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Tryp Rideshare: Car Types, Pricing, Features & How It Works

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For the past decade, just about everyone in this country has undoubtedly hailed a ride from one of the familiar rideshare apps.

The common names that people know and rely on are Uber and Lyft.

These platforms have stood the test of time (at least for the past decade) and have helped people safely get where they need to go.

But are you looking for a rideshare company that offers better incentives for passengers and drivers?

Look no further than Tryp Rideshare, one of the newest names in the rideshare market.

So, are you ready to go for a Tryp?

What Is Tryp Rideshare?

Tryp Rideshare is the latest addition to rideshare apps available to the general public.

Tryp offers its passengers affordable rides while also taking care of its drivers.

What sets Tryp apart from the rest of the rideshare apps is the attention to drivers’ needs to dedicate their time to driving for the platform.

However, its approach to business may inadvertently steer potential drivers clear of signing up to be part of the Tryp Rideshare team.

Let’s look at everything we need to know about the latest name in driver apps.

Is Tryp Rideshare Legit?

Tryp’s credibility is something we’ve discussed prior, but the method Tryp conducts its business is a topic of conversation for many in the rideshare driver community.

Tryp Rideshare aims to get passengers where they need to go on time, as always.

However, the drivers are in for a surprise if they don’t read the fine print.

What’s the Problem with Tryp?

To drive for Tryp, drivers must subscribe to a specific driving package upon signing up.

The subscriptions mean that before earning money with the company, you have to pay money.

Depending on the amount you pay, you will be limited to a specific number of ride requests for that month.

Yes, you read that correctly.

You not only have to pay those fees monthly, but depending on the tier a driver subscribes to, they may only be able to accept a limited number of ride requests per month.

Limited rides mean that unless drivers are willing to fork over upwards of $150 per month, they can’t expect to rely on using Tryp Rideshare as a full-time source of income.

To make matters worse, grab your phone and search your app store for Tryp Rideshare.

Unable to find it?

That’s because they don’t even have a driver app created yet.

The lack of a functional app makes it even harder to make money using this company.

The cherry on top is trying to access their website.

Clicking on links to their official page turns up pages that won’t load.

In short, Tryp does not appear to be the most trustworthy or legit service for rideshare passengers.

Where Is Tryp Rideshare Available?

Due to its lack of an app or ability to sign up on any official website, no city in the United States currently is offering rides for passengers on Tryp.

According to a post on the company’s Instagram page, Tryp planned to offer its services in more than 20 cities.

In cities such as Atlanta, Miami, Phoenix, New Orleans, and more, a person would be able to request a Tryp ride.

How Much Does Tryp Rideshare Cost?

Tryp Rideshare is unique in its driver sign-up process.

It requires drivers to pay a monthly fee to earn money.

Their subscription packages for drivers are as follows.

  1. The Side Hustle Driver – $39 per month (maximum of 50 ride requests)
  2. The Prime Driver – $89 per month (maximum of 150 ride requests)
  3. The Pro Driver – $149 per month (unlimited ride requests)

The tiers of driver subscriptions limit the drivers on the number of ride requests they will be able to accept per month.

This limit translates to a limit on the income drivers can earn monthly.

Unless the highest driving tier is selected, the possibility of calling Tryp Rideshare a full-time job is gone.

Tryp Rideshare Comparisons

We should take a peek at how Tryp compares with its fellow rideshare companies.

Tryp vs. Uber

Uber is, without a doubt, the most well-known name in the rideshare industry to this day.

Uber offers its drivers competitive fares and allows them to keep 100% of the tips they earn.

Uber also allows drivers to branch out and accept requests for their delivery service, known as Uber Eats.

In its initial phases, Tryp focused primarily on passenger pick-up rides rather than any type of delivery service.

This may not bother drivers who show interest in Tryp, given that they allow their drivers to keep 100% of the tips they earn and 100% of the fare for the ride.

In short, drivers may potentially be able to earn more money driving for Tryp than Uber.

However, Uber has dedicated itself to keeping both its app and website running at top-notch since its inception.

User-friendly apps while on the road are a major draw for drivers.

Tryp vs. Lyft

Lyft and Uber operate in many similar ways.

Like Uber, Lyft allows its drivers to keep 100% of their tips and offers decent earnings from ride fares.

Once again, it would be easier to earn money with Tryp for the same reasons mentioned above.

Again, we also point out that Lyft continues to update its app to give drivers and passengers the most comfortable and safe experience possible.

Tryp vs. Bounce

Based out of San Diego, Bounce is similar to Tryp because it offers promotions for drivers who refer others to drive for the rideshare platform.

Bounce markets themselves on being the rideshare app that makes you money, even when you’re not driving!

They also offer their community of drivers and riders easy ways to buy stock in their company, potentially increasing your earnings.

All that aside, Bounce has the qualities of a multi-level marketing company, which is a major turn-off for many.

Tryp has received criticism for its multi-level marketing company tendencies, but we can discuss that later!

How To Sign Up for Tryp Rideshare

If you are seeking to use Tryp as a rider, it’s a simple process!

Consumers can follow these simple steps when the app is functional and available for download.

  1. Download and open the Tryp Rideshare app.
  2. Tap the link that says “I’m New.”
  3. Enter your phone number and email address. Then click on the “Create Account” link.

From there, you’re ready to make your first ride request!

Should You Sign Up for Tryp?

Take a look at the pros and cons of Tryp before deciding to sign up.

Pros of Tryp Rideshare

Tryp offers incentives for riders using their services to hail a ride.

Tryp describes to their riders that not only do they not have to worry about surge pricing, but they can also rest assured they will be paying the lowest fares.

Tryp also gives back to their riders by giving them reward points on each ride.

Riders can use these points to cash in on rides later.

Cons of Tryp Rideshare

As of now, with no app available to download and request a ride, Tryp is missing out on customers.

Riders are also missing out on earning their points for rewards.

Conclusion: Should You Sign Up to Ride with Tryp?

If/when Tryp launches its app and begins offering its services in the cities they plan on, Tryp will offer its riders a unique and fun experience.

Their approach to giving back to the riders will change the game of rideshare apps as we understand them today.

Tryp Rideshare for Drivers

We’ve given you pieces of the basic need-to-know details about the company.

Now let’s break down what Tryp is offering its drivers.

How Tryp Rideshare Works for Drivers

We mentioned earlier that Tryp gives its drivers 100% of fares and tips.

They also give drivers every wait time and cancellation fee.

These earnings are a perk for drivers wary of losing money on last-minute canceled rides.

Tryp Rideshare Requirements

Signing up to drive for Tryp is a generally easy process.

The main difference in the sign-up process is the subscription fee required for drivers.

Promises Tryp Rideshare Makes to Its Drivers

Tryp drivers are also encouraged to recruit new drivers.

Drivers who successfully recruit other drivers earn a bonus and will also continually earn a percentage of said recruitments’ monthly earnings.

Because of this, reports of Tryp being a scam or an MLM company (multi-level marketing) have surfaced frequently.

How Much Does Tryp Rideshare Pay Its Drivers?

Drivers can expect to make decent money by using the driver app.

Due to the promise of earning 100% of fares and tips, earnings can stack up.

The catch is to sign up for their “pro driver” subscription to earn unlimited ride requests and optimize your earning potential each month.

Wrapping Up

Tryp Rideshare will offer a one-of-a-kind experience for drivers and passengers alike.

Despite the claims of multi-level marketing or scams, Tryp will give drivers an edge in the business by maximizing the money to earn by driving for them.

Hopefully, Tryp can launch its app soon so consumers can benefit from its unique business model.

Do you have more questions about Tryp?

Leave them in the comments below!

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