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X-Tron X10 Pro Review

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If you thought the base X-Tron X10 electric scooter was any better, then the X-Tron X10 Pro is hereby fuming and commanding the respect it deserves.

This beauty is ideally the upgraded X-Tron X10 and since its manufacturing, it has kept receiving accolades from the base X10’s fanatics and critics alike. 

We felt that taking it for a spin and creating this X-Tron X10 Pro review would play a chief role in making you make an informed electric scooter buying decision. 

As is our reviewing norm, we are going to insert a table below with the manufacturer’s claims but then go further and clarify what we found when we took it for a ride. 

X-Tron X10 Pro Specs

Stated Top Speed43 mph (70km/h)
Stated Top Range43 miles (70km)
MotorDual 3200W
Battery60V 20.8Ah
SuspensionShocks at front and rear
ControllerJP Controller
Weight77 lbs (35kg)
Weight Limit330 lbs (150 kg)

Where can I buy X-Tron X10 Pro?

Depending on where you regularly purchase your items from, you can either buy the X-Tron X10 Pro electric scooter on either Banggood or AliExpress.

If you are from the USA, we find that AliExpress is a better choice for you since under most circumstances, Banggood says most scooters won’t be shipped to the US.

Full X-Tron X10 Pro Review

X-Tron X10 Scooter

Most of us if not all like getting a deal while shopping.

One of the main reasons why I got the X-Tron X10 Pro electric scooter was that it is a fairly-priced item and the reviews on Ali showed that most of its customers were satisfied.

Besides, they had already sold more than 140 scooters of the same model, which to me meant that it hit the point. 

Since I wanted a relatively fast electric scooter without having to break the bank, I went ahead and placed my order and then waited for it to arrive.

When I received the beauty, it was well packaged outside and was wrapped with generous amounts of white foam for extra protection. 

The assembling part was one of the simplest as this scooter doesn’t feature an array of uncommon components.

After taking it for a spin on a Calm Saturday afternoon, I am hereby showing the finer details about this thing. 

X-Tron X10 Pro Components

1. Motor

I love powerful motors and cannot lie.

Not only that, but I am a super fanatic of dual motors.

The X-Tron X10 Pro, fortunately, comes with dual Huameng Motors (each 1600W at the front and the rear). 

The Huameng Motor Company is one of the leading motor manufacturers in China and it is used across most Chinese electric scooter models.

Unlike the base X-Tron X10 that comes with dual 2400W motors, the all-improved X-Tron X10 Pro comes with dual 3200W motors, which makes it faster.  

2. Battery

An electric scooter battery is the most expensive component in the ride and as such, it’s always worth it to narrow it down to an electric scooter with a high-quality batt. 

The X10 Pro features a 60V 20.8Ah (18500 Cells) Lithium battery.

Lishen battery is one of the most popular in China right now and they have been known for making among the best Chinese battery cells.

3. Brakes

Brakes play a critical role in the overall safety while riding an electric scooter and as such, they ought to be on point if your safety is to be great.

Thankfully, the X-Tron X10 Pro scooter comes with hydraulic disc brakes.

Hydraulic disc brakes are the safest in the world and as such, you won’t have to worry about your safety or the other road users while riding this beauty. 

4. Suspension

A buttery smooth suspension rocks and makes riding an electric scooter so much fun and comfortable. 

What I really liked while riding the X-Tron X10 Pro electric scooter is that the spring shocks it features at the front and the rear absorbed even the roughest terrains I passed through.

My bums wouldn’t be more appreciative. 

5. Tires

Featuring 10-inch offroad tires, the X-Tron X10 Pro scooter is ready to tackle any types of terrain you subject it to. 

If for some reason, you don’t like the offroad tires, you can get yourself some hybrid tires and ride on the streets.

Changing these tires is quite easy if you are handy enough, but it would be better if you stick to the stock offroad tires if you anticipate riding in any untarmacked terrain. 

6. Lights

X-Tron X10 Pro Lights

Are you a nighttime rider or do you anticipate riding at night someday or even across a dimly lit environment? Well, the X-Tron X10 Pro features a relatively 2 medium-sized headlights which will gt the job done.

During your customizations, you can make it a priority to add other lights for more visibility. 

The Pro currently lacks stem, deck, and even turn signals so that would be worth noting, especially if purchasing a brightly lit electric scooter means anything to you. 

Our Tested X-Tron X10 Pro Top Speed

While riding the X10 Pro downhill, I was able to hit 45.6 miles per hour as my top speed.

On a completely flat surface, I recorded 42.1 miles per hour as my top speed on my GPS tracker. 

When comparing my top speeds with the manufacturer’s 70km/h (43mph), then I can say that they are fairly accurate.

It’s important to note, though, that the top speed often depends on your weight, riding surface, and possibly your riding experience.

I am currently 198 lbs (90kg) and you can see that I have shared different top speeds for different surface terrains. 

Tested X-Tron X10 Pro Top Range

While riding on the ECO mode, I hit a top range of 44 miles (70km) before the battery asked for more juice. 

When you use the Turbo Mode, you will absolutely be lucky to hit a top range of 30 miles before the cut-off voltage kicks in.

The principle of the faster you go, the lower distance you cover applies when riding an electric scooter.


X-Tron X10 Pro Scooter Review: Features

X-Tron X10 Pro Review: Features


Folded X-Tron X10 Pro scooter
Folded X10 Pro

I love electric scooters that fold fast and thankfully, the X10 Pro is able to fold and unfold in just 5 seconds. 

The folding mechanism is premiumly designed and you don’t need any experience to fold this piece of beauty. 


The X-Tron X10 Pro is not the lightest electric scooter out there and one would be lying if they told you that it is portable. 

Weighing 35kg without a seat (77lbs), the X10 Pro is not the lightest electric scooter you will find out there. 

Heavy dawgs can lift it without a problem but since not every adult can lift it, I can confidently tell you that portability is a challenge with this beast. 

Manufacturing design

Featuring a trigger (finger) throttle at the right handlebar, you can expect the X-Tron X10 Pro to offer you a comfortable riding experience with the least hiccups ever.

The throttle is attached to the Display, where you can have the read-ons of the engaged Gears, Speed, Time, Battery, and Mileage. 

Below the Display, there are two buttons where you can switch between a Single/Dual Motor and choose to either go in the ECO or Turbo Mode.

It’s important for you to note that it’s better to always ride in dual motors to prevent frying the controllers. 

The cables are well-sheathed and the frame is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it sturdy enough to support heavy adults weighing up to 150kg. 

Coming with only a single charging port, the X10 Pro doesn’t charge the fastest and as such, you can expect to have it fully charged in anywhere between 8 and 10 hours.

If you are in the US, you can look for a US charging adaptor for compatibility purposes since the stock charger is only the EU version. 

What I liked more about the X-Tron X10 Pro is the fact that it has little to no stem wobbles once you tighten each bolt.

Part of the important maintenance processes is for you to ensure that the bolts and screws are properly tightened. 

The scooter has an IPX4 water-resistance rating and the manufacturer says that riding it under light rain is Okay.

However, we recommend that you waterproof it further to avoid the rusting of the electrical components. 

X-Tron X10 Pro Pros

  • One of the most budget-friendly electric scooters for the price 
  • The hydraulic disc brakes make it one of the safest to ride
  • The dual headlights enhance riding safely at night
  • Superior shock absorbers make riding more comfortable 
  • High-quality motors have been used.


  • The scooter is heavy
  • Not fully water-resistant.

In Summary

The X-Tron X10 Pro is a polished electric scooter that best fits those who are on a budget, looking for an all-terrain electric scooter, and then getting the most for its specs.

The dual motors, 60V 20.8 Ah battery, and hydraulic disc brakes make the 10 Pro the best bang for the buck. 

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