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WheelWitness HD PRO: Top Of The Range Dash Cam

Last updated: May 29, 2021
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WheelWitness HD PRO

It is no wonder that the WheelWitness HD Pro is quite popular with drivers in recent times. After reviewing and thoroughly testing this model from WheelWitness, we concluded that this particular dash cam is right up there in the top tier when it comes to value for the price. Having a reliable dash cam to use in your car has become a must recently, and this model is nothing short of an excellent choice.

In this article we will introduce you to all the details you need to know about the WheelWitness HD Pro, laying out all its features in hopes to help you decide whether this model is the right one for you.

About WheelWitness HD Pro

wheelwhitness HD proThis dash cam is definitely not the cheapest one on the market, but in exchange for its hefty price, it offers quality combined with a wide range of features and options. Therefore, we can easily conclude that it’s one of the best dash cameras on offer recently. This camera records in 2K and can store up to four hours of recording. Its high-resolution recording quality will catch even the smallest of details when recording. 

This can be useful to you not only if you use your dash cam to make recordings for your YouTube channel, but also in case you might need to provide details like small street numbers or distant registration plates in the case of a lawsuit.

In addition, let’s look at some of WheelWitness HD Pro’s most notable features. 

WDR/HDR Technology

The WDR technology (Wide Dynamic Range) allows for better footage quality in dark conditions, making sure that a greater amount of detail is captured. HDR technology (High Dynamic Range) improves the image by allowing the sensor of the dash cam to process more light. 

With the WDR/HDR technology, this model will produce more vivid footage, all while allowing you a wide set of exposure combinations. In sum, this camera offers you optimal night vision image quality. 

Perfect High-Resolution Video Capture

This is a feature of the WheelWitness HD Pro that makes it really attractive and appealing. This model is equipped with an Ambarella A7LA50 processor, making the footage of this camera state-of-the-art when it comes to quality. The recording quality of this model is 2k, Super HD, meaning you get a 2304x1296p resolution. 

Simple Installation Process

The installation of this dash cam is as simple as mounting the suction cup, plugging it in the power outlet, and putting in the memory card (microSD). The camera is toggled in such a way that the recording begins automatically. Additionally, when buying this dash cam, included in the package you receive 1 suction cup as well as 2 sticky mounts and a 3-meter power cable. 

Loop Recording Option

Worry not if you run out of memory on your memory card. This dash camera records automatically on top of the oldest file. With the loop recording option, you are always certain to record your newest footage. In case of an emergency, you can always rest assured that you will be covered with video footage. 

GPS and G-Sensor

As is the case so often with high-quality dash cam models, the WheelWitness HD Pro comes equipped with GPS and G-sensor. G-sensor detects car accidents, and also automatically stores the recording in such an occurrence. Additionally, the GPS option records the speed and location of the car at the time of the accident. This only further adds value to this particular dash cam model.


Wanna watch the recorded footage while you are in your car? No worries. This dash cam comes with a 3” LCD screen. This way you can not only watch the recorded footage, but you can also watch the recording in real-time. The size of the screen is just about perfect – not too small for one to be able to see the footage properly, yet not too large so that it can obstruct your overall view when driving.

Audio Recording Enabled

This super slick dash cam model also records audio. It has a built-in microphone that captures decent-quality audio to go along with the video footage. In addition to this, you have a built-in speaker that allows you to listen to the audio while watching the video in the comfort of your own vehicle. 

Storage/Memory Card Options

If you decide to go for this awesome dash cam, with the purchase you will receive a 16GB Micro SD memory card. This can be enough memory space for some, but not for all. That is why the WheelWitness HD Pro allows for memory cards with up to 64 GB of storage space. 

Connectivity Options

This dash cam is equipped with a Wi-Fi option. This allows you to connect your camera to your smartphone. It is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. Via this feature, you can always safely store any necessary footage from the camera.

Other Notable Features

Like we previously mentioned, the WheelWitness HD Pro is one of the best dash cameras on the market nowadays. The lens that these dash cam uses are equipped with six high-quality layers. This only further adds to the quality of the recorded footage. 

The recording angle of this dash cam model is set at 170 degrees, which is wide enough to capture plenty of the area in the front of your car. This, of course, can be super important in the case you need to use the recordings as evidence. 

Also, in the case you are using the footage for other purposes, like running your personal driving blog or YouTube channel, this angle makes for an immense high-quality wide frame. 

The WheelWitness HD Pro comes without a battery, unlike its close ‘cousin’, the WheelWitness HD Pro +.  

In continuation, let’s look at this dash cam’s highlighted features.

WheelWitness HD PRO: Highlighted Features

wheelwhitness HD pro

  • Simple Installation Process
  • WDR/HDR Technology makes for high-quality night-time recording
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Compatible with both Android & iOS Smartphones
  • High Resolution Recording Quality (2K – 2304x1296p)
  • Loop Recording Option
  • GPS Enabled
  • G-Sensor Option
  • 3” LCD Screen
  • Audio Recording With Built-In Speaker
  • 16GB Micro SD Memory Card Included (Allows up to 64 GB Micro SD Card)
  • 6 High-Quality Layer Lense
  • 170-Degree Recording Angle


  • Simple Installation Process
  • High-Quality Super HD Video Resolution (2K/2304x1296p)
  • High-Quality Night Time Recording
  • 3” LCD Built-In Screen
  • Records Good Quality Audio
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • The Camera Case could be of higher quality
  • Perhaps Viewing Angle could have been 10 degrees wider


How Do I Switch Between the Sticky Mount and the Suction Cup?

Switching between the two options, the sticky mount and the suction cup, is quite simple, really. All you need to do is slide one of them off and then insert the other by sliding it in. Simple as that!

Does the Audio Record Outside as well?

The camera microphone will record audio that is audible inside your car. So if you want to record audio coming outside of your car, all you would need to do is open up your front window/s, this way the noises from outside will be also recorded.

What is the Longest Amount Of Recorded Time?

Assuming that you are using the 64 GB Memory card (the largest available for this model), you can record approximately 4 hours of footage.

Can I toggle the backlight On/Off?

The WheelWitness HD Pro has a screensaver mode. This feature turns the screen off in order to prevent driver distractions. Toggling the backlight on/off is as simple as setting this feature in the ‘Backlight Off’ function in the menu.

Final Verdict

The WheelWitness HD Pro is surely one of the contenders for the best dash camera on the market currently, with excellent recording quality and a solid price/value ratio. While it is not one of the cheapest options, it is also not one of the most expensive ones, ranking somewhere in the middle in terms of price. With all of its above-mentioned features, it is surely the right choice for people looking for a solid dash cam while avoiding paying excessive amounts of money. 

Not convinced that this is the right dash cam for you? Take a look at our Best Dash Cam 2021 Buyer’s Guide, to help make your decision.

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