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YI Mirror Dashcam [year] Review: Should You Buy It?

Last updated: June 1, 2021
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Updated: January, 2020


The Yi Mirror Dashcam system provides you a main and a rear back-up camera. Although both devices produce very good image quality, we may say that the main camera is slightly better. To be more specific, the main camera provides an angle 138 degrees wide with a 1080p resolution capturing @30FPS, while the rear looking lens covers 120 degrees with a 720p image resolution. Despite the additional camera having a narrower lens, it also makes smaller distortion on the image. 

In case the Yi dashcam mirror identifies motion in reverse gear, it automatically switches and shows the back camera on the display. Its waterproof rating is IP67 which is pretty awesome.

This camera also contains an integrated gravity sensor that gets activated in case of emergency, so the system will back up the crucial file preventing it to be erased by the loop recording feature. It will help you not miss anything due to its quick-start feature which begins recording as soon as the engine is started.

Despite many of these characteristics being featured on other average dashcams, the YI Mirror Dashcam still brings some unique possibilities making it different from the rest of its type. Among those is the ‘driver fatigue’ reminder option.  After you cross a certain distance with your car, this camera will warn you of possible fatigue, thus making this journey safer for you.

It gets activated after 2 hours of driving which is a good thing. It is also equipped with a particularly wide 4.3-inch touchscreen providing you easier use of the interface. Its screen serves as a replacement mirror which is attached over the rearview mirror of your vehicle.

It is a touch screen on which you may change all the settings and maintain good control. You may set the screen to show you the back of the vehicle on just any occasion. This includes the choice of a normal mirror view from the lens of the additional reverse camera. 

The camera also includes an integrated WiFi connection with a 2.4 GHz strength thus helping you access the video and image files via an app on your cellular phone. 

The package also involves a rearview mirror mount. This smart cam dash mirror is also packed with sufficiently long cables which are pretty enough for installing dashcams and backup cameras for cars and small vans. 

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The users are generally giving more positive feedback when we consider its quality. According to many owners, the visual quality is adequate when we consider its cost. Similar to other devices of the type, its night vision provides solid quality although it is worse than the image captured during the daytime.

Its back camera cannot capture images with a 1080p resolution which affects the sharpness of the image, but it still includes movement detection on the rear of the vehicle. The setting up of the main camera is very simple and can surely be completed by any user.

Nevertheless, the producer of the unit advises the back camera to be set by a professional, particularly in cases when no previous installation of a camera device at the back of the vehicle was made. Most of the users will probably need assistance to place the back camera, although some of them who are more experienced will succeed in doing this by themselves.

When we talk about the additional features of the supporting camera, this device is worth the price despite the shortcomings. We previously mentioned that the rear camera is not as good as the main one as it records with a 1080p resolution, making the images not to be very sharp. It also features a narrower angle of coverage in comparison to other dashcams of its class.

Users sometimes complain that in foggy or rainy circumstances the cameras produce a lot of noise. Particularly in low light conditions, the rear camera captures a quite blurry image. The screen glare also causes a big issue. Among the disadvantages of this camera system are the insufficiently good brightness adjustment which results in visual difficulties during the day and possible blinding at night.

It lacks the option for dimming the view of the back-camera so it is highly likely that if some vehicle with bright headlights or high beams approaches from behind, it may completely block the rear view of the user. We think this is lacking which should be seriously addressed to the Yi producer since it decreases the driver’s performance during driving.

Among the other disadvantages claimed by the users is that its physical mirror is particularly large and unstable when the vehicle moves, which can affect the footage and be pretty disorienting for the driver. Although a user may tolerate a bigger window, yet the shaking of the footage is surely a shortcoming.

This problem should be addressed to provide proper security for the device. Another difficulty was to find the video file once it is downloaded on the cell phone via the camera app which is probably due to the particular type of the file. These are all issues that must be taken into account if you are planning to purchase this unit.


  • It is equipped with a G-sensor
  • Features audio recording possibility (switchable/changeable)
  • Contains two HD cameras including a main 1080p HD camera, and a rear 720p HD camera
  • Pretty simple to install, and it may fit over your vehicle’s rearview mirror
  • You can download and watch the video footage via the Yi app since the unit has a WiFi connection.
  • Among the bonuses is that the battery will provide slightly longer operational time for the controls in comparison to most of the dashcams of the type.


  • It does not include a GPS
  • The device is powered by a battery
  • Particularly bulky front view mirror size: 12.25” x 3.25”


  • Body Volume: 12.4” x 3.1” x 1.4”
  • Video quality of the cameras: 1920x1080p @30fps on the main camera, 1280x720p @30fps on the rear camera.
  • 2MP image capturing resolution
  • It has an integrated LCD screen with 16:9 resolution suitable for simple control and view;
  • Integrated 16:9 LCD touchscreen providing simplified control and preview; 
  • The cabling of the rearview camera is 6.5m (21.3ft) long
  • 138° angle on the main & 120° angle coverage on the rear camera lens
  • Up to 64GB microSD capacity
  • Can operate in weather conditions between 14F Degree and 140F Degree.
  • Powered by a 240mAh battery 3.7~4.3V (with NTC) 



As we previously discussed, the Yi Mirror dual-camera system is a wired installation with a 1080p HD camera on the front and a 720p HD camera on the rear. The reviews regarding this device are generally mixed. This brand is widely known for offering solid-performing cameras for popular prices.

These cameras are also attractive due to the simple set up, budget-friendly prices, excellent image, and audio quality, a user-friendly interface, as well as the uncomplicated relocation of recording files from the camera system to a smartphone or a PC. This company produces other models featuring excellent characteristics.

They regularly try to include some novel features to their models while keeping their popular prices. Among the things separating Yi from the competition are the inclusion of an additional camera, g-sensor, and the unique driver fatigue alert.

The company continuously provides new features that may help the users improve their driving process. This still doesn’t make other peculiarities regarding their products better. We must mention the instability of the camera together with the noise present in the recordings which are particularly bad when the camera captures video on inconvenient light or roads with rough quality.

We also mentioned the glare problem as well as the absence of an option to get rid of it, which should also be resolved before the buyer begins using this device. 

All in all, we advise you to consider it as a budget-friendly option although this kit is not sophisticated when compared to more expensive dual-camera systems. Generally, it is a valuable tool providing a decent dashcam and backup camera which may be suitable for cars and vans.

If you need more options to consider, feel free to visit our massive guide on the best dashcam options available.

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