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1. What Is Uber For Riders?

Want to know more about Uber for Riders? Here are reasons why you, a potential Uber Rider, should use this ridesharing app as a taxi alternative. It’s safe, puts you as a priority, and it makes private drivers more accessible than ever… Click to read more

2. How Do You Tip Uber Drivers Using an App?

How Do You Tip Uber Drivers Using an App?
Do you tip Uber drivers? The company recently rolled out Uber etiquette tipping, allowing riders to show their appreciation for drivers who have done exceptionally well with their service. This only means one thing. The battle for driving for Uber vs Lyft continues to spark between the two ridesharing companies… Click to read more

3. How Does Uber Work?

How does Uber work? Uber car service, owned by Uber Technologies Inc., has been around for more than 8 years. The main goal of Uber is to provide affordable private transportation by sharing a ride with others. Besides the services provided by the driver-partner to the riders, are you also interested to know how Uber operates? If you plan to become a partner, you will find this information helpful. If you are just curious and want to gain more insights, this piece is also for you… Click to read more

4. Uber vs Lyft | Which One Should a Rider Use?

As if ridesharing couldn’t get more convenient, riders are now provided with even more options. Although there are other similar car service companies, the competition is really tight between these companies – Uber vs Lyft. From the fare estimate to the customer service after the trip, keep reading to decode which one is the most rider-friendly and budget-friendly… Click to read more

5. Lyft vs Uber | Which One Is Best for Drivers

Lyft vs Uber, which one is really the best for drivers? These two are today’s major players in the ridesharing industry. It was just Uber before, but since Lyft, a transportation network company arrived, the riders and even drivers are now torn. Here’s a brief comparison of the two ridesharing companies in terms of the car requirement, income, time and service requirement… Click to read more

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