The 3 Best Windshield Covers for Rideshare Drivers

By: // Updated: August 29, 2020

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When you work as a rideshare driver, your car is more than just a transportation tool — it’s the way you earn your living. As such, it makes sense to do everything you can to protect your car from damage.

One of the easiest ways to keep your car in great condition is to purchase a windshield cover. We know that might sound like a strange suggestion, but windshield covers offer a lot of benefits that will improve your driving experience, passenger experience, and the overall longevity of your vehicle.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the best windshield covers currently on the market. This way, instead of spending hours doing research, you can pick the one that’s best for your needs and get back to earning money.

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3 Reasons Why You Need a Windshield Cover

You’ve probably seen a windshield cover on a car in a parking lot, but you may never have considered purchasing one for yourself. After all, doesn’t your windshield already protect the inside of your car?

Certainly, your windshield provides some level of protection, particularly if it’s tinted. But it can only do so much. This is especially true if your car is parked outside for extended periods of time in conditions that are either extremely sunny or cold. Both can present hazards to your vehicle that a car windshield cover can help protect against.

With that in mind, here are the top three reasons you need a windshield cover for your car.

Windshield Covers Keep Your Car Interior Cool

Starting with extremely hot and sunny days, a car windshield cover can help prevent the interior of your vehicle from becoming too hot. There’s nothing worse than hopping into a car that’s even hotter than the already-high outside temperatures.

A cover helps block the sun’s rays that would otherwise heat up the inside of your car, significantly decreasing the temperature of the seats, steering wheel, and car interior overall. The result is a better experience for you as a driver, as well as any passengers you go to pick up when you start your rideshare shift.

Windshield Covers Protect Your Car From UV Rays

Windshield covers that block the sun also have another advantage: they protect the interior of your car from damage. The sun’s UV rays can cause your interior to fade, and they can also damage the vehicle’s upholstery (which is an especially big issue if you have a leather interior).

With the right car sun shade protector, however, you can ensure UV protection for your car’s interior and keep it looking great for years to come.

Windshield Covers Protect Your Car From Ice

So far, we’ve discussed the type of windshield protectors that help block the sun. But there’s also another type of windshield cover you must know about. This second category protects the exterior of your windshield (or even wiper blades) from the cold, snow, and ice of winter.

If you have to park your car outside in a cold climate, you know the frustrating process of scraping ice off your car each morning. With the right winter windshield cover, you can nearly eliminate your need for an ice scraper (or at least cut down on the amount of scraping you have to do).

We hope you’re now convinced just how valuable a windshield cover can be. But which one should you choose? Keep reading for our favorite high-quality covers for both hot and cold conditions.

1. EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade

EcoNour windshield cover

To get started, we have our favorite windshield cover for protecting against the sun’s harmful UV rays. The EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade is a lightweight, effective tool for blocking the sun and keeping your car interior cool.

All you have to do is unfold the cover, place it over the interior of your windshield, and put down your car’s sun visors to hold it in place. We love how you don’t have to fiddle with suction cups or other hardware to install this windshield cover. And once you’re done with it, you can fold it up for easy storage in the door pockets of your car.

This sun shade comes in a variety of sizes to fit most vehicle windshields. The price ranges from $12.86 to $14.98, depending on the size you choose.

Buy the EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade on Amazon.

2. OxGord Windshield Snow Cover

OxGord windshield cover

Moving from the world of sun to that of ice and snow, we have the OxGord Windshield Snow Cover. This heavy-duty winter windshield cover protects both your windshield and wiper blades from the harsh winter conditions. It can even protect your car from UV rays in the summer, making it a great pick if you live in a climate that experiences both cold winters and hot summers.

The OxGord Windshield snow cover is easy to install, too. It hooks over your car’s side mirrors and inside your car’s front doors, making the cover effectively windproof. Furthermore, hooking the cover inside the car doors provides anti-theft protection. This way, you don’t have to worry about someone walking off with your cover.

This car windshield snow cover comes in a standard size that fits most vehicles, though you should always measure your windshield to be sure. The cover costs $29.95, which is a small price to pay for not having to scrape your windshield every morning. And considering it doubles as a windshield shade, you’re really getting great value here.

Buy the OxGord Windshield Snow Cover on Amazon.

3. FrostGuard ProTec

FrostGuard windshield cover

For the final item on our list, we have the FrostGuard ProTec windshield cover for ice and snow. This cover protects your car from snow and ice in much the same way as the OxGord cover. It does have the advantage, however, of coming in three different sizes, meaning it could be a good pick if the OxGord cover doesn’t fit your vehicle.

The FrostGuard ProTec attaches to your car’s mirrors, meaning you don’t have to fiddle with suction cups or magnets when installing or removing it. It also comes with a storage pouch that allows you to keep the cover out of the way when you’re not using it.

Currently, the FrostGuard ProTec ranges from $19.99 to $33.67, depending on the size you choose.

Buy the FrostGuard ProTec windshield cover on Amazon.

Windshield Cover FAQ

To conclude this guide, here are answers to some common questions about windshield covers:

1. Do windshield covers deter theft?

Somewhat. A cover will make it more difficult for a thief to see what’s in your car, which could help deter opportunistic break-ins. But a truly determined criminal can still break into your car and steal whatever it contains, no matter what kind of security panels you place over your windshield. The best way to prevent your car’s valuables from being stolen is to simply remove them from your vehicle when you’re not driving it. This way, a would-be thief will have nothing to steal.

2. How can I clean my cover?

You should always consult the manufacturer’s official instructions in matters such as these, but generally, you can just wipe off the windshield protector with a damp cloth.

3. Is my car windshield cover tax-deductible?

This is a tricky question. You could probably argue that your windshield cover is part of your rideshare business, but the IRS could also argue that it’s just an item for personal use (since you put it on your car even when not driving it for Uber or Lyft). You should consult a tax professional to be sure.

Start Protecting Your Windshield Today

We hope this guide has helped you understand the importance of choosing the right windshield cover for your vehicle. Whether you live in a hot climate or a cold one, a sun or snow windshield cover can save you time, discomfort, and frustration.

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