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For the few who can afford it, private jet flights are one of the best ways to travel. With luxe interiors, friendly service, and streamlined security procedures, taking to the skies has never been more glamorous. Bid adieu to the days of long security lines, grumpy gate agents, and aggravating flight delays, and hop on a private jet to your destination instead.

If you’re looking for private travel options (there are 7 different ones, to be precise), VistaJet is a global aviation company that delivers the entire world to your front door. With three ways to fly, including membership programs and leasing options, this company adds flexibility to your travel itinerary. Discover what travel is like with VistaJet and learn more about membership options right here.

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What Is VistaJet?

The VistaJet homepage

VistaJet US Inc., part of Vista Global Holdings, is a global aviation business that offers private and shared charter flights. The company was founded in 2004 by Swiss businessman and Scuderia Ferrari team sponsor, Thomas Flohr.

VistaJet is one of the leading private flight industry players and was voted Best Operator for four consecutive years at the AsBAA Icons of Aviation Awards. The company offers flight options to more than 187 countries and has transported heads of state, entrepreneurs, and vacationers to their destinations in luxurious style. Headquartered in Luqa, Malta, the aviation company also has offices in Dubai, New York, London, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong.

As a private jet company, VistaJet offers flights on an aircraft fleet of more than 70 private jets ranging from light jets to international long-range jets. The global business aviation company owns the largest fleet of private Bombardier jets and works with more than 1,000 expert flight crew members.

Private flights with VistaJet are based on an hourly rate model. The company offers two types of memberships as well as dynamic leasing options to fly private. Here is a breakdown of the different membership options with VistaJet.


VistaJet Membership Plans

The VistaJet membership page

Like other private aviation companies including XOJET Aviation LLC (formerly JetSmarter), NetJets, and Jet Linx, VistaJet offers different membership plans to suit different traveler styles.

There are two main membership programs at VistaJet: Program and Direct.Program is a subscription plan that is tailored specifically to the flyer’s needs whereas Direct enables people to book single charter flights. In addition, the company offers leasing plans for frequent travelers who need constant access to a private jet.

Joining VistaJet is easy. Head to their website ( and use the cost calculator to figure out which plan is best for you. In the meantime, here’s a quick rundown of the differences between the three options.


Program members enjoy all the benefits of private jet travel without the overhead, asset risks, and high costs of a private jet. Designed for corporate employees and individual travelers, this program guarantees the availability of private jet flights with 24 hours notice. Flights are charged at a fixed hourly rate, making the process of flying private transparent.

The Program membership is specifically tailored to how often you fly, where you fly from, and where you fly to. It’s a customized version of private air travel, designed to meet all of your needs. This membership program is ideal for frequent business travelers who need to rent a private jet and for people who want to go to more remote or difficult to reach locations.


The Direct membership program offers the quickest option for booking chartered flights. Rather than signing up for a tailored program, this option enables you to book flights at discounted rates. Membership benefits include notifications about new or discounted flights from your home airport as well as empty leg flight notifications, which offer exceptional discounts.

This program offers more flexibility for travelers whose destinations change often and for those who only need one or two private flights per year. Special rates keep prices affordable compared to other types of private travel.

Dynamic Leasing

VistaJet offers a dynamic leasing option that gives customers access to a private jet on a monthly basis. Short-term leases are a great choice for businesses that need to adapt quickly to changes in the market or for people looking for security during times of uncertainty like the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It’s also a great choice for jet owners who need to use a private jet while their personal jet is being serviced.

In this business model, customers choose a specific VistaJet aircraft — like the Bombardier Global 6000, Bombardier Global 7500, or Challenger 350 — which is then positioned at your closest airport. The contract includes 50 flying hours per month and you’ll be able to use the jet anytime you’d like to fly anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Flying With VistaJet

A private plane landing at a small airport

There are several benefits to flying with a private jet company. From increased luxury to saved time, flying on a private plane can help you get where you’re going without the hassle of commercial flights.

On a private jet, you’ll have access to delicious meals, personalized service, and comfortable seating. You won’t have to worry about dragging your heavy bags through customs or getting tied up with security procedures. Just book your flight, head to the private airport, and pull up alongside your jet or stroll through the terminal. You only need to arrive 15 minutes before your flight, not two or three hours like with commercial flights.

Flying private gives you access to an entire fleet of incredible aircrafts. With one of the most comprehensive global infrastructure plans in the aviation industry, VistaJet offers incredible flexibility when it comes to flying first class. Choose from more than 70 different types of private jets to suit your flying style. From specially-designed business jets where you can close deals and conduct negotiations to tricked out jets that make vacationing a pleasure, there’s a private flight out there for you.

Enjoy the Vistas of Private Aviation

A woman listening to music and sipping champagne on a VistaJet private plane

VistaJet offers affordable private flight options compared to private aircraft ownership. With this Maltese company, you’ll pay only for the flight hours you use. Members can choose tailored plans that fit their flying needs or book to fly on a one-way trip at a moment’s notice. Fliers can hop on a short domestic journey or head off on a long-haul trip to the Asian Pacific region.

From an exceptional fleet of stunning aircrafts to comfy digs, private jet travel brings back the joy of flying. The world is your oyster when you choose to fly private with air carriers like VistaJet.

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