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VIP Taxi: Car Options, Availability, Pricing, and More

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Key Information

Introduction to VIP Taxi

Arizona-based, family-owned taxi service launched in 2007, modernizing local taxi experience in Phoenix and Tucson.

Unique Services Offered:

VIP Taxi provides airport transfers, senior transport, non-emergency medical transport, and car seat requests. Rewards and business services are also available.

Transparent Pricing Structure

Flat rates for rides, $2.95 base taxi fee with $2.25/mile, airport transfers have zip code-based rates, and a variety of rates for specialized services.

Driving for VIP Taxi

Prospective drivers attend Reliable Driver seminars, acquire AED and CPR certifications, and undergo thorough background checks. Average salary in Phoenix area is around $37,000/year.

With the rising popularity of ridesharing, it’s easy to forget the precursor to many of the companies like Uber and Lyft: the local taxi service.

While some cities haven’t seen much change for their local taxi cabs, VIP Taxi in Arizona does things a little differently.

Let’s take a look at how this business is bringing taxis into the 21st century and how they stack up against the big names in ridesharing.  

What Is VIP Taxi?

VIP Taxi is an Arizona-based transportation company. They offer a range of taxi and transportation services to some of the major population centers in Arizona.

As a family-owned business, VIP Taxi services offer options for families and visitors that bigger companies tend to gloss over.

The company launched in 2007 when the founder, Dave Gauer, left his Chicago-based taxi cab service to work with his family in Arizona. While he downsized quite a bit in the process, it gave Gauer the chance to enjoy time with his family and build out something new and enjoyable in their home state.

Where Does VIP Taxi Operate?

For now, VIP Taxi only operates in two cities: Phoenix and Tuscon. Residents of these Arizonan cities and the visitors to these cities can take advantage of VIP Taxi’s ride services.

  • Phoenix: As the capital of Arizona, there are plenty of folks in the area that need transportation. VIP Taxi helps them out getting from place to place, including hotels, restaurants, the airport, and home.
  • Tuscon: Just southeast of Phoenix, Tuscon has an internal airport and a thriving tourist scene. VIP Taxi helps both visitors and citizens get around the Tuscon area.

What Services Does VIP Taxi Offer?

Now that we know where they offer rides, lets take a look at the VIP Taxi services that are available.

vector graphic showing an illustration of a VIP taxi driving down a road in a busy city

Taxi Rides

The main option is a taxi cab service. Using the VIP Taxi app or website, customers can book taxi rides where the company operates.

Unlike other ridesharing apps, VIP Taxi has a flat rate no matter where or when you book the ride. Also, the taxi driver has accommodations for things like luggage and extra passengers at no extra charge.

Airport Transfers

Another big taxi service from VIP Taxi is airport transfers. The company does a lot of business with both Phoenix Sky Harbor and Tuscon International Airport, making it easy for visitors to these cities to get rides.

Because they can be ordered via phone, text, or app, airport shuttle services from VIP Taxi are convenient, too.

Senior Transport

To assist the 55+ community, VIP Taxi offers senior transport services for those that are not able to drive themselves. Taxi drivers for VIP Taxi go through extensive background checks and drug tests to ensure that they can handle the responsibility of driving these customers.

Non-Emergency Medical Transport

VIP Taxi works with local hospitals to provide transport for patients. They don’t take the place of an ambulance but recently discharged patients can request a ride from the hospital to their homes.

It tends to overlap with the senior transport services to help senior citizens get to and from doctor appointments.

Car Seats

To help parents coming in from out of town, VIP Taxi allows its clients to request a car seat for small children ahead of time. While you have to order these seats at least one hour ahead of time, VIP Taxi has a range of car seats that can accommodate children of all sizes to comply with Arizona vehicle safety laws.


Customers can sign up for their VIP program, which earns folks reward points for using the service. These points can be turned in for rewards like discounts on future rides or gift cards to big-name stores like Target or Walmart.

Business Services

As part of their attempt to accommodate more customers, VIP Taxi rolled out a wide range of business services over the last decade. Here’s what some of those services look like:

Hotel Transportation

Businesses can set up accounts with VIP Taxi to track monthly expenses on transportation to and from hotels.

In addition to the rewards individual customers earn, this also sums up payments in one monthly fee, reducing the amount of bookkeeping needed by your travelers.

Special Event Transportation

For organizations looking to host an event in the Tuscon or Phoenix area, VIP Taxi keeps a fleet of taxis and drivers on hand.

With these resources, the company can set up multiple pickup or dropoff points and set up a rolling queue of drivers to take eventgoers from place to place.

Medical Transportation

Healthcare practices and hospitals work with VIP Taxi to help transport patients on a non-emergency basis.

Clinics can use this arrangement to take patients between testing and patient care sites or bring discharged patients back home if someone isn’t able to pick them up.

Restaurant Transportation

Fast, reliable transportation is the name of the game for restaurant partnerships with VIP Taxi.

Eateries that work with VIP Taxi can create a mutual arrangement that offers deals to one business when someone uses the other, incentivizing customers to go to both companies for their services.

How Much Does VIP Taxi Cost?

With all their services laid out, here’s how much you can expect to pay for what VIP Taxi offers:

Taxi Rates

VIP Taxi has two fees it charges for taxi rides: a base fee and a milage rate. The base fee for a taxi ride is $2.95, with each mile costing an additional $2.25.

While you can request vans in place of standard taxi cabs, these vehicles add a $10 flat charge to the ride. If you make the driver wait, then the ride costs an extra $0.80 per minute the driver has to wait for you.

Airport Transfers Rates

VIP Taxi offers a flat rate to the airport, depending on your zip code, as well as no luggage fee. While these flat rates are meant to be cheaper than the standard fare, you’ll be charged whatever fee is cheaper between the flat rate and the calculated one.

Since the flat rate differs between zip codes, VIP Taxi has a booking calculator that will help you figure out your airport transfer fee.

Senior Transport Rates

Most senior transport fees will fall under the standard taxi rates. However, with the VIP Taxi app, family and loved ones can request and pay for rides ahead of time.

With this practice, the rider can focus on getting to and from places without having to scramble for payment at the end of the ride.

Non-Emergency Medical Transport Rates

Much like with senior transport, VIP Taxi charges standard taxi rates for medical transport. However, it’s generally the partnered clinic or healthcare site that operates the scheduling and payment for rides. That can change depending on the clinic, so check with the staff first before assuming anything.

Business Services

With the wide range of business services offered by VIP Taxi, prices can vary. The official website has a contact page that gives you a chance to explain what you want to get out of working with VIP Taxi.

As a general guideline, expect to pay for the drivers’ time, the taxi cabs, and for accommodations, as needed for VIP Taxi to set up at your event

Driving For VIP Taxi

If you want to start driving for VIP Taxi, then check out the following information:

Driver Requirements

In addition to being old enough to drive a business vehicle, VIP Taxi has potential drivers go through Reliable Driver seminars. These seminars walk drivers through best practices, as well as get the required certifications for AED and CPR.

Finally, drivers have to be able to pass a criminal background check and pass an extensive drug test due to VIP Taxi’s work with medical patients, senior citizens, and children.

How Much Do VIP Taxi Drivers Make?

VIP Taxi doesn’t list a specific dollar amount their drivers make but claim to offer a standard pay for the area.

Salary data for the Phoenix area mentions that this works out to around $37,000 per year for full-time work, but might differ depending on the hours you work and the driving jobs you take.

How to Apply

If you want to start working for VIP Taxi, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Head over to VIP Taxi’s driver page on their website.
  • Fill out the contact form on Reliable Driver, LLC. to schedule a spot for one of their seminars.
  • Attend the seminar and receive your certifications to drive in Arizona.
  • Pass the criminal background check and the drug test.

Wrapping Up

VIP Taxi takes a lot of the tech that makes Uber and Lyft great and brings it to a local business. By offering a wide range of options and ways to book a ride, VIP Taxi delivers convenience to the taxi industry in Arizona like no other.

If you’re in or will be visiting the Phoenix and Tuscon area, then checking out VIP Taxi for your transportation would be a great idea. They offer reasonable rates and deals with their customers and partners, all while providing a safe and reliable ride.

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