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VIOFO A129 Pro Ultimate Review For [year]

Last updated: May 29, 2021
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viofo a129 pro review

It’s simple, you want to be able to know where you and your car are at any time, any place any setting.

So, why buy a front dashcam when you can get a dual one instead, for more or less the same price and more features?

You want to be safe and know where you are at all times. This is why we reviewed the Viofo A129 which may be your optimal solution.  

About Viofo A129

A growing number of drivers keep on investing in dual cam systems for cars. These include a second camera which is often put on the vehicle’s rear end. 

Generally, the most important things happen on the road, but sometimes (depending on many factors) they may happen in the vehicle itself. If it records a distracted driver rear-ending your vehicle, the rear-mounted camera can become a lifesaver for your legal case. 

This is because a rising number of drivers distract themselves with smartphones or tablets, resulting in car crashes. The dual camera should guard you in such circumstances.

Depending on their job, some drivers position the second camera to catch views of the interior of their vehicle. These are generally for commercial purposes – bus, taxi, or Uber drivers.

If your current setup isn’t loaded with backup cameras, it may also serve you as a safety device when the engine is in reverse gear.

The setup of a dual dash cam can be more complicated in some cases. Yet, if you think it is way complicated, auto shops may do this with a certain fee.

The model we chose, Viofo A129, is a setup that you mount on the front and back windshield of your vehicle. In the following article, we are going to present to you its features, along with its advantages to other models.

Why is Viofo A129 Duo the solution?

When it comes to 4K dashcams, the A129 PRO Duo is on the top. It shares the same design as the basic A129 Duo but packs twice much power. It has an upgraded processor and image sensor as well. 

Yet, it retains the compact design of the classical model and the intuitive controls of the wide display.

What are the advantages/benefits of Viofo A129?

This model captures superior footage when compared to others. This is because it utilizes the latest Sony STARVIS image sensor. 

This one captures crisp and clear footage even during night time, which is due to the Super Night Vision. It also comes with a GPS so you can read your location and velocity by inputting the module which comes with it.

You will also have peace of mind 24/7 when you are away from the vehicle. It is easy to set up the monitoring of your vehicle by hardwiring and keeping the unit plugged into the 12V outlet with the Parking Mode turned on.  

What is the best way to use Viofo A129?

viofo 129 dash cam

Its greatest advantage is the Super Night Vision, enabling the camera to capture low-light/high-noise footage. It utilizes the excellent 4K Ultra-HD as the front and the 1080p 8.29MP Sony STARVIS image sensor as the rear camera. 

This provides stellar high-detail videos for driving both during the day and night.

With Viofo A129 you’ll never have to worry about missing to capture accidents due to low lighting conditions. 

You can drive with confidence and be sure that nothing on the road may escape from its focus. With the 2” LCD you may also change the camera settings of the unit or gain quick and easy access to the recorded or live video footage. 

What will allow faster access to your video footage is the Dual Band 2.4 GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi capability. It will allow a stronger signal transmission from the device to your smartphone.

Stay assured that your video footage will remain to tell your tale in case of an unfortunate event of an accident! Your recorded files will be safe from damage in case your vehicle loses power. 

It will provide enough energy to write and store the data to the SD card before the power goes down. 

The 24/7 stellar protection will offer you never to miss anything and have peace of mind. The camera set is featuring a Duo Parking Mode which by hardwiring the unit to the fuse box or the camera by 12V power.

Its buffer recording feature is active 15 seconds before and 30 seconds after an event. The Viofo unit is always steady to finish the main job. This is the case with anything you need to save as an event. 

The Bluetooth remote option will always bring the manual recording and saving the footage of the wanted event if needed!

What makes it different from other models?

When compared to the older A119, the A129 model has more detail which is a definite plus for night-time recordings. The design of the devices is similar while the only difference may be in the buttons and connection locations. 

The visuals of the newer model are quite better and smoother, especially during night-time. The app that comes with the set will allow the user to view live videos. It also includes downloading videos to the device, replaying them, and changing the camera settings. 

Its audio recording is better than the previous versions while the daytime recording can get a bitrate as high as 30Mbps. The user may leave the vehicle parked on the street and view the live video from a PC or any device. 

This is because it provides HTTP for web browsers to replay and download videos and an RTSP stream.

Viofo A129 Review

Until the introduction of dual dash models, it was pretty common for users to improvise with a combination of two separate camera units. The VIOFO A129 is less expensive, has better features, and outperforms two separate cameras of any producer on the market.

What is a step forward from using sensors from previous models to provide clearer images, is the usage of Sony Starvis image sensors. 

It can record at 60 FPS if you are only using the front camera, but the rate will drop to 30 FPS if you are using both of them. It is good to remember that both of them can provide a video with 1080p quality.

It has a 2” LCD to provide live video playback and a 140-degree viewing angle which disables fisheye view while still showing a very wide angle of the road. 

The F1.6 Aperture 7 Element glass lens in both cameras is an extra feature that prevents distortion of the image and makes it sharper.

The parking mode resembles the A119 but it is the better version. The camera may enter the parking mode after three minutes, without motion detection. You also have the option to remove from the settings the speed, GPS, and time display which appear on the video footage.

The VIOFO team currently works to support ACC detection and improve this feature in the newer A129 packages since it was the same as A119. 

There will be a new hardwire kit released at some point to provide ACC detection. By now, the device goes into standby once it detects motion and records the scene.

The CPL filter from the A119 is also usable for the A129 model. It will prevent the sun from glare as the new model may show some vignetting on the recording. 

We have to emphasize that the CPL filter and the Bluetooth remote are optional and don’t come with the basic package of the A129 Duo.

This is a satisfactory option for customers, although some report slight vignetting effects. Yet, most of them agree that slight distortion is much better than not having any image due to glaring. 

In fact, in comparison to the color towards the periphery of the image, the color towards the center of the image may become a bit brighter.

The CPL filter and the parking mode hardwire kit we use are specific for the previous A119 model. Yet, the A129 doesn’t have a specific CPL filter and Bluetooth remote prepared for it. 

We recommend the customers follow the release of the accessories gear and upgrade it as soon as possible. Their engineers are trying to increase the connection stability because some users have reported that it loosens up when going over larger bumps. 

That is why they haven’t released a self-standing GPS or a non-GPS mount which would be suitable for the A129. To connect to the camera, the GPS mount should have a new contact mechanism.The mount feels more secure and doesn’t move much when you press the buttons. 

The number of slots in which the camera mounts have increased and moved to the side. 

We would highly recommend you to buy this product via Amazon, which usually sends the device from a warehouse somewhere in the United States.


  • F1.8 Aperture with @ 130° Field of View
  • Sony EXMOR R STARVIS Image Sensor 8.29MP
  • Size: Front 3.3” × 2.2” × 1.57” & Rear 2.09” x 1.22” x 2”
  • 2.0” LCD Display
  • 4K (3840 x 2160p 30fps) Front Camera
  • Full HD (1920 x 1080p 30fps) Rear Camera
  • Integrated microphone & speaker
  • Up to 256GB MicroSD Storage 
  • MP4 Video Format
  • Built-in Dual-band Wi-Fi 
  • G-Sensor & Motion Detection
  • -4°F to 159°F Storage Temperature
  • Mini USB input
  • 1/3/5/10 Minutes Video Loop


  • Front Recording with 4K UHD Quality
  • WiFi with dual-band
  • 4 bit rate capacity
  • H.265 Video Coding


  • Bad parking mode capabilities
  • Doesn’t have a cloud connectivity


Is buffered parking included in the VIOFO A129 Series?

This is a feature only offered by the VIOFO A129 Pro Duo, while the regular A129 version only has a regular parking mode included.

What is the rear camera cable length for A129 Duo?

6 meters is the length of the mini USB of the A129 Duo.

Can I equip the A129 with an A129 IR interior camera?

If you want to record the road and the inside of the cabin, you can connect the front camera of the A129 Duo with the A129 IR interior camera.

The Viofo A129 Duo IR camera system comes with an IR unit for in-cabin recording and a front-facing camera. You can consider getting it if you are thinking of purchasing the A129 to hook it up to an IR camera.

What is the temperature range the VIOFO A129 Duo can withstand?

The operation temperature for the VIOFO A129 is ranging from 14 to 149 Fahrenheit. We recommend you to park in a shaded area if you have enabled the parking mode.

This is so because if you are under direct sunlight, it is probable for the temperature inside the vehicle to go above the mentioned range. When this happens on a regular basis it will cause damage to the hardware.


So what’s our final judgment? This is a pretty solid piece of equipment. It comes from a reliable brand that keeps going on the road to improvement. 

Their sensors, image quality, and features are becoming better every day. Although this model may lack some non-crucial features, you will always receive excellent audio and video quality.

BlackVue represents one of the biggest competitors of the VIOFO dashcam producer. Yet, their cameras are almost always twice the price although most of their models outperform the VIOFO products. 

Price, new updates, new features, audio, and video quality are always the strongest side of the VIOFO camera brand. Although on the middle-end, the A129 is a very solid dual dashcam that provides a good return for the investment.

If you want more options to consider, check out our massive guide for the best dash cam in 2020.

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