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YUME Scooter: Is it what I desperately need?

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From YUME X13 to YUME H10, Yumeway always has an electric scooter for everyone.

However, there’s always the question about what YUME scooter is the best. 

It is a no-brainer that there is a no-one-size fits all answer.

It all narrows down to personal preference, budget, what you expect to use your electric scooter for (think of making deliveries, running short errands, going for road trips et al.) the kinds of terrains to conquer, and so forth. 

In this write-up, we are going to analyze some of the YUME electric scooters and have you determine which one best fits what you tick the most. 

You also can read a complete review of all YUME electric scooters on this post.

Best YUME Scooter for Speed: YUME Ohvation

If you are like me, you perhaps enjoy riding (safely) at high speeds.

You can literally fly on earth with the YUME Ohvation electric scooter.

Going at top speeds of 63 miles per hour, this is the absolute beast to ride on uncongested lanes and beat your targets as fast as you can determine. 

The Ohvation YUME electric scooter comes with dual 4000W motors and a top range of 75 miles.

This tells you in addition to power and speed, the YUME Ohvation is a long-range electric scooter. 

For safety purposes, as you fly through the hilly or flat terrains, it is worth mentioning that YUME has done incredible things to enhance harmlessness.

These include:

  • 13-inch tires
  • Front and rear hydraulic braking system. The brakes have a cooling fin pad
  • Sufficient lighting for nighttime riders. The lights include 3 front LED lights, turn signal lights at the rear and front, and brake lights.
  • Heat-treated aluminum frame. 

The YUME Ohvation comes in a 38.4Ah, 72V LG battery.

The smart display has overheat protection (IP65) and the ability for the rider to set the riding mode.

About the YUME Ohvation acrylic board, it comes with rear, stem and deck acrylic lights. 

The whole Ohvation has an IP54 water resistance and the entire charging time is 6 hours when using dual chargers. 

As you buy your YUME Ohvation, you expect the box to have the scooter, your manual, 2 chargers, and sometimes toolkits and a YUME bag. 

It is worth mentioning that the Ohvation doesn’t come cheap.

As of the time of writing, the Ohvation costs $3,399. 

UPDATE: The YUME Ohvation was phased out, but improved into a sleekier design; YUME X13. You can read more about the YUME X13 scooter in this article.

Best Long Range Yume Electric Scooter: YUME X7

YUME X7 is a budget long-range electric scooter.

With a top range of 90 miles, YUME X7 is the beauty that conveniences you that you won’t be left in the woods with 120lbs to carry. 

Thanks to the YUME big tires, you can climb hills with up to 60 degrees inclination, pass through sandy soils, and corrugated pathways.

Is it drizzling?

YUME X7 has an IP rating of IP54 and this means it can withstand little showers. 

Coming with a 8000W motor (dual 4000W), you expect to beat all the odds and enjoy top speeds of 55 miles per hour. 

Read the detailed YUME X7 review.

The battery comes in different variations.

That is 50Ah, 60V, and 45Ah, 72V.

These are the safety features of the X7 YUME scooter.

  • 13-inch tires
  • Electronic blackout and hydraulic brakes
  • 4 enormous LED front lights, rear turn signal and brake light
  • Ergonomic design
  • Aluminum-grade aluminum alloy
  • An audible horn

About its stability, the YUME X7 comes with motorbike-grade suspension (dual front and rear hydraulic).

These suspensions are ideal for top speed and mostly regardless of the terrain getting ridden on since smoothness is its virtue. 

If you weigh 250 lbs or thereabout, the YUME X7 is sturdy enough to support your weight and even more, thanks to its 330 lbs weight limit.

Life couldn’t be easier for riders, and this is all thanks to the smart display in the X7.

The smart display in the X7 displays the battery level, range, speed and the gear.

You can adjust the speeds in three prompts and all will be displayed.

Bored of a single power mode?

The X7 gives you dual!

As you buy the YUME X7 8000W electric scooter, you expect the electric scooter, a motor key for the lights, your manual, 2 chargers, detachable seat, and sometimes tool kits, and a YUME bag. 

YUME X7 Coupon Code ($100 off) – AMOS-X7. 

Best Value for Cash Yume e-scooter: YUME X11

Could you be looking for a perfect electric scooter under $2000? Then the YUME X11 is your perfect electric scooter to give you the best value for each buck.

With a top speed of 50 miles per hour and a dual 5000W motor, then you can enjoy the both worlds of speed and range (60 miles) without breaking the bank. 

Read the detailed YUME X11 review here.

Besides, you expect these in the X11 YUME scooter:

  • 11-inch offroading tires
  • Rear and front hydraulic brakes 
  • Fast foldability
  • 35 Ah, 60V battery
  • A digital display to show time, speed, battery level, and gear
  • Hill climbing ability: 55 degrees. 

Do you love a smooth as butter kinda ride? Then the YUME X11 is a beauty that guarantees just that, thanks to its rear double spring and front C-type suspensions, you can crush the rough terrains without any cause for alarm. 

Is theft rampant where you are?

The X11 also comes with anti-theft lock to guarantee that not only is your electric scooter safe but also your mental health is okay.

Nothing is more disheartening than keeping on thinking that you can fail to find where you left your two-wheel investment. 

Are you a nocturnal rider?

Then YUME X11 has reliable lights to enhance your ordeal.

It features a tail light, HD and angel headlights, brake light, and turn light. 

What’s more interesting is that the YUME X11 foldable electric scooter for adults costs from $1899 and has a $100 coupon code.

This means you can get it below $1800. 

YUME X11 coupon code ($100 off): AMOS-X11

The most common YUME Electric Scooter: YUME Y11

At the time of writing this, YUME Y11 has 76, 5* reviews and this means it’s for a good reason.

From a closer look, you can be tempted to think that it’s more advanced than the X11 YUME electric scooter. 

The Y11 YUME scooter features a 6000W motor, compared to the 5000W motor of the X11.

It’s no doubt that the owners love it due to its high speed (50 miles per hour and 50 miles range).

Read the YUME Y11 detailed review here.

Below are some of the considerable specs that set the YUME Y11 electric scooter apart: 

  • 11-inch off-road pneumatic tires
  • 33.6 Ah, 60V battery
  • Dual charging ports 
  • Fast foldability 
  • Rear and front hydraulic brakes. 

Made using Ferroalloy and aluminum frame material, the YUME Y11 scooter is a fantastic beast to enable you to ride safely.

Nightriders have a turn light and 2 angle lights to their advantage to keep the riding as seamless as possible. 

Does comfort mean the most to you?

The Y11 has double shock absorbers in the front and to the rear.

While riding through sandy or bumpy terrains, you don’t worry about safety as the suspension has got you covered. 

So, if you would like to be uniform with most other Yume riders, then you can undeniably join the bandwagon and buy the YUME Y11.

Doesn’t it rock to beep a horn to your fellow Y11 rider, anyway? 

YUME Y11 coupon code ($80 off): Amos-Y11. 

The Most Affordable YUME Scooter: YUME H10

Retailing from just $469, the YUME H10 is their cheapest electric scooter.

This is a basic e-scooter but great for the price.

It comes in a single 300W motor, 7.5Ah 36V battery, a top speed of 15 miles per hour and an 18 mile range. 

The wheel size is 9 inches and has a weight limit of 220 lbs.

If you are looking for a good electric scooter for kids, then YUME H10 is the perfect fit.

Weighing only 35 lbs, this foldable YUME e-scooter will move your loved young one from point A to B without many hurdles.

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Why Buy a YUME Scooter? 

By now, chances are high that you have seen your perfect match as far as YUME electric scooters are concerned.

Below are the top reasons why you can go for YUME:

  1. Free shipping on each order
  2. You are more than never bound to receive generous gifts such as a branded YUME bag and tool kits
  3. 30-day refund policy
  4. Affordable electric scooters with warranty and coupon codes
  5. A brand with a proven track of record. 

Are YUME Scooters Good?

Yes, YUME scooters are good.

They are built using aluminum frames, high-quality pneumatic tires, fantastic braking systems, and covered in warranties.

Besides, Yume accepts returns within 30 days of receiving an electric scooter.

A win-win situation for everyone.

Have no atom of fear in your quest to buy a YUME electric scooter. 

Summary: Is a YUME Scooter Good for Me?

Yes, a YUME electric scooter is perfect for you.

Picture this: are you on a tight budget, there is an electric scooter for you on Yumeway.

Do you want to conquer the toughest terrains?

Are you looking forward to riding a generally safe e-scooter?

Do you wish to travel for more than 100kms in a single charge?

Bring it on to Yumeway!

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