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11 Remarkable Reasons to Wear an Electric Scooter Helmet (+ recommendations)

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Wearing electric scooter helmets is not just for motorcyclists, bicyclists, or racing car drivers.

Electric scooter riders should also wear them! Why?

There are many reasons to do so.

They can reduce the risk of head injury and death from a crash by as much as 88%.

The best part is that wearing one only takes seconds to put on before you take off on your electric scoot.

We’ve compiled a list of 11 reasons why electric scooter riders should wear helmets every time they ride.

Read more below!

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#1 Saves your head

An electric scooter helmet saves you from electric scooter accidents, especially your head from injury by softening the blow of a crash.

The helmet will reduce kinetic energy and prevent you from sustaining injuries to your skull, scalp, or brain that could cause death or long-lasting damage if not treated quickly enough.

Even with all the safety features on electric scooters today, it’s never guaranteed what can happen in an accident!

A study done in 2013 found that helmets saved lives and reduced head injury severity for riders who crashed their electric scooter at less than 20 miles per hour when wearing one.

Those without helmets had more severe injuries such as broken bones or bleeding inside the skull cavity which is often fatal.

This proves how important it is for us to wear our gear while riding electric scooters.

When you prevent the head, you also prevent an injury to the brain which can lead to a concussion.

The same case applies to the skull, as well.

#2 Guards the face

Wearing a helmet does more than just save your head from injury.

It also guards the face against abrasions, lacerations, and other injuries in a crash or collision with an object.

One of the most exposed parts of our bodies is the face when riding electric scoots so it’s important that we protect it at all costs! Besides, you don’t want to end up with a face that’s all bruised and banged up because of an avoidable accident.

#3 Ups your focus

The sense in how electric scooter helmets helps to improve our focus is simple…Electric scooter helmets with visors filter sunrays, keep away sweat and water from the eyes and keeps the rider focused on the road.

Also, visor helmets minimize the surrounding noise, especially from the wind that would otherwise give the rider divided attention.

The more aware you are of your surroundings, the less likely you are to get into an accident.

Wearing helmets while riding electric scooters can help keep your eyes on the road and not on what’s happening around you.

We’re all distracted these days with our phones or music blaring in our ears so it helps when we wear a helmet that will keep our eyes on the road.

The better we are with focusing, the less likely we will be at risk of getting into a collision or crash that can hurt us and those around us!

Here’s an idea: try wearing your helmet just for 30 minutes each day.

It might help you focus more on the road and less on your phone.

#4 Get noticed by others

Wearing helmets while riding electric scooters makes us more visible to others on the road.

This can help prevent accidents because, even if we’re not wearing a helmet and something happens- it’s important that other drivers are able to see our heads so they know where to steer away from!

Drivers will notice electric scooter helmets from a long distance away, especially if they are colored and this can help prevent accidents before they happen.

Plus, it’s more likely that drivers will be able to see us if we’re wearing reflective or neon colors which also helps with visibility.

Wearing electric scooter helmets is not only important for us but for others as well!

#5 Compliance

Wearing helmets while riding electric scooters is important for not only personal safety but also legal compliance.

Some states have passed laws requiring electric scooter riders to wear helmets when on public roads and it’s a good idea that you follow these rules so you don’t get fined!

#6 Circumvent huge medical bills

The cost of our medical bills will undeniably go up if we get into an accident.

It’s a lot cheaper to wear electric scooter helmets while riding than it is to face the costs for treatment!

If you’re unlucky enough to be in an accident, your health insurance could also cover some expenses but this still doesn’t cover the cost of a missed day of work, which is why it’s important to wear electric scooter helmets.

Having health insurance can be helpful for treatment but this doesn’t cover lost wages or other accidents that could happen while riding an electric scooter without wearing a helmet.

So save yourself some money and put on your gear! You’ll be able to ride your electric scooter worry-free and with peace of mind because you’ll know that you’re covered!

#7 Be a role model to the kids

Kids can be pretty impressionable and if you’re someone who rides electric scooters a lot, it’s important that they see how helmets are necessary for safety.

It may seem like an inconvenience but kids will learn from the example being set by adults in their lives- so teach them to wear electric scooter helmets!

Children need to be taught the importance of wearing helmets because some don’t know how dangerous it is to ride electric scooters without one.

#8 Avoid the bad weather

The weather can be unpredictable- one minute it’s sunny and the next, a rainstorm is approaching!

When it rains or snows, electric scooter helmets are important because they not only keep us dry but also protect our heads from any branches on trees while we’re riding.

Electric scooters with visors will help to shield our eyes from the sun or rain, which is especially important when we’re riding.

This can in the worst-case scenario help to prevent eye damage and save our vision!

#9 Keep your head warm & dry

Electric scooter helmets can help keep our heads warm and dry in the winter when it’s cold outside.

This is especially important if we’re riding electric scooters that don’t have a visor to shield us from the elements- so even though they might be uncomfortable, wear your electric scooter helmet!

We often forget about how much our heads need to stay warm and dry in the wintertime, so it’s important that we wear electric scooter helmets for cold protection.

This will not only keep our head protected from the elements but also prevent us from catching a cold!

In addition, wearing electric scooter helmets is helpful when it comes to foggy days because they can help to prevent us from inhaling fog and getting a cold or allergy attack.

#10 Comfort

Properly-sized electric scooter helmets are usually very comfortable and can be adjusted to fit us correctly.

It’s important that we wear fitting electric scooters helmets so it doesn’t get too tight on the head or leave painful marks, which is why you should invest in a helmet with an adjustable strap system!

#11 Stay modish

Conforming to the latest trends in fashion can be expensive but it doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money!

Wearing electric scooter helmets is actually quite stylish and even the most basic designs will do – so don’t let an old helmet fool you into thinking that wearing one won’t make you look good!

Electric scooters are yet another way to get stylish in a new way and by wearing electric scooter helmets, you’ll have the chance to stay modish while keeping your head protected.

Why buy an electric scooter with a visor?

Electric Scooters with Visors:

– Electric scooter visors protect our eyes from harmful UV rays that could lead to blindness!

– The visor will also keep rain or snow out of our eyes which is especially important for children who might not be aware of the dangers.

– Visors can also shield electric scooters from branches and other obstacles that could come in the way while we’re riding!

– The visor will stop bugs, dirt, dust, and pollen from getting into our eyes too as well.

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