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Here’s What to Bring to Your Driving Test

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This is it. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. You’re finally ready to take your driver’s test!

Before you head to the DMV, though, there are a couple more things you might want to know to ensure you’re totally prepared.

If you’re not sure what to bring to a driving test, this is where you’ll find the complete list of things to bring.


There’s nothing worse than practicing your driving skills for a year, passing your driver’s education course, getting up the confidence to take your driver’s test, arriving at the DMV, then realizing you don’t have everything that’s required to take the driving test.

Huge bummer. Don’t let this be you!

You can arrive prepared if you review this list of what to bring to a driving test.

Depending on which state you live in, your driving test will evaluate your abilities on some or all of the areas below.

  • Basic Maneuvers
    • Three-point turn
    • Signaling turns
    • Accelerating and braking
    • Checking your mirrors
    • Parallel parking (learn how-to here)
  • On-the-Road
    • Testing your safe driving proficiency while driving on actual streets and/or highways

What to Bring to Your Driving Test

If you’ve asked yourself “What should I bring to my driver’s test?” at least once, then you may want to pay attention.

Arriving to your test prepared is the first step to success.

For clarification, we are referring to the road test you take in order to receive your driver’s license. This is what you’ll need to bring to the test that requires you to physically drive with an examiner in the passenger seat.

See below and make a checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything!

A vehicle

You will likely need to bring the vehicle you plan on testing with. It’s recommended you bring the car you’ve practiced with so you know where all the levers and controls are. The last thing you want when you sit in the driver’s seat is to appear that you aren’t familiar with the car! Depending on where you live, your vehicle may also be subject to safety evaluation.

Proof of vehicle registration and insurance

Keep this tip in mind for all future driving excursions. It’s imperative to always have your car registration and insurance on you while you are driving—most people keep these in the glovebox of the vehicle so they never leave the car. You’ll also need these documents if you get in an accident or get pulled over.

Your learner’s permit and driving documentation

Obtaining your driver’s license differs state-by-state, but most states require you to drive a certain amount of supervised hours once you receive your learner’s permit. Bring your permit with you to your driving test. And, if you have similar documentation that shows you’ve passed certain driving education courses and you are qualified to get your license, bring that. You will also need to bring proof that you completed those state-required driving hours. Learn more about what is required from your state by finding it on this page.


We’ve mentioned this before, but only because it’s true. Having confidence and staying calm while behind the wheel will help you perform a lot better. If you are too nervous, you’ll risk forgetting steps (even if you know them) and making mistakes. Keep it cool, and trust that you’ve learned everything you need to know to earn your driver’s license.

As long as you have these four things with you when you take your driver’s test, you will be ready! And, if you do fail the first time, don’t worry. All states will let you retake your driver’s exam if you fail it the first time.

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