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YUME Y10 Review: [+$200 OFF This Christmas] Why Is it the Best Seller on Yumeway?

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image of Y10 YUME Scooter

Top Features:

  • Dual Motors-1200w*2    
  • Up to 40Mph
  • 52V23.4AH - Up to 40Miles
  • Wheel:10 inch
  • Load capacity: 265 LBS

YUME Y10 is one of the electric scooters with the most 5-star reviews on the official website and Aliexpress, and for a good reason as you will see in this Yume Y10 review. 

To start with, the YUME Y10 scooter comes in dual motors and at a reasonable price.

I love talking about it as the best electric scooter under $1500. Period.

One of the many reasons I love the beauty is that it folds in less than 10 seconds despite its hefty size. 

Are you a tall adult looking to ride an electric scooter with a top-of-the-range range without declaring your pockets officially bankrupt? Here you are, and with a coupon code tailored explicitly for it. 

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YUME Y10 Specs

Stated Top Speed40 miles per hour
Stated Top Range40 miles
Motor Dual (2400W)
Battery23.4 Ah, 52V LG
Weight110 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs
WheelsPneumatic 10 inches
LightsDual front, deck, brake, and turn signals
Foldability5 seconds
Water resistance ratingIP54
BrakesRear and front hydraulic disc
Build materialAluminum alloy

Our YUME Y10 review

In this modern era, we feel that you don’t need a kick scooter to thrive and beat traffic or run errands seamlessly.

As easy as powering your e-scooter, pressing the throttle, and going, you can never go wrong with an electric scooter. 

While there are far much more advanced options to explore such as YUME X13, YUME X7, or even YUME M11, you will absolutely need to start from somewhere.

In this case, let’s see if the YUME Y10 electric scooter is an ideal choice for you. 

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1) Who is YUME Y10 Electric Scooter for?

image of Y10 E-Scooter

The YUME Y10 scooter is a budget electric scooter tailored for those who wish to go for a relatively long range and speed without having to strain financially.

However, if you are just starting out, there are a couple of options on Yumeway such as YUME S10 and Yume H10.

By all means, a top speed of 40 miles per hour (I have severally exceeded it while using the Y10) isn’t a beginner-friendly way of starting things out. 

Pressing the accelerator if you are not careful can get you taking off probably faster than some airplanes.

Basically, you will need to know the P-settings before you commit to this beast but if you feel like throwing this caution to the wind, then it’ll be better to read your manual to the letter. 

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2) Motor

The times for riding in a single motor are gradually getting phased out and it’d be worthwhile to move with the trend.

The awesome team there at Yumeway didn’t think twice about why dual motors matter and with that in mind, the YUME Y10 features dual 2400W motors (1200W each). 

One of the benefits of dual motors is that you can seamlessly achieve better torque, speed, and range as compared to a single one.

Single motors sometimes strain big time, especially when going uphill, which gradually reduces longevity. 

3) Is YUME Y10 worth the price tag?

By all means, Yes. YUME Y10 electric scooter currently costs $1499 and the price is way lower when you use my coupon code. Think of it…How many electric scooters with dual motors cost below $1500? 

How many electric scooters with a 40 miles range and 40 miles per hour cost below $1400? With the Y10, you have an accurate representation of quality over price.

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4) Manufacturing 


YUME Y10 electric scooter comes with dual brushless motors.

These use Direct Current to run and have a hall sensor.

Definitely fantastic for those looking for durability, motor strength, and safety to a greater extent. 

Suspension: YUME Y10 Scooter

The Y10 comes with dual suspension.

Do you pass through bumpy terrains and would like to save your bums from the jumping up and forth shenanigans?

The dual suspension will keep you appreciating your ride. 

The front suspension is double hydraulic while the rear comes in the spring type.

The inclusion of a damper would have gone a long way towards increasing the comfort, though. 

Safety features

image of YUME Y10 Brakes
YUME Y10 hydraulic brakes

How much do you fancy night rides? The Y10 has bright lights to keep you going without feeling unsafe or terrified.

With two bright headlights, brake lights, side turn lights, and somehow deck lights, most serious road users or pedestrians will perhaps see you. 

In any case, you also have an audible horn that you can hoot whenever the need arises.

Riding couldn’t be easier.

Any need for sudden braking?

Hydraulic brakes guarantee just that for you without breaking a sweat. 

Lastly about safety, you know that you have a dual suspension but how can it work to the advantage of your safety?

Well, easy. 

Suspensions bring about stability while riding.

Even if you pass through a pothole or bumpy terrain, the chances are high that you will remain as you were when the suspension is in good shape. 

Fancy features

image of YUME Y10 Cockpit

While riding, I love checking the gear engaged, battery levels, time, and the speed I am at.

With YUME Y10 scooter, then it has your back as their LCD display offers all these by default.

There are USB interfaces as well on the cockpit to make phone charging or whatever else you need to do with a USB device seamless. 

It also has a speedometer that shows your engaged speed mode (it has 3 different speed modes).

The power modes are two, and you could choose to use the dual-motor control to select the riding mode you wish to.

The frame

Have you come in contact with slight rains?

The Y10’s frame comes coated with water-based protective coatings and an IP rating of IP54 to enhance water resistance. 


image of Folded YUME Y10 scooter
Folded Yume Y10

Conveniently carry your YUME Y10 electric scooter and place it on the trunk or walk up with it on the stairs.

The folding and unfolding is easy and typically doesn’t require any technical expertise. 

When unfolded, the Y10 measures up to 51 inches in height (from the wheel to the LCD display) and 47 inches between the wheels.

In the case of a folded Y10, the length between the handlebars and the front wheel is 48 inches, and the width is 18 inches.

The Deck 

YUME Y10 scooter comes in a relatively wide deck that measures 9 inches wide and 21 inches in length.

It’s anti-slippery and so, the ride has the least to worry about. 


YUME Y10 comes in 10 inches pneumatic tires meant for offroading as well as street riding.

These are able to absorb rough terrains and pass well in grassy terrains without much to worry about.

However, the benefits of bigger tires such as those in YUME X7 and YUME X13 cannot be overemphasized. 

YUME Y10 weight

The YUME Y10 scooter weighs 110 lbs (35.5 kg) without a seat.

When one adds a seat, the weight jumps to 112 lbs.

This explains why the Y10 can support 330 lbs of weight without many stem wobbles.  


Is your weight your weakness?

YUME Y10 serves from taller adults to the pygmies.

The stem is properly adjustable when need be. 


The Y10 comes with dual charging ports.

This means the charging time is greatly reduced when you plug in the two chargers as compared to say a single charger. 

5) Our overall riding experience: YUME Y10 Scooter Review

image of YUME Y10 Offroad scooter

In any case, the YUME Y10 is a decent e-scooter.

It’s one of the sturdiest and perfect for those who wish to commute relatively short distances.

At the Turbo Mode, I was happy to clock 45.7 miles per hour against the stated 40 miles per hour.

However, my testing surface was buttery smooth and I am not sure if anyone else has ever hit such a speed.

For the top range, I hit 42.1 miles at the slowest speed and 32.7 miles at the Turbo Mode.

An important point to note, though, is that I weigh only 198 lbs and so riders heavier than I would find it an uphill task achieving these two.

About the overall experience, when just starting out, the Y10 e-scooter just gets up and goes.

You will desperately need to have cat-like reflexes if you hit the accelerator accidentally.

The stem is also quite stable but can shake a bit when you hit a speed of above 35 miles per hour.

As such, it may be better if you get a damper for your ride if you love neck-breaking speeds.

Also, you will not draw so much attention as this particular model doesn’t appear as executive as the gold YUME X11 or even the posh YUME X7.

6) Merits and Demerits


  • Value for each buck spent
  • Dual motors
  • Off-road tires
  • Great riding experience, especially offroad


  • A bit of stem movement while riding at top speeds
  • The scooter doesn’t have a unique manufacturing design. 

Where Can I Buy YUME Y10 Electric Scooter?

You can buy YUME Y10 on the official website (Yumeway) or on AliExpress.

For better service, though, we highly recommend that you directly deal with the official website.

YUME Y10 coupon code on Yumeway: AMOS-Y10

Some Extra Accessories for YUME Y10

  1. A YUME Y10 seat
Yume Y10 seat

If you feel like riding an electric scooter while standing is a tall order for you, you can order a YUME Y10 seat tailored explicitly for this scooter.

Made of leather and aluminum, this is compact stuff that will offer you great service without you worrying about stability.

Whenever you are not using the seat, it folds down and this explains why it can stay in great shape all through. 

  1. Tires and Innertubes
YUME Y10 tire and tube

Since the YUME Y10 scooter offers longevity, you are bound to buy the relevant tires and inner tubes. 

Thankfully, YUME also sells these on their website with a click of a mouse.

The tire is made of honeycomb material such that it will automatically seal itself in the case of a puncture. 

  1. Elbow and knee pads
Electric scooter Elbow and kneepads

For your safety, knee pads and elbow pads are undoubtedly inevitable.

Yumeway has these at your disposal and you can purchase them seamlessly on their online store. 

You will also require riding gear such as helmets and it is worth it to note wearing a helmet does more than just saving your head from a crash or any other electric scooter accident

YUME Y10 Electric Scooter Customization Tips

If you love it more when your ride looks even sicker, then we have mastered a couple of tips and tricks you can make your YUME Y10 scooter.

These are just optional add-ons and as such, they aren’t mandatory.

To prepare well in advance, you can order these customization necessities as you wait for your scooter to reach you.

1. Grip Tape

If you don’t really want to stay with the grip tape that has been provided by the manufacturer, you can order one off Amazon and customize your Y10 the best way you feel like it.

One of the grip tapes that command uniqueness is as in the image below:

YUME Y10 Grip Tape
Customized Grip Tape on YUME Y10

You can check that grip tape on Amazon by clicking this link or clicking the image below:

2. Steering Damper

While this scooter generally shouldn’t trouble you with stem movement, adding a damper to it will guarantee that it’s even sturdier than it really is while getting manufactured.

We recommend that you use at least a 230mm damper.

You can check one damper that has been installed on the Y10 below:

YUME Y10 steering damper
Damper installed on the Y10

You can check that specific damper on Amazon by clicking this link or the image below:

3. Hybrid Tires

If you would like to be riding your YUME Y10 scooter on the road only and not do any off-roading, then hybrid tires would be best for you. 10X3 size is compatible with the Y10.

4. Tire Liners

If you prefer to keep the offroad tires, then you can ensure that you won’t ever get a flat by using bicycle tire inner liners.

One of the best models we recommend is Mr. Tuffy.

Besides, you can make your ride very solid by always ensuring that the pressure is always between 40 and 50 PSI.

The reason for saying so is because should the air be insufficient, the rim can interfere with the optimal functioning of the tube; thus, leading to a flat.

Also, ensure that the hub motor screws are tight since as the tube shifts with any rotation, it becomes easier to get a flat.

Armor Dilloz Blue helps big time here.

These are just basic tire maintenance tips and don’t mean that should you not follow them, you will have a problem with the tires.

YUME Y10 Scooter Video Review

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