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With grocery delivery services, such as Instacart, becoming easily accessible to many parts of the world, this rise in popularity opens several job opportunities for those seeking to shop for Instacart.

Such employment opportunities raise the question during onboarding: “What does Instacart send you?”

Employees want to know if Instacart sends apparel or a kit to help them classify themselves as shopper?

This article has compiled the information you’ll need to know.

How Does Instacart Work for Shoppers?

Instacart operates entirely through its app.

Shoppers sign on, view, and pick orders through the user interface.

After choosing an order, you shop in-store and deliver the items to customers.

Instacart has two types of shoppers: Full-Service Shoppers and In-store Shoppers.

Full-service shoppers are responsible for shopping in-store and delivering orders to customers.

These employees will be responsible for their form of transportation to fulfill orders.

In-Store shoppers select items in-store and prepare them for pickup.

These individuals only shop in-store and don’t deliver, so they can successfully work the job without a driver’s license or a mode of transportation.

Once you sign up and are approved to begin working for Instacart, you download the Instacart Shoppers app.

From there, workers can view and select orders, shop in-store, and deliver.

What Do You Get When You Sign Up for Instacart?

Once approved for Instacart, the company sends shoppers an onboarding package that includes swag, apparel, and other items necessary to start shopping.

Specific items include a lanyard, a prepaid card, and an instructional guide.

You receive a digital 1099-NEC tax form, or you can request to have it sent through snail mail.

What Does Instacart Send You?

From research on statements published by current and past shoppers, and websites affiliated with the Instacart Company, new shoppers receive a Lanyard and a T-shirt.

A handful of shoppers have stated that they only received a lanyard.

However, plenty more have said they have received both.

Shoppers for Instacart also receive a prepaid card used at check-out when they’ve finished shopping for their orders.

Instacart will also send new shoppers instructions for getting started and set up.

Does Instacart Give You Bags?

Unlike the lanyard, Instacart doesn’t give their Shoppers bags for free.

However, they do have many neon-green insulated bags with the Instacart logo for sale on their website.

Should You Buy an Instacart Bag?

Insulated bags are a mandatory accessory for shoppers, as it helps keep food at the correct temperatures while in transit.

Insulated bags don’t need to be directly from Instacart.

It can be convenient for shoppers to have bags with the Instacart logo for self-identification purposes.

Instacart sells its insulated bags in packs of four, and it is possible to pay for them later.

Once you establish yourself and shop for them regularly, the company will withdraw $30 from your earnings once you reach $30 or more.

You may be able to buy your insulated bags from retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon for a much lower price.

Some can cost as low as half off Instacart’s retailing price!

Do You Get a Shirt With Instacart?

Shirts are not a requirement for Instacart shoppers.

The reason is that there is no mandatory dress code or uniform.

If you happen to get one, it never hurts to wear it for identification purposes.

Some past employees have received shirts, and others haven’t.

This fact means that whether or not shoppers receive a shirt will vary by person.

However, shoppers receive the lanyard more consistently.

The shirts that shoppers receive are often a bright green color with the Instacart logo on them.

A few Redditors have lauded them as rather funny and consider the bright neon green to look comical on some.

How Do I Get an Instacart Shirt?

Instacart has a wide array of swag for their shoppers listed on their Carrot Swag website.

They offer shirts, vests, hats, and several self-identifying accessories available for shoppers to buy.

They even have umbrellas and water bottles listed.

What Tax Forms Does Instacart Send You?

Instacart shoppers receive a 1099-NEC form to file their earnings with the IRS.

The company can send the form digitally through email.

You can also choose to have a physical copy sent to you through the mail.

Either way, the IRS receives the same copy of your reported earnings.

Instacart, and other companies that send out 1099-NEC forms, are only required to send this document to you if you have received $600 or more in a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common questions about Instacart.

Can you make a living off Instacart?

What you earn with Instacart will vary depending if you are a Full-Service Shopper or if you are an In-Store Shopper.

The hourly rate can also vary by area.

At the very least, you’ll earn a minimum wage.

Depending on where you live, you might need to have a second job to bolster the income you receive from Instacart.

Full-Service Shoppers have a considerably larger opportunity to earn money, and some can even double their base hourly rate through tips.

It all lies in having a can-do attitude.

Wrapping Up

With Instacart becoming readily accessible as the company expands, they’ll need more shoppers to fill the rising demand.

With new shoppers, come many questions regarding subjects such as onboarding packages.

New employees will also wonder if wearing Instacart apparel is necessary.

Onboarding packages sometimes include an official Instacart shirt.

However, the business sends out the lanyard to workers much more consistently.

Essentially, the shopper reserves the choice to wear any attire in their packages.

The main benefit of wearing a company shirt or hat is that a store employee might feel more obligated to assist you if you have a question.

Feel free to comment below if you have additional questions.

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