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Viofo A119 VS A119s: Which One Stands Out?

Last updated: June 1, 2021
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Think of a situation in which you are driving your vehicle and someone enters your lane without obeying the traffic rules. Unfortunately, you crash into the car and its driver keeps blaming you for the accident. Imagine all the trouble this can cause you in case you don’t have a proof by a dashcam. In this article, we will compare the Viofo A119 VS A119s.

These recording devices cost less than a fraction of most insurance arrangements. Their power lies in the possibility to curb insurance fraud. Their usefulness in preventing many different types of injustices is immeasurable. VIOFO stands out as different from the competition models. It has a solid track record of integrated quality. 

Viofo A119 and A119s Models

Viofo A119

Equipped with a set of various features, VIOFO A119 is a capacitor powered, full HD dashboard camera for cars. One of its alternative names is the A119 SpyTec. One of its outstanding features is that it captures recording at a resolution of 1440p at 30FPS and 1080p at 30FPS and 60FPS. This video recorder supports sound recording too.

Being a powerful device it wears a tight, fancy look and will adapt to the interior design of your car. You will install it on the windshield of your car without complication. It won’t invite unnecessary attention from the outside.

You will never run out of memory to record your drive with the loop recording feature and the support of the up to 64GB SD card. It will serve well for both safety and fun. 

This praised model has a 2 inch LCD screen and it utilizes a 4MP CMOS sensor. It utilizes an integrated speaker and microphone. This means you have the possibility to playback your recordings also.

The display of the device is not very big. You need to connect it to an external device for a better quality of the playback. By pressing a special button on the rear of the camera you can turn the audio recording on and off.

The power source of this device is a capacitor which is far better than a battery. This is much safer for extreme temperatures because such designs have bigger heat tolerance. People using battery-based dashcams have faced incredible problems with their devices. Some of them are missing files, bursting, overheating, etc.

Nothing in front of your windshield will go uncaptured thanks to the super-wide angle view of 160 degrees. You will gain a lot of flexibility thanks to the rotatable lens. To get the most suitable angle view for your video, you can set it in any position you want.

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Viofo A119S

This model of cameras entered the market at the end of 2016. It represents an upgraded version of the successful A119 dashboard camera by VIOFO. The two models look almost the same when observed from the outside. The difference is in the updated lens.

One of the most astonishing advances in contrast to the previous models is that the A119S VIOFO has a lower best performance. Quite less in comparison to the A119S (1440p at 30FPS), it captures 1080p at 60FPS.

The producer changed this feature to make the night-time video quality better. The reduction of pixels means larger individual pixels. This makes the device more light-sensitive.

This means the A199S records better footage in situations of low light. This is not considered a great improvement because the difference is minimal.

The sleek wedge-shaped layout of the popular A118 is the basis for the design of both A119 and A199S models. The control of the buttons is neater with a finer click to them giving the new model a more premium feel. The device size remains small although the screen size is pretty large at two inches.

It is pretty difficult to make a difference between the models. Looking at the lens housing may help you in doing so. You can adjust the A119 model left and right. You can rotate the A119S model only up and down.

The packaging on both the A119 and A119S camera devices makes a great difference from other Chinese based products. This is due to the great design they have. The box is also tight and well designed, like the camera.

This model also incorporates many handy tools like extra mounting tape and mounting clips. It also has a short USB for PC data transfer and a dual USB cigarette adapter. 

What makes the difference from various models of dash cams in this class are their internal components. Both models are capacitor-based. This is a great advantage in comparison to battery-powered devices. The user won’t face any issues running in warmer climates present in other basic designed cameras.

Novatek 96660 is the processor of both A119 and A119S models. This feature allows them to make recordings at 1080p on 60FPS. The bitrate of around 20 Megabits per second is quite impressive.

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The Difference Between Viofo A119 vs. A119s

Due to the superior Omnivision sensor, the A119 model can capture recording at a 1440P Quad HD resolution. The A119S reaches its best at 1080p. Yet, the ultimate Sony IMX291 sensor compensates for this shortcoming. It offers one of the best low-light visibilities and dynamic ranges.

Both cameras offer a very smooth video even during the night when paired with the 60FPS frame rate.

The lenses of the cameras play a big role in their differentiation. The A119S uses a narrower 130-degrees with an F/1.6 aperture. This is different from the standard A119 which uses a wider 160-degrees lens with an F/1.8 aperture. This means the S version will have a better performance in low-light conditions while the A119 lens will capture a wider field.

Both of the cameras have an extra CPL filter that fits well in the seat of the lens. This accessory is crucial in the reduction of glare and reflections coming from the windshield. It plays a role like polarized sunglasses. Bad visibility is sometimes the issue for some models but this is not the case when it comes to A119 and A119S.

Yet, we have noticed that the CPL filter makes it difficult to aim the camera when we pair it with the thinner non-GPS mount. This is because there is not enough clearance to rotate the lens upwards. There is no issue with the CPL filter when we fit it with the thicker GPS mount.

Let’s sum up the differences:

  • Sony STARVIS IMX291 is the main driving force behind the A119S model. It offers the best resolution at 1080p and 60FPS. This is less in comparison with the A119 which operates at 1440p. The lower resolution of the A119S helps improve the night video quality.
  • Opposed to the A119, which has an F/1.8 aperture, the A119S has an F/1.6 aperture. When the number of this feature is smaller, the light-sensitivity of the camera is better. It is an extra aspect that makes the performance of the A119S better during night-time.
  • In comparison to its predecessor using 6G, the A119S uses the better 7G lens. A shortcoming is that the lens of the A119S can’t be set in a lying position.
  • The 135-degrees angle of view of the A119S is lower than its predecessor’s. The latter captures at 160-degrees. 
  • The A119S costs about $10-20 more than the A119, depending on the location of purchasing.

Viofo A119 vs. A119s Features

VIOFO set new versions of the A119 and A119S on the market in the summer of 2017. The new feature of these successful models was the inclusion of a GPS mount. The GPS mounts of the older models had some issues with connectivity. This made the camera lose power in random situations.

Make sure to get an A119 v2 if you are going for the GPS version. These two are not interchangeable. This means you cannot use the v2 mount with the older A119S. You also can’t use the original GPS mount with the newer A119S model. You can ignore this update if you are not interested in the GPS feature.

The Mini USB hardwire kit is another available accessory for these cameras. You can use it to hide the wires in your vehicle. It is meant to hook up to an ignition switch and make your camera switch on and off together with the vehicle. 

What is good about the mini USB hardwire kit is its package with the C-shaped grounding terminal. This is not the case with other models which were not packed with a terminal. This kit makes for a very clean and sleek installation when paired with the correct add-a-fuse for your vehicle. This is a perfect match to the low profile design of the A119S.


We can say that these models of VIOFO raise the bar of what users generally expect from under $150 models. Everything necessary for a great dash cam is also present here. It features capacitor power supply, sleek layout, great video quality, excellent shape, and 128GB memory. 

Most users will like the image quality by the A119 model. We also think that the 1111A119S model with its sensitive low-light imagery will be particularly useful for drivers in rural areas. This is because there is not a lot of street lighting there.

Viofo introduced some changes in both models and somewhat improved the image quality. Both cameras capture excellent recording during the day. Yet, the older model has an advantage in providing better resolutions.

Due to the updates mentioned earlier, the A119S model has better colors and a sharper image during night-time. This change is not huge, but it’s significant.  


Their products are in our hands for a number of months now. We must admit that their reliability has captivated us. In the category of non-parking mode dash cams under $150, VIOFO’s A119 and A119S models are the best.

The A119 allows you to record at a much better resolution if you drive predominantly during the day.

so go for the older model. If you mainly drive at night time, go for the A119S v2 as it performs better in low light situations. This means the older model would be a better solution for you. The differences in quality won’t be so big although the A119 model is cheaper. 

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