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YUME M10 Review: [+$500 OFF This Christmas] The fastest 2400W Electric Scooter?

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YUME M10 scooter

The YUME M10 is the latest YUME scooter in the second quarter of 2022 and is among the most polished middle-priced electric scooters. 

If you thought YUME Y10 was the king of value, then the M10 is hereby happily dethroning him and making a full statement!

For sure, if you are looking for a companion, then you have to look beyond the beginner-suitable models and go for a practical ride. 

In our YUME M10 review today, we are happy to dissect all the rough and the finest details relevant to the model.

It will mean a lot to us if you will make an informed decision on whether you need to pull the trigger or pass the allegedly Tesla of the YUME collections. 

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YUME M10 Specs 

Our Tested Top Speed42.8 miles per hour
Our Tested Top Range53 miles
MotorsDual; 2400W
Battery60V 22.5 Ah; Tesla-Grade
LightsHeadlight, Brakes, Turn Signals, 
Water resistance rating IP54
Weight77 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs

YUME M10 Overview

YUME M10 review

YUME, as a brand, has sold more than 10, 000 models.

From their most expensive model (YUME X13) to their most affordable (YUME S10), they have delivered rides across most of the legal electric scooter riding countries. 

YUME M10’s most celebrated feature in this specific scooter is its inclusion of the Tesla vehicle grade 21700 Lithium battery.

And this is for a good reason.

The battery in an electric scooter is perhaps the most expensive component.

As such, quality needs to be upheld and thankfully, YUME did their best to ace this. 

One of the most important points to note is that the M10 is heavy (weighs 35 kg and could easily reach 37kg with the addition of a seat).

As such, it can be a problem for most riders to lift it and say keep it inside a car’s trunk. 

The heavy weight, though, is justifiable since YUME has used an aviation-grade aluminum frame to keep the ride as robust as possible. 

Another important point for you to note is that YUME M10 is the little sister to YUME M11 and so, if you need something more aggressive, then YUME M11H is your real deal.

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Our Full YUME M10 Review

1. Unboxing

When we received our M10 box, one thing was standing out: there was no single damage to the box. 

After we opened the package, we found the scooter, a user manual, 2 chargers, a tool kit, and a branded YUME Bag. 

The scooter itself was double-packaged with loads of white-foamed layers and weighed 77 pounds. 

For the assembling, it didn’t take much of our time as we had set up the entire stuff in 3 minutes.

This scooter has an array of screws and it’s best if you tighten all of them before you take your first ride with it. 

2. Getting set

After assembling your YUME M10 electric scooter, then it’s important to get set well in advance before riding. 

It all starts from adjusting the handlebars to your comfort and preference.

After that, adjust the brakes to your liking.

As with all the other electric scooters, the failure to adjust the brake cables well may lead to a cut-out. 

Set the P-settings as directed by the manual and you will be ready to go.

It’s important to kick start your YUME M10 scooter as this will help you get ready even further and save some battery juice. 

3. YUME M10 Top Speed

YUME claims that the M10 can hit a top speed of 43 miles per hour.

However, based on a 298 lbs rider, we were able to hit a top speed of 42.8 miles.

This was purely on-road and on a smooth tarmacked surface. 

We tracked our top speed using a GPS tracker and it was in line with the Display included by the manufacturer. 

On a hilly terrain (with a 30° inclination), we hit a top speed of 40.7 miles per hour.

We can attribute this top speed and climbing power to the powerful dual 2400W motors included in the YUME M10. 

4. Top Range

On a completely even surface, we hit a top range of 53 miles before we reached the cut-off voltage.

YUME claims a top range of between 45 to 55 miles depending on factors such as the rider’s weight and the riding surface. 

While offroading on rough terrain with potholes, we hit a top speed of 46.7 miles, which means the range can be slightly higher or lower depending on your weight and the road conditions.

If you are worried about how long it would take to get up and go after you run out of juice, then M10 features dual charging ports.

With a standard charger and a 5Ah fast charger, the M10 fills up in just 5.5 hours.  

5. Suspension 

YUME M10 scooter review: Hydraulic suspension

YUME M10 features a dual hydraulic suspension at the rear and front.

As you perhaps know, the hydraulic suspension is perfect for making riding more comfortable and of course enjoyable. 

Most of the older YUME models featured spring shock or hydraulic shock absorption systems.

A fully hydraulic suspension is much better and keeps riding more manageable regardless of the terrain.  

6. Braking

On the rear and the front, the YUME M10 scooter comes with ZOOM hydraulic disc brakes.

The brakes have a cooling fin pad and a rotor measuring 16cm. 

YUME M10 ZOOM brakes

A critical merit of Full-Hydraulic brakes is that they are easier to operate unlike say cable disc brakes.

Another helpful feature with hydraulic brakes is that they lock the two wheels should there be emergency braking. 

For the braking distance, YUME M10 can stop from a top speed of 18mph to 0mph in 2.5 meters. 

One thing to know about ZOOM is that they ensure rigorous tests of their brakes, and safety is their topmost priority.

The Electronic Antilock Braking System is just what you need in your all-new M10 to keep worries at bay. 

7. YUME M10 riding experience 

YUME M10 electric scooter

YUME M10 electric scooter starts smoothly and you could hardly associate it with the noise you would associate with a starting motor. 

If you are not an experienced rider, we ask you to start this ride with a kick and hit on the throttle after it goes to 2 miles per hour.

This is so because the YUME M10 scooter just gets up and goes when you hit the throttle right away.

From its fast speeds, you may need cat-like flexes to control it when you take off with the full throttle. 

For the ride quality, YUME M10 has a wide deck and that is exactly where comfort starts.

With a full-hydraulic suspension at the front and the rear, riding becomes more comfortable. 

Speaking of which, the 10-inch (3.15”) pneumatic offroad tires are up to the task once subjected to any riding terrain. 

For the context, we didn’t notice any stem-wobble and this makes the middle-budget M10 one of the most unique and superbly priced rides today. 

The offroad tires, full hydraulic brakes and suspension, and wide deck make safety and comfort seem like an ordinary thing.

If you would adore more comfort, how about getting a specialized YUME seat along with your electric scooter? 

YUME M10 Electric Scooter Features


YUME M10 Cockpit

There are tons of components in the YUME M10 e-scooter’s cockpit.

While the handlebars are long, the components can easily make the scooter be mistaken for being crowded. 

On the right-hand side of the handlebars, one big Display is visible.

Crucial information such as the gear involved, speed, remaining battery, and mileage.

The Display is connected to the finger throttle and this makes it easier to take a glance at what speed mode you are riding at. 

For the riding modes, you have 6 at your disposal. 3 for dual-motor drive and 3 for single-motor rides. 

On the left side of the handlebars, the M10 features a brake lever, an electronic horn, and a headlight switch. 


YUME M10 Lights

YUME M10 e-scooter has loads of lights.

These are the headlight, turn signals, brake lights, dynamic stem lights, and deck sidelights.  

For the stem and deck lights, you can only switch them on/off by using the provided remote control system. 

The headlight is strategically positioned and this makes nighttime riding as fun as it could get.

However, we wish that the headlight was brighter.

Not to worry though, you can use additional lights if, for some reason, you would like more brightness. 

YUME M10 Headlight

YUME M10 Scooter Tires

The M10 comes with 24.5 by 8cm pneumatic offroad tires.

One of the most adorable features of offroad tires is that hitting any type of terrain is a walkover. 

This size is compatible with many other models including the EMOVE Cruiser and as such, finding a replacement is easy.

If for some reason, offroad tires don’t suit your riding style, you can as well find affordable hybrid tires and change what the M10 offers by default.

Versatility at its best. 

The tires are covered with fenders at the front and rear.

These fenders act as mudguards and as such, nuisance such as ice patches or mud won’t dirtify your ride or even enter your eyes. 


The M10 comes with a wide and long deck to accommodate even the larger riders.

One of the things that impressed us with the M10 is that it had a rough and thick grip tape, which comes in handy to prevent slipping. 

The deck is wholly flat and while some riders swear by rounded decks, a flat deck also has flat edges, which means bumping into things won’t damage one’s feet or even the deck as a whole. 

Water resistance rating 

Electric scooter manufacturers recommend that you shouldn’t ride an e-scooter in the rain or snowy conditions.

However, it happens sometimes that you may find yourself in rainy conditions and you can’t help yourself but subject your ride to these moist conditions. 

YUME M10 comes with an IP Rating of IP54 for the whole scooter.

This means riding under light rains is okay but could make some electrical components such as the motor rust in the long term.


Folded YUME M10

The M10 folds and unfolds in just 5 seconds.

The pull-release mechanism is located at the stem, which makes folding the M10 a cup of cappuccino for most riders. 

The M10 also comes with a rubber sleeve that enhances the faster folding of the scooter.

The folding design is in the form of a ring buckle, where YUME uses a 9cm buckle.

The ring buckle, when coupled with the rubber sleeve, helps to ensure that there is no shaking after the scooter has been folded. 


One fact about all the YUME scooters is that they are heavy.

The M10 weighs a whopping 35 kg.

This means for the regular rider who keeps lifting, loading and unloading, then the M10 is on the heavier side. 

Despite the weight though, the non-foldable handlebars and the stem make it relatively easier to carry the M10 as compared to if it lacked those features. 

YUME M10 build quality

While most budget electric scooters tend to have an inferior build quality (perhaps cheaper components), the same can’t be said about the M10. 

YUME M10 comes with a Tesla-grade Lithium battery.

As you know, an electric scooter battery is the priciest component.

If YUME gotten this one of the most expensive batteries in the world right, then it is a right step towards making the ride a premium one at an affordable cost. 

The battery in the M10 offers some of the best safety ratings in the world.

It has an inbuilt over-discharge protection, overcharging, short circuit, extreme temperatures, and overcurrent protection. 

The handlebars in YUME M10 don’t fold, which is surprising as most of their electric scooters have foldable handlebars.

These handlebars are 72cm long and 3.18 cm in diameter.

A good thing about unfoldable handlebars is that there is no shaking whatsoever, which means a better ride quality. 

About the suspension, then the M10 comes with a full hydraulic suspension at the front and the rear.

Fully hydraulic suspension is one of the most expensive in the world and costs 6 times what the spring suspension does. 

Additionally, the hydraulic suspension is thrice the price of a hydraulic shock suspension.

This should tell you that the M10 has a premium suspension build and will certainly offer a smooth ride regardless of the terrain it’s subjected to. 

For the frame, this YUME scooter comes with an aviation-grade aluminum alloy that is heat-treated.

Heat treatment helps with avoiding welding joints, which sometimes act as the weakest points. 

Is YUME M10 Scooter for you?

If you are a big dawg weighing up to 330 lbs, then YUME M10 is right up your alley.

If you would rather not lift anything above 70 lbs, then the M10 electric scooter is definitely not for you. 

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One of the reasons why the M10 works well even for heavy riders is all thanks to the hydraulic suspension, which makes it rock solid.

There is no stem wobble, and this makes it one of the few electric scooters that don’t require a damper, and the 10-inch pneumatic tires are up to any type of terrain. 

YUME M10 is also for you if you are under a budget and looking for a supremely-built electric scooter that can hit a top speed of more than 40 miles while maintaining a top range of above 45 miles. 

Where can I buy YUME M10 Electric Scooter?

The best place you can buy the M10 is on the official website. That way, you will save $100 when you use AMOS-M10 as your coupon code.

You can also buy the M10 on AliExpress on the YUME Global Store.

YUME M10 Pros

  • Highly affordable for the specs
  • High-quality battery
  • Full hydraulic suspension
  • Effective ZOOM hydraulic brakes
  • Highly customizable.


  • Relatively heavy for commuter riders
  • Water-resistance could be better.

Conclusion: YUME M10 Review

The YUME M10 is a premium electric scooter for riders on a budget.

Being one of the few electric scooters with a full hydraulic suspension, the M10 for sure doesn’t disappoint.

Not to mention other adorable features such as the offroad tires and high-quality battery, YUME M10 is an electric scooter we highly recommend. 

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