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YUME D4+ Review: [+$200 OFF This Christmas]Your Perfect Budget Ride?

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When shopping for a new electric scooter, most riders consider their budget as a critical buying factor.

One of the observations while reviewing most budget models, though, is that most have major manufacturing flaws. 

However, with the YUME D4+ electric scooter, I can confidently say that this electric scooter under $1300 is near perfect.

As a point of reference, most of the budget electric scooters for 250 lbs adults occasionally have stem wobbles, which is what I loathe most while riding. 

Without further ado, let’s have our unbiased YUME D4+ and look at what I liked, what I wish Yumeway could improve on, and so on. 

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YUME D4+ Specs

Stated Top Speed40 miles per hour
Stated Top Range40 miles 
Motor2000W; dual
Battery23.4 Ah; 52V
Weight60 lbs
Weight Limit264 lbs
Wheels10-inch tires; off-road
SuspensionFront quad
LightsHeadlight, tail light
Water resistance IP54
Charging time5 hours max
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The Full YUME D4+ Electric Scooter Review

YUME D4+ vs D5

Chances are high that you have ever read about the YUME D5 review since its starting price is the same as the D4+.

While YUME D5 is the older sibling to the YUME D4 (thanks to the 2400W dual motors), these two beasts don’t vary much as far as the top speed, top range, and batteries are concerned. 

To clarify further, YUME D5 has a starting price of $1,299 as of the time of writing this.

This is the D5 without a seat.

The D5 with a seat costs $1,349.

For the D4+, it comes with a seat by default and this explains how it has the same starting price as the D5 without the seat (but with dual 2400W motors).

Basically, if you value your comfort further but you are under a budget, opting for YUME D4+ is perfect!

YUME D4+ Manufacturing

1) Motors: YUME D4+ Review

Yume D4+ motor

YUME D4+ features dual 2000W motors (1000W each).

This makes it a perfect city scooter.

After all, electric scooters for heavy adults need to come with dual motors, if reliability is to be achieved. 

Besides, these motors also help to ensure that the gadget is fast enough.

65km/h (40mph) is a decent speed for speed enthusiasts. 

An important point to note is that while the manufacturer mentions the top speed to be 40 miles per hour, I achieved 39.8mph and I am 255 lbs. 

2) Battery

YUME D4+ comes with a 52 volts; 23.4Ah battery.

The best thing about this beast is the fact that it charges between 4 and 5 hours and comes with dual charging ports. 

When compared to some of her alternatives such as Emove Cruiser, you will notice that the Cruiser charges in between 9 and 12 hours.

This is one of the reasons I love the YUME D4 even more. 

According to Yumeway, the battery power is sufficient enough to go for 65 km depending on the terrains, the rider’s weight, experience, and also riding conditions.

My tested top range is 65.3 km. 

3) YUME D4 Plus Review: Safety features 

There are loads of common electric scooter accidents and these could actually turn fatal.

One of the reasons why YUME D4+ stands out as far as safety is concerned is the fact that it features a hydraulic braking system. 

Hydraulic brakes are said to be among the safest as they come to a halt when engaged without sliding.

Another thing is that it features a relatively bright headlight and tail light.

These two help big time during nighttime rides. 

However, we find that the headlight isn’t bright enough and a rider with poor eyesight can have a little bit of struggling to see properly.

If only they could replicate the lighting concepts that they did with the YUME X7

Yume D4+ suspension

When seated, you also deserve to have your bums taken care of and Yume took this into consideration while manufacturing the YUME D4+ electric scooter. 

It comes with quad suspensions at the front and dual spring shock absorbers at the rear.

These enhance comfort while riding and also enhance the rider’s safety in the sense that falling becomes a little bit harder. 

Is it muddy?

The YUME D4 Plus electric scooter also comes with a mudguard.

As you perhaps know, a mudguard plays a critical role in enabling the rider to stay cleaner in muddy conditions as opposed to if it wasn’t there. 

Lastly, the YUME D4 electric scooter comes with two manual keys.

Manual shut-off keys are great as theft remains well at bay.

Interested to know the safety gear you need?

As you endeavor to keep your scooter safe, keep yourself safe as well by wearing the right gear.

4) Tires: YUME D4 review

YUME D4+ comes with 10-inch offroad tires.

While this beast is mostly manufactured for city rides, there reaches a point where the rider encounters potholes.

Besides, it doesn’t hurt when like-minded electric scooter riders organize a road trip and do some offroading. 

Yume D4+ review

The tires in the D4+ are big enough to raise the ground clearance and chew slight mud, sand, or even grassy rides.

Besides, you will need big tires to conquer things such as huge bumps, and thankfully, D4+ won’t disappoint as far as the tire size is concerned. 

5) Display

Yume d4+ display

On the right-hand side of the YUME D4+ e-scooter, it features a LED display that shows the time, battery power, speed, and engaged gear. 

On the right also is the accelerator, and two switches for the mode and power.

On the left-hand side, there is the voltage display horn and light buttons. 

6) Foldability: YUME D4 Plus Review

Folded Yume D4+

YUME D4+ folds and unfolds in seconds.

When folded, it measures 120 cm between the 2 wheels and 58 cm between the rear wheel and display.

When unfolded, it measures 120cm in length and 115cm in height.

These are vital details to note when you wish to keep the D4+ in your car trunk. 

Our YUME D4+ riding experience

A commendable thing about pneumatic air-filled tires is that they offer a comfortable ride and YUME D4+ happens to have those.

During our test-riding, we were impressed by how the scooter chewed the tarmac and as well excelled offroad.

The motor isn’t extremely squeaky, but of course, there is some sound, especially when starting with the ride.

Based on a 283 lbs rider, we achieved a top speed of 39.7 miles per hour on an even surface and a top speed of 34.8mph offroad.

On a hill, we achieved a top speed of 28.7 miles based on a 30-degree hill incline.

On the slowest gear, we achieved a top range of 39.2 miles while on the sport mode, we recorded a top range of 37 miles.

As you can see, we didn’t hit the manufacturer’s claims, but then it depended on the rider, their weight, and their overall experience.

YUME D4+ Pros

  1. Great budget electric scooter
  2. Fantastic range and speed 
  3. IP54 water resistance rating 
  4. The 10-inch offroad tires offer great ground clearance and shock absorption
  5. Awesome peaking power.

YUME D4+ Cons

  1. 60 lbs is such a heavyweight, especially for those who move up and downstairs
  2. Not beginner-friendly. 

Is YUME D4+ for you?

If you are a beginner and can’t help yourself from getting a YUME, then the YUME S10 is the best electric scooter for you.

As mentioned above, the YUME D4 Plus has a top speed of 40 miles per hour.

It gets up and goes and this means a slight mistake during acceleration can be unforgiving. 

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Secondly, this is a heavy electric scooter, and carrying it can be problematic.

Nonetheless, the D4+ is perfect for heavier riders who want city electric scooters without breaking the bank. 

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