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YUME X11 Review: [+$500 OFF This Christmas] Is it your Perfect Match?

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image of YUME X11 with seat

The time for environmental pollution is inevitably over.

From electric vehicles to solar energy, it’s high time to go green.

One of the best ways to travel seamlessly while saying NO to long-term global warming is via riding an electric scooter, and not just any, but the YUME X11 scooter. 

If you are shopping for an electric scooter for around $2000, the highest chances are that you won’t find another beast outdoing the X11 and this is for specific reasons we shall look into this YUME X11 review. 

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YUME X11 specs

Stated Top Speed50 miles per hour
Stated Top Range60 miles
Weight Limit330 lbs
BatteryPanasonic 21700; 35Ah 60V
MotorDual 5000W 
Weight105 lbs
Available colorsBlue, Red, Gold, Black
Tire Size11 inches
ChargingDual ports
Key TypeVoltage

Here’s our detailed YUME X11 Electric Scooter Review

image of YUME X11 Electric Scooter

1) Is the X11 fit for you?

Is it your first time shopping for an electric scooter? The YUME X11 may or may not be your perfect choice for specific reasons. 

A good starting point would be a single motor electric scooter before you go fully into this monstrous beast with high speeds. 

However, if you are worth your salt, then why not? Who doesn’t rejoice in breaking the protocol and doing what others can only wish for?

If range and torque matter to you due to the distance and nature of where you’ll travel to, then yes, rock with the X11. 

2) Bang for each buck

An ROI is definitely a must as each of us shops for their preferred product.

YUME X11 electric scooter retails from $2099.

By all means, this isn’t the most perfect gadget you will ever find, and not the most expensive, either. 

A top speed of 50 miles per hour is a decent one that most of the riders out there can yearn to enjoy and hopefully you, too. 

With the stylish looks and performance, you definitely cannot go wrong or feel like you are throwing caution to the wind as you invest your hard-earned bucks in this. 

3) Merits and Demerits


  • Massive range 
  • Massive speed
  •  Big-off road tires
  • Affordably priced
  • Offers more torque than most of its alternatives
  • Numerous lights 
  • Killer suspension 
  • Little to no stem wobbles. 


  • Among the heaviest gadgets 
  • Wheels could be bigger for that size.

4) Construction


YUME X11 comes in dual split-type Direct Current 5000W motors, (2500W each).

This explains why achieving the stated high speeds of 60 miles per hour isn’t a pipedream, at least with this beauty. 

The controllers are also two, each 60V, 45Ah.

With such, you cannot manage to worry about going anywhere.

Do you wish to go to the office up to 60 miles away?

You have enough power, torque, and speed, thanks to the compatible motors and controllers in the X11.


YUME X11 folds and unfolds in seconds.

When folded, it measures 130x33x59 cm.

When you unfold it, the measurements are 127by65by135cm. 

This means this beast isn’t too small nor gigantic.

If you are a height perfectionist, then there is literally no cause for worry with this YUME’s beauty. 


Yume X11 Lights

The X11 manufacturers had safety and fanciness in mind as they were manufacturing this beauty.

The lights in this e-scooter include:

  • LOGO light
  • Front DB lights
  • Rear tail brake
  • Turn-signal lights (both sides).


If offroading gives you goosebumps, then yeah, YUME X11 has got you covered.

The tires are 11” pneumatic and thus suitable for going offroad. 

You won’t have to worry about climbing hills as the hill-climbing ability inclination of the X11 is 55°.

Besides, the wheels have anti-slip treads that help when maneuvering through sandy or grass-filled terrains.

The wheels end up raising the safety features of this e-scooter. 


For added comfort, while riding, one of the things we love about the X11 is that it features two different types of suspension.

The front has air shock suspension (C type) while the rear has double spring suspensions. 

While the shock absorption doesn’t closely match the YUME X7’s that come with motorcycle suspension, Yumeway X11 offers what you just need for the price you pay. 

Is transmission a thing to you?

The X11 features hydraulic transmission.

Cool to say the least. 

For the air suspension, we would also like to let you know that by default, it doesn’t come filled.

If you acquire your ride and would like to enjoy what the ultimate air suspension has to offer, then ensure to unbolt it and adjust it to the brim.


image of YUMEX11 safety
YUME X11 bright lights at night

You absolutely know that you will require sharp lights if you will at any given day ride at night, right? Not only does the X11 feature a plethora of lights as mentioned above but also has an audible horn that will alert your fellow riders or even pedestrians. 

The pneumatic tires filled with anti-slip treads will also keep you on track as you maneuver even the toughest terrains without the worry of falling and also sliding unexpectedly. 

Do you pass through terrains that are bumpy and potholed?

You may need to consider a YUME X11 with a damper.

A point to note is that not all X11’s have dampers and you will need to carefully select which you are buying. 

X11 features double oil lever brakes and this means in case you would love to adjust your brakes, there’s literally no technical know-how involved. 

Lastly, this e-scooter has an anti-theft option.

Focus on more important things as worrying about the safety of your gadget shouldn’t crack your mind. 

Manufacturing material

The team there at Yumeway has used iron alloy and aluminum to manufacture their X11.

To some extent, this explains why this beast is so heavy.

As such, you won’t have to worry about unexpected shortcomings such as having a broken stem, handlebars, or even the deck.

Quality ticks each box. 

The deck comes in a PVC type and with an anti-slip YUME logo.

The deck lights are color LED and if appearing stylish matters to you, then yes, these colorful deck lights are just what you desperately need. 

Fancy features

The X11 has an LCD display that displays things such as speed, time, battery, gear engaged, et. al. 

You can change speeds in 3 modes and the selected will show on the display.

Does the color matter to you?

Choose from red, gold, or even black YUME X11. 

Is your phone out of charge?

There are USB interfaces on the handlebars.

Lastly, You have a switch button for switching from the dual motor to single or even engaging the ECO/Turbo modes. 

YUME X11 P Settings

Watch the settings below to find the accurate YUME X11 P Settings.

Our tested top speed and top range

At the Turbo Mode, I hit a top speed of 57.8 miles per hour on a completely even surface, which is 2.2 mph less than the stated top range.

Nonetheless, I am a big dawg weighing 298 lbs and this could explain the why factor.

About the top range, I hit 62 miles while going at the slowest speeds, and without any hilly/icy conditions.

While riding at the top speed, I hit a top range of 51 miles before the battery asked for some love.

YUME X11 is definitely a great scooter that can be used for commuting, but the rider has to be more careful lest they get out of power at a distant place…carrying a 105 lbs ride isn’t the easiest thing to ever do.

What is our overall YUME X11 riding experience?

While the X11 has a decent handlebar length, we would honestly expect better.

For an e-scooter that has the potential to go for 60 miles per hour, having longer handlebars would enhance a better safety profile and this is an area where Yume can improve.

With safety also comes stability and thankfully, I already notified Yumeway about this.

Just awaiting them to take an action.

The second thing I noted about the X11 is the design.

This beauty features one of the most unique designs which can make one loathe it.

See, the scooter appears like it’s sagging in the rear, which can be associated with the different types of suspension.

The uneven design makes the riding experience not very pleasant. But then that is me.

I don’t know how you would describe your feeling.

While also riding, I noticed the rear fender tends to make a lot of noise since it sometimes tends to bang against the rear plate.

However, this can easily be mitigated by adjusting the rear fender towards the wheel.

Lastly, the stem is properly adjustable to match the rider’s height.

This is an extremely lovable feature as both pygmies and large adults have something in store for them to explore.

A good feature that one.

What do I need to know about YUME X11?

  • You will need to tighten the screws after you buy your electric scooter and after a couple of rides.
  • The X11 is a fast e-scooter and as such, you will need to be always on safety gear. This includes but is not limited to a quality full-face helmet, riding jacket, wrist pads, and knee pads. There are different types of electric scooter accidents and wearing safety gear is the ultimate solution. 
  • Not all X11’s come with a damper. If you intend to pass through rough terrains or take bumpy rides, then confirm that you are acquiring one that has. 
  • You can buy YUME X11 from the official website or Aliexpress.

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Where Can I buy YUME X11?

You can buy YUME X11 on the official website (Yumeway) or on AliExpress.

We highly recommend that you buy your scooter from the YUME website for better service.

YUME X11 Video Review

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