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Why Does My Electric Scooter Cut Out When I Accelerate? [7 Top Reasons]

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While most electric scooters have little to no problems, sometimes they may develop problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible. 

One of the unexpected incidences you may face as an e-scooter owner is having its power cut out immediately after you go at full throttle. 

Unfortunately, most electric scooter manufacturers don’t provide fixing tips and those that do aren’t as detailed. 

For the past couple of years I have owned electric scooters, I have amassed tons of knowledge, and today, I am glad to share with you how to solve the power cutting-out problem once and for all. 

Why Does My Electric Scooter Keep Cutting Out? 7 Top Reasons

For some electric scooter owners, their rides cut out and immediately after putting them into chargers, they get up and running within no time.

The situation may continue over and over again and unless you address it, then it can lead to damage to some electrical components. 

Below are some of the reasons why your electric scooter cuts out when you accelerate.

We are happy to also provide quick fixes below each reason.

  • Low Battery
  • Dead Battery Management System
  • Dead Battery
  • Loose Controllers In and Out of the Controller
  • Motor Problems
  • Dead Throttle
  • Improperly Adjusted Brake Cables

1. Low Battery

low battery - why does my electric scooter cut out post

Most electric scooters have a cut-off voltage and when the battery gets near that mark, you can experience a cut out. 

A good example is the YUME M11 electric scooter.

The 60V version has a cut-off voltage of 45V.

The cut out starts coming into action immediately after you hit 47.5V to perhaps prepare the rider for the cut off voltage.

No matter how you accelerate, you will not hit more than 15 miles per hour. 

How to Fix a Low Battery Issue

One of the most important things to consider after you receive your electric scooter is the cut-off voltage.

That way, you will always be alert and know when you expect to be out of power. 

To fix the low battery issue, we recommend that you carry your original chargers wherever you are.

In case of unforeseeable things such as engaging in a group ride, then you may boost your battery and get sufficient power to enjoy your hobby and get back home without worrying about pushing your ride. 

2. Dead Battery Management System 

The Battery Management System (BMS) is a critical part that helps the battery work optimally without overcharging and undercharging. 

In case the BMS dies, then the battery may overcharge; thus, leading to overheating.

Also, the battery may end up draining so fast.

A dead BMS will undoubtedly keep leading to a power cut out. 

How to Fix a Dead BMS

When the BMS is dead, then there is no choice but to replace it.

However, it is worth it to check if all the connectors and wires are firm before concluding that your BMS may have died. 

3. Dead Battery

An electric scooter battery is the most expensive component and most e-scooter owners loathe thinking about having to buy a new battery. 

In fact, you may think that the BMS could be dead if the power drains fast but then it could be an issue with the battery. 

To know if the battery is dead, you may start by thinking about how long it has stayed since you bought it.

On average, an electric scooter battery has a lifespan of between 2 and 3 years. 

If your battery is within that age bracket and it’s draining so fast, then the cells are dead and it will lead to a power cut out whenever you take your ride out. 

How to Fix a Dead E-Scooter Battery

The best way to fix a dead battery is by buying a replacement.

Some scooter owners with electrical experience also change the cells and put in higher quality ones to make the battery last longer, which isn’t of course easy for most riders. 

In case you want to buy another electric scooter soon, you may opt to buy an electric scooter with a swappable battery to make your work easier. 

Some of the rides you may consider include:

4. Loose Connectors In and Out of the Controller 

If you have ever opened your electric scooter deck, then you may have noticed that there is an array of wires leading to the controller and out of it. 

Should there be any loose connectors and wires, then you can experience cutting out of power whenever you ride at full throttle. 

One of the reasons why there could be instances of loose connectors includes riding on uneven road surfaces.

Bumps and potholes are two chief culprits known for making the connectors get loose fast while riding e-scooters. 

How to Fix Loose Connectors 

If you don’t fear getting your hands dirty, then you can easily fix this problem by opening your e-scooter’s deck and checking for each loose wire and connector. 

Ensuring that the connectors and wires are tight helps not only fix the power cutting-out problems but also helps with optimal functioning of all the electrical components in a scooter. 

Some of the tools I recommend to use for this include a screw driver, an electrical tape, automatic wire stripping tool, and an X-Acto knife.  

The reason why you will need these tools is that the wires may not only be loose but also frayed. 

Once you find that there are some loose wires and connectors, then be sure to join them properly and mask them with electrical tape for better strength. 

If for some reason you are afraid of doing the job yourself, then you may look for electric scooter repair services near you to have the problem addressed. 

5. Motor Problems

Rust is among the main factors that lead to most motor problems.

Riding an electric scooter in the rain or under icy conditions is a leading cause of having a rusted motor. 

A rusted electric scooter motor will more often than not lead to power cutting out immediately you try to accelerate. 

Another motor problem you may face is that the connections leading to the motor may be damaged or loose. 

How to Fix Motor Problems

The simplest method to fix a rusted motor is by cleaning it with a solution of warm water and baking soda. 

In our article on why an electric scooter fails to turn on, we explained one of the problems to be rust.

So, a rusted motor will not only lead to intermittent power cutting out, but also make the electric scooter fail to turn on. 

About fixing any loose connections, you will need to check if there are any loose connectors and wires and tighten them.

Also, be sure to smell if there are any melted wires that would be affected by overheating. 

6. Dead Throttle

An electric scooter throttle plays the most critical role while accelerating.

If you notice that the e-scooter cuts out while accelerating, then be sure that the throttle isn’t functioning properly. 

If the throttle isn’t dead, then it means that there may be loose connectors leading to the throttle and in the worst-case scenario, your display may fail to work. 

How to Fix Throttle Problems

If your electric scooter throttle isn’t working, the best way to go about it is by thoroughly checking for any loose connections.

Loose wires and connectors inhibit optimal functioning of the throttle and as such, getting to the bottom of the problem is recommended. 

If there are no loose connections, then you are left with a single choice in replacing the throttle.

It is important to get the same throttle from the manufacturer to avoid compatibility problems. 

7. Improperly Adjusted Brake Cables

Whenever you apply brakes, power gets cut out from the motor to stop motion.

However, it may happen that there could be power out even when you haven’t applied the brakes. 

That scenario could be caused by improperly adjusted brake cables and unless you solve that, then you may be blaming the wrong problems. 

How to Fix Improperly Adjusted Brake Cables

On the handlebars, adjust the brake cable to tightness to avoid the engagement of brakes without human effort. 

In Summary: Why Does My Electric Scooter Cut Out When I Accelerate?

The reasons why your electric scooter cuts out when you accelerate include: 

  • Unadjusted brake cables
  • Battery problems
  • A dead throttle
  • Improperly working motor
  • Loose wires and connectors. 

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