibe Rideshare allowed riders to choose a preferred vehicle, driver gender, and conversation for their journey.

Vibe Rides also welcomed investors that could potentially earn passive income from riders via the Overdrive program.

How Does Vibe Rideshare Work?

Before we delve into how Vibe Rideshare was meant to work, it’s crucial to note that the Vibe Rides app and websites are no longer functional or available.

That said, when Vibe Rideshare was available, it allowed riders to access an app to schedule rideshare services.

It also allowed drivers to sign up to become Vibe Rides drivers.

But the unique thing about Vibe Rideshare is that it also welcomed investors.

Vibe Rides split all users into three separate categories.

They were:

  • Riders
  • Drivers
  • Overdrivers

Riders were passengers that downloaded the Vibe Rides app and scheduled rideshare services.

Drivers were individuals that signed up to drive for the Vibe Rideshare company.

But Overdrivers were investors that could earn money each time a passenger used Vibe Rides.

What Types of Vibe Cars Can You Expect?

The only remaining Vibe Rides website available online was renewed/created in 2020.

Since that time, there have been zero updates to the site or Vibe Rideshare’s social media accounts.

As such, it’s challenging to determine what types of Vibe vehicles riders could expect.

That said, the fact that the Vibe Rides app allowed riders to select specific vehicles for their journeys may indicate that Vibe Rideshare welcomed all vehicle types, from sedans to SUVs.

Where Is Vibe Rideshare Available?

For all intents and purposes, Vibe Rideshare is no longer available in any state.

However, between 2019 and 2020, this service was available in limited locations throughout Texas and Florida.

vector graphic showing a vibe rideshare car against a solid background

How Much Does Vibe Rideshare Cost?

Determining the precise cost of a Vibe Rides service is challenging, as Vibe Rideshare hasn’t submitted any official payment schedules online.

This company also no longer maintains a website.

Complicating matters further, the Vibe Rides app is no longer available for download on Apple or Android app marketplaces.

That said, we can determine a few things about Vibe Rideshare’s costs by studying the remains of their social media accounts.

Vibe Rideshare Fees

It’s almost impossible to determine the average cost of a Vibe Rides journey due to the fact that the company no longer seems to be operational.

However, we do know that Vibe Rideshare charged drivers and investors to become a part of the Vibe Rides community.

To register for the Vibe Overdrive Ambassador program, participants had to pay a one-time fee of $49.95.

Drivers also had to pay $200 for the Overdrive Pack.

This pack also charged a $99.95 monthly subscription fee.

This monthly subscription fee would lower to $49.95 only after drivers had referred three other drivers.

To keep this lower subscription rate, drivers would have to continually get at least three more drivers into the company.

The Overdrive Pack allowed for one background check and vehicle inspection for drivers.

Aside from that, it didn’t offer many additional benefits, features, or services.

Do You Tip Vibe Drivers?

It’s unclear whether Vibe Rideshare passengers were expected to tip Vibe drivers.

However, considering the nature of the company, it’s not a stretch to say that tips were encouraged or mandatory for riders.

How to Save on Vibe Rideshare

Because Vibe Rideshare is no longer an active company, there is no best way to save on Vibe Rides.

But when the company was still operational, drivers and passengers could reduce their fares and increase profits by attracting other riders and drivers to the company.

Riders could also enjoy a reduction in fares after successfully completing 50 rides in one month.

About the Vibe Rideshare App

The Vibe Rideshare app was once available for iPhone and Android phones.

It has since disappeared from all app marketplaces and is unavailable for download.

When the Vibe Rides app did exist, it allowed passengers to customize rideshare settings such as preferred vehicle type, driver gender, vehicle interior temperature, music, and small talk.

As such, riders received a higher-than-average level of control over their rideshare experience.

Those looking to become a driver for Vibe Rides would have needed to access the Vibe Rides Wix page and submit their name, email, and phone number to get started.

Is Vibe Rideshare Safe?

One of the main goals of Vibe Rides was to create a safer rideshare environment.

For this reason, they instituted several unique passenger features such as the ability to choose a specific gender of driver or preferred vehicle type.

These integrated options would have allowed riders to feel more comfortable with their driver and their journey.

For example, it would have allowed women to select women-only drivers.

It would also have allowed passengers to determine whether they wanted their driver to make small talk with them during their ride.

Drivers that signed up for Vibe Rides would need a vehicle inspection and background check before being able to accept passengers.

This additional security feature likely made journeys with Vibe Rideshare slightly safer.

However, because Vibe Rides is no longer an active company, it’s nearly impossible to determine how safe it would be to use Vibe Rideshare.

What Sets Vibe Rideshare Apart from Uber and Lyft?

The primary quality that set Vibe Rideshare apart from Uber and Lyft was the ability to directly invest in the company and earn a direct profit from riders.

Additionally, Uber and Lyft are massive, nationwide companies that do a significant amount of business.

On the other hand, Vibe Rides was a small Texas-based company that had few research and development funds and a minimal amount of outside funding.

All-in-all, Vibe Rideshare depended on hype from potential investors to grow.

Is Vibe Rideshare a Scam?

Many people have accused Vibe Rides of being a scam.

We’ve heard similar stories from drivers who signed up with Tryp Rideshare, so I’m not entirely surprised.

There is some legitimacy to this claim, but it’s crucial to note that the primary goal of Vibe Rideshare was to attract investors, drivers, and riders.

As such, Vibe Rides was most likely an MLM that failed to attract enough clients.

After all, those set to benefit the most from Vibe Rides were those that acted quickly and invested immediately.

Overall, Vibe Rideshare wasn’t a beneficial rideshare option for most passengers or drivers.

Remember, it cost approximately $250 for a person to become a Vibe Rideshare driver.

From that point, they also had to pay a monthly subscription fee of $99.95.

The only way to lower this fee was to gain referrals (i.e., attract other investors to spend money to become Vibe Rideshare drivers).

To keep the lowered monthly subscription fee, drivers had to attract at least three new drivers to the company every month.

The same was generally true for passengers as well.

To enjoy lower fares, passengers were required to make at least 50 trips each month and refer others to Vibe Rides.

All of this contributed to a general feeling of unease and dissatisfaction among most Vibe Rides passengers and drivers.

As a result, it’s not unsurprising to find that Vibe Rideshare is no longer an active company.

The last official social media posts from Vibe Rides date back to September of 2020.

There were two identical images posted onto the Vibe Rides Facebook and Instagram accounts on September 15, 2020, and nothing since.

Nearly all associated websites, including referral pages from the host company (Ibüümerang), are no longer available.

As such, it seems that Vibe Rideshare is dead and gone.

Final Thoughts

Vibe Rideshare was an MLM that offered investors, drivers, and riders the opportunity to earn money while promoting rideshare services.

However, there haven’t been any new posts to official Vibe Rides accounts since September of 2020.

Consequently, there’s a good chance that Vibe Rides is no longer an active MLM.

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