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Whistler CR90 Review (2021): Features, Pros and Cons, Value

Last updated: June 1, 2021
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whistler cr90 review

Getting pulled over by the police while driving is never fun. Especially when you are in the wrong, the price you pay can be devastating. Literally. Some speeding tickets can cost hundreds of dollars, and, in some states, they can really damage your car insurance rates. There are many reasons someone might want to avoid getting speeding tickets, which is why they may want to invest in a top-of-the-line radar detector. If such is the case, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re going to give a full Whistler CR90 review so you can decide if this radar detector is right for you.

Whistler CR90 Review

Wondering whether or not you should buy a Whistler CR90 radar detector? In our Whistler CR90 review for 2019, we will go over everything from the Whistler CR90 features to the pros and cons and the cost, so you can make the most educated buying decision possible when shopping for radar detectors.

The CR90 is one of the best models Whistler currently offers, so if you’re looking for a reliable radar detector, the Whistler CR90 could be perfect for you. Let’s take a closer look at the features that make this radar detector stand out from others.


Whistler CR90 Radar Detector Features

There are quite a few bells and whistles on this sleek radar detector. Not only is the design quite minimalist, making room for only the most important buttons and the bright display screen, but the Whistler CR90 also features some advanced functionalities. See some of the most notable features listed below.

  • Self-test when the device powers on
  • Volume level adjustment and aux jack capabilities
  • GPS-enabled
  • Real-time notifications
  • City/highway modes
  • Filter modes
  • Quiet and auto-quiet modes
  • Stay alert feature

All of these features sound pretty great, right? Well, we won’t know for sure until we assess all the pros and cons. As part of this Whistler CR90 review, we will also delve a bit more into some of these features that could benefit from explanations.


Whistler CR90 Radar Detector Pros

If your eyes widened at the idea of a GPS-enabled radar detector, you must be smart. Because the Whistler CR90 is GPS enabled, this allows for one of the most important features, the real-time notifications, to come through the device when you need them most. Basically, this radar detector will warn you when you’re approaching a red-light camera or if there are speed cameras placed along the highways. Speed cameras and red-light cameras that have been established are already programmed into the device. The GPS and alert features allow you to drive safely, making them the two biggest pros for the Whistler CR90.

In a similar vein, the city and highway modes on this device are programmed to block out or sense various types of frequencies based on the two types of driving environments. Both environments have very different effects on your radar detector’s reading abilities, so the CR90 excels with this foresight and functionality.

Our last favorite feature of this radar detector is the stay alert feature, which is meant to keep you from falling asleep while behind the wheel. This is a big deal because drowsy driving is extremely dangerous—did you know drowsy driving causes eight times more crashes than estimates suggest? We like that this radar detector has your safety in mind.


Whistler CR90 Radar Detector Cons

It can be hard to differentiate which radar detector is best since many are equipped with similar features. However, we understand you need to make a decision at some point! If you’re comparing pros and cons, the biggest con for the Whistler CR90 can also be a result of its pros. Because this radar detector allows for the user to customize the settings for better radar detection, it may prove to be too difficult or complex for some drivers.

With three city modes and six different filters you can use, this device can easily become confusing or distracting—both of which are not ideal when you’re behind the wheel. Remember, distracted driving kills! So, if you’re worried about having too many functions or settings, you may not want the Whistler CR90. If you get excited about fine-tuning your devices for the best possible performance, then this radar detector is a great choice for you!


Whistler CR90 Radar Detector Price

What would a Whistler CR90 review be without a price breakdown? Overall, the Whistler CR90 is a great value for the price. It retails anywhere between $160 and $200, making it a steal with all the features it has. Many other radar detectors with the same features could easily cost you double the price of the CR90. ConvinceD? You can buy the Whistler CR90, or, if you want something cheaper, check out these three new devices under $100.

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