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YourMechanic Review: Is the Service Worth It?

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Gone are the days when you had to take your car into a local repair shop to get it serviced.

Nowadays, you can have a mechanic come straight to you.

This is the service that YourMechanic offers.

The company connects customers with real mechanics across the United States, promising greater convenience and lower prices than you could get at a typical mechanic shop.

But is YourMechanic worth it? Or is the whole service a waste of time?

In this guide, we’re going to help you decide.

We’ll take a look at the services, pricing, availability, and customer service of YourMechanic, all to help you figure out if you should turn to the company for your next car repair.

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YourMechanic Services Review

Let’s start by taking a look at the services that YourMechanic offers.

For this evaluation, we need to look at two things: the vehicles that YourMechanic can service, and the specific repair services that they offer.

Starting with vehicles, YourMechanic performs favorably.

The company says that they have mechanics who can service almost any make and model of vehicle.

So whether you drive a regular car like a Honda or Toyota or a luxury vehicle like a BMW or Audi, YourMechanic can help.

Moving on to the services themselves, YourMechanic has an impressive range of offerings.

Here are just a few of the car repair services they provide:

  • Battery replacement
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Coolant leaks repair
  • Brake pad replacement (and other brake services)
  • Fuel pump replacement
  • Oil change
  • Check engine light diagnostics
  • Car won’t start diagnostics
  • Pre-purchase inspection

So whether you need a simple battery change or a complex auto repair such as transmission replacement, the mobile mechanics and master technicians at YourMechanic are there to help.

YourMechanic Pricing Review

Up next, we need to take a look at the price.

YourMechanic says that they charge less than you’d pay at the dealer or mechanic, but is this true?

To see for ourselves, let’s pretend we need to get the oil changed in our 2016 Toyota Prius.

Here’s the quote that YourMechanic gave us:

YourMechanic reviews for price

One of the best parts of this process is that YourMechanic made it easy to get an upfront quote for this service.

We didn’t even have to create an account.

This was not the case when we attempted to get quotes on the same service from some local Toyota dealerships.

All of them required us to create an account and weren’t at all transparent about the price for specific services.

Ultimately, you should always shop around if price is the most important factor to you when getting your vehicle serviced. YourMechanic’s price might be the best out there, but the point of the service is its convenience.

For many car owners, paying even a little bit more is worth it to avoid the hassle of taking a vehicle to a mechanic or dealership and waiting for hours while it gets serviced.

YourMechanic Availability Review

The next thing to evaluate is YourMechanic’s availability.

This encompasses two things: the cities where YourMechanic is available in general, and the specific availability of mechanics to perform services in those cities.

Starting with YourMechanic’s broad availability, we can see that the company has a presence all across the United States.

In fact, YourMechanic is located in over 2,000 U.S. cities.

So whether you’re in Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, or almost anywhere else in the U.S., odds are someone from YourMechanic is available to help.

In terms of specific availability, the first thing to know is that YourMechanic technicians are generally available between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m., 7 days a week.

Mechanics set their own hours, so it is possible to get service outside these times.

However, you shouldn’t count on it.

And considering that these hours are better than those of many repair shops, YourMechanic still has an advantage in this area.

So how quickly can you get a mechanic to come look at your vehicle? This all depends on the service you need and the demand for mechanics at your desired service time.

In many cases, you can get a mechanic to come as soon as the next day, but you may have to wait a bit longer in other cases.

When you book service through YourMechanic, the site will let you know how soon you can expect someone to be available to perform the service you need.

YourMechanic Customer Service Review

The final aspect of YourMechanic that we need to evaluate is the company’s customer service.

This is an area where, at first, YourMechanic looks promising.

To start, the company offers secure support via a customer service email address and a customer service phone number.

Offering a support phone number is rare these days, so it’s always a pleasant surprise when a company does have one.

But what about the customer support itself?

Unfortunately, many YourMechanic users are dissatisfied.

To see what we mean, here are some real customer reviews, starting with this one from Yelp:

YourMechanic reviews on Yelp

This reviewer was particularly unhappy with the customer service and the rude call center people he had to deal with.

It’s a shame to hear this, because it seems like YourMechanic is a promising service overall.

However, not all reviewers of YourMechanic were so negative.

Here are a few positive reviews of the service from

YourMechanic reviews on site

We were a bit concerned to see the disparity between the reviews on itself and the reviews on third-party sites.

YourMechanic’s customer service comes across poorly in on many third-party review sites, while the reviews on YourMechanic itself tend to skew positively and make no mention of customer service issues.

The worst things we could find on their site were some customers who said the mechanic was late or the service took longer than expected.

Given this, we recommend that you do research on the quality of YourMechanic customer service in your market before you book an appointment.

In many cases, customers had no issues whatsoever.

Given that YourMechanic is such an extensive service and works with a large network of independent contractor mechanics, there are inevitably going to be some bad customer experiences.

You just need to decide if the risk of a negative experience is high in your particular city.

Overall: Is YourMechanic Worth It?

YourMechanic offers an appealing service that the car repair industry certainly needs.

In general, they do a good job fulfilling that promise.

In some cases, however, customers have had poor experiences, particularly when it comes to dealing with YourMechanic customer service.

We’re still comfortable recommending YourMechanic based on the many positive experiences that customers have had and the overall premise of the service.

That being said, we hope that YourMechanic takes steps to improve their customer service operations.

If they do this, then we’ll be able to recommend them without any reservations.

As with any service, you should always do your own research to make sure that YourMechanic is the right choice for your needs.

Whatever service you end up choosing, we wish you a quick, affordable, and effective vehicle repair experience.

If you’re interested in using YourMechanic, sign up here to get started.

2 thoughts on “YourMechanic Review: Is the Service Worth It?”

  1. Yourmechanic can’t even do a very basic Turo inspection. This despite being listed as an option by Turo. Literally the hardest part of this inspection is inspecting the brakes and recording the lining thickness. The rest of the inspection involves checking things like the lights or size of cracks in the windshield. Really easy stuff. When I explained the scope of this inspection of my Subaru they claimed they couldn’t do it. If they can’t do something so simple then they have no business doing oil changes and brakes.

  2. Rodney, their mechanic here in Sacramento area, cancelled on me 2x already. The first time he cancelled, I rescheduled and he came to do the maintenance, after all the hassles of moving things and appointments I shouldve done if he only kept his schedule. Did not even apologize for the cancellation after he finally came over. I dont even think he remembers that cancellation or just dont give a crap. Then he cancelled on me again on another maintenance transmission fluid change. And this is not like it appointment was scheduled a few days ago, this was scheduled weeks ago. I shouldve trusted my gut and just scheduled with another mechanic, but Im a creature of habit and does not want to keep changing people who work on my cars. YourMechanic cant even help. Only thing they say is we will reschedule you. Thats about it, take it or leave it. They can reschedule it up where the sun doesn’t shine. Last time Ill use this service.

    And now yourmechanic is crying foul because I included their “professional” mechanic’s name.


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