The Uber Code Text Scam & 4 Ways To Avoid It

The Uber code text scam is used by hackers - be aware.

The Uber Code text scam is one of the seemingly endless parades of frauds that scammers use to try and take advantage of us.


How it Works

The scam is simple, yet highly effective.

>>> 01 Recieve a Code

First, you receive a 4-digit code via SMS, a type of text message from an unknown number.

>>> 02 Hacker Communicates

The message fraudulently claims to be from Uber, and even appears similarly. They even remind you not to share the code and to ‘reply stop’ to opt-out.

>>> 03 What They Want

Scammers who are attempting to steal your information generate these fictitious codes as part of attempts to steal the personal information of Uber users.


Protect Yourself

Protecting yourself against this scam is critical.

How to Protect Yourself

Delete the message

Once you recognize an Uber Code as a phishing or scam text, you should delete it. Take a screenshot first though.

Never Reply ‘STOP’

Report The Fraud




Not only can doing so help scammers verify your number, but many of them also use premium rate phone numbers.

By reporting suspicious activity to Uber support or other appropriate authorities, you can document the spam texts, which are likely attempts to capture your personal data or credit card number for illicit purposes.