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YUME D5 Review: [+$100 OFF] The Best Budget Electric Scooter for Heavy Riders?

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Yumeway has become a household name for electric scooter enthusiasts and this owes to their affordable pricing points.

One of their top-selling e-scooters just behind YUME Y10 is the YUME D5. 

I decided to take the D5 for a spin and in this YUME D5 review, we are going to look at whether it’s the best that will keep you smiling after each spin.

Let’s find out below.

YUME D5 Specs

Stated Top Speed40 miles (64km)
Stated Top Range40 mph (64km/h)
MotorDual 2400W
Battery23.4Ah; 52V
Weight75 lbs
Weight Limit264 lbs
LightsLed Headlight
Tires10 inches; off-road
SuspensionSpring shock absorbers
Water resistance IP54
Starting Price$1299
Coupon CodeAmos-D5

Our Full YUME D5 Review

If you would love to have unending fun without breaking the bank, then YUME D5 is the best electric scooter that will guarantee just that.

Firstly, it’s important to note that it comes in two variations; with and without a seat. 

If standing isn’t your thing, then you can acquire that which lacks a seat.

The price for that one starts at $1299.

Nonetheless, you would only need to add $50 to buy a D5 e-scooter with a seat.

This particular type has a starting price of $1349 but the price will go $80 when you use AMOS-D5 as your coupon code!

Our YUME D5 overall riding experience

Wide handlebars mean a lot to an electric scooter rider and YUME D5 happens to have a decent size.

However, we wish that they were wide enough as that increases stability big time.

Another important factor to note is that you can easily feel like you are flying in a span of minutes.

Thanks to the dual motors of the D5, you can hit more than 40 miles per hour.

In fact, at the TURBO mode, I was able to hit a top speed of 42 miles on an even road surface.

At the same speed, I hit a top range of 38 miles before my battery juice was used up.

For the top range at a normal speed, I hit 39.7 miles.

In the sport mode, you will need to be firm enough as the stem felt a little bit shaky.

If top speeds are your thing, you may think of buying a damper to enhance your ride’s stability.

This beast is fast enough to take you from point A to B worry-free and as such, you will need to buy the right safety gear.

Also, the ride may feel not as stable and so, ensure that you tighten each nut before you start riding.

1) YUME D5 Manufacturing

  • The handlebars

YUME D5 comes with adjustable handlebars.

These come with firm comfy rubber tape that keeps slipping at bay.

If you are like me (a speed junkie), then you know the chances of you falling are high when the handlebars don’t offer a tight, comfortable grip. 

Depending on your height also, these handlebars are adjustable enough to cater to almost every adult within its weight limit.

The handlebar length of the D5 is 65cm but Yume ought to widen them. 

  • Motor

Heavy adults weighing 250 lbs and above definitely need dual-motor electric scooters if optimal fun and targets are to be achieved.

YUME D5 comes with dual 1200W motors and these help to provide sufficient power.

This is one of the reasons why the D5 can reach a top speed of 40 miles per hour without breaking a sweat. 

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  • Safety features

As you perhaps know, hydraulic brakes are far much safer than mechanical or rim brakes.

YUME D5 comes with a hydraulic braking system and this means coming to a halt in case there is an emergency shouldn’t be a bother to the rider. 

Other than the brakes, the D5 comes with 1 big headlight, which ensures the rider can comfortably see the pathway clearly during the nightriders.

Additionally, other road users and the rider will generally be safe as the LED headlight is bright enough to enhance visibility. 

Another factor that keeps D5 owners happy is the fact that this e-scooter comes with a manual shut off-key.

This kind of key is a great feature that keeps the gadget generally safe from unauthorized hands. 

An important point that Yume would have factored to manufacture the D5, though, is that they should have included brake lights and turn signals. 

  • Comfort features
Yume D5 with seat

Undoubtedly, comfort is an important factor to consider when shopping for an electric scooter.

You can choose the D5 with a seat to keep excessive standing at bay.

Besides, YUME D5 electric scooter with a whopping 5 spring shock absorbers.

4 at the front and 1 at the rear. 

These shock absorbers help the rider focus on their riding experience regardless of the kinds of terrains they are passing through.

Besides, when seated, who doesn’t wish to take care of their bums?

Absorb the shock all thanks to the 5 absorbers at your disposal. 

Yume D5 Springs
  • Tires

If you love big tires, then YUME X7 and YUME X13 are your equals.

YUME D5 comes with 10-inch offroad tires. 

I noticed that these tires perform well on-road and offroad, but not as properly as YUME X11 does.

To some extent, these tires also improve the ground clearance and this is great, especially when passing through sandy or grassy terrains. 

  • Fancy features
Yume D5 display

On the right hand of YUME D5, it has a multifunctional display that showcases the gear engaged, time, speed, time, and the remaining battery power. 

It also has a USB port that would do you justice should you be in the quest to boost the charge in your phone.

Besides, D5 owners also enjoy the ability to switch from different driving modes.

Are you interested in using the ECO or Turbo mode? YUME D5 has got you. 

Additionally, one can opt for a single-wheel drive (rear) or dual-wheel drives (rear and front).

This definitely isn’t a common feature across most budget electric scooters.

  • The deck
Yume D5 deck

An electric scooter deck plays a crucial role, especially for those who love riding while standing.

The D5’s deck is wide enough (21 cm) and this gives the rider ample space to keep their feet tightly positioned.

Besides, the deck’s grip tape is high-quality. 

  • YUME D5 Battery

YUME D5 definitely rocks when it comes to the charging time.

Charging within a maximum of 5 hours, the dual charging ports keep your 52V; 23.4 Ah battery fully charged in a short while.

Lower charging times are a factor that most manufacturers aren’t ready to talk about!

  • Foldability

The D5 e-scooter folds and unfolds in seconds.

This means it isn’t a major problem to keep it in your car trunk or carry it when need be.

When folded, the length between the two wheels is 120cm while the height between the rear wheel and the display is 59cm.

In the case of an unfolded YUME D5, it measures 120cm between the wheels and up to 135cm from the ground to the display. 

2) Is YUME D5 for you?

YUME D5 is absolutely for you if you are on a budget and wish to own a fast e-scooter without spending a fortune. 

However, this comes with a couple of flaws as we will check below.

3) YUME D5 Pros

  • Fast charging time
  • Affordable for its features
  • Fast speed peaking
  • Built like a tank. Good quality, sturdy enough.

4) YUME D5 Cons

  • The YUME D5 electric scooter is heavy. Riders who move up and downstairs may find it really hefty.
  • No brake lights or light signals. 

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Where Can I buy YUME D5?

You can buy YUME D5 on the official website or on AliExpress.

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