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Zipcar vs Enterprise Car Share: Battle of the Carsharing Services

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If you live in a major city and you use public transportation as opposed to owning a car, you already know what carsharing is.

For those not in the know, it’s similar to renting a car except you only pay for the time you use the car.

So, if you only need a car for an hour, you’ll pay for an hour.

Carsharing is gaining in popularity because it’s better for the environment and limits the cars that are on the road.

In terms of carsharing services, Zipcar has been around the longest.

Despite that, new companies are tossing their hat in the ring all the time.

Enterprise may be known for rental cars, but with Enterprise Car Share they have entered the carsharing arena.

So, if we’re looking at Zipcar vs Enterprise Car Share, which company comes out on top? Keep reading to find out.

To help you determine which carsharing service is right for you, we’ll compare Enterprise Car Share vs Zipcar in the areas of sign-up, locations and availability, price, car selection, and a few other areas.

While price and availability will be the factors that sway most people one way or another, this Zipcar vs Enterprise CarShare comparison will give you a clear look at both options.

The Signup Process with Zipcar vs Enterprise Car Share

Both Zipcar and Enterprise CarShare have fairly easy signup processes.

You answer some questions and that’s about it.

At that point you are signed up, but your driving record will need to be accessed before you can drive with either company.

Both companies do require a membership fee, which will vary depending on the company you choose and the plan you want.

Both Zipcar and Enterprise Car Share have various plans and rates dependent on location.

When it comes to application fees, whether you choose Enterprise Car Share or Zipcar both charge a $25 application fee.

That said, you can receive a $25 credit from Zipcar, which means you’ll get back the cost of your application fee!

You can learn more about Zipcar’s member structure in our full Zipcar review and find out is the Zipcar worth it.

Car Selection for Enterprise Car Share vs Zipcar

While specific selection will depend on your location, Zipcar as a whole, offers more than 50 different makes and models.

You can find cars of all sizes.

If you need something bigger, they also offer vans.

The pricing for each vehicle can vary and location can also play a factor.

No matter where you live, Zipcar offers a nice range of vehicles both small and larger.

Enterprise Car Share also includes a wide variety of vehicles.

Hybrids are available, as well as Electric cars in some locations.

You can also find Sedans, luxury vehicles, and SUVs.

If you need something larger, Pickups and Cargo Vans are also available.

The fees associated with each option will vary based on the car, location, and day of your reservation.

Enterprise Car Share vs Zipcar in the area of price

Zipcar’s pricing depends on the membership level you choose.

They offer multiple memberships that range from standard monthly memberships to student/faculty memberships and even a discounted pay-in-advance plan.

Most plans include an annual $70 membership fee, though this is waived for some of the plans.

Rates will vary based on the day and location, but generally start around $9.75 per hour or $74 for the day.

Keep in mind, Zipcar gives you a free $25 credit when you signup!

Enterprise Car Share also offers a variety of plans and rates that are specific to each of them.

Most plans do come with an annual membership fee, which is $40 in some cities, but may cost more or less in others.

For example, in Chicago there are plans starting with hourly rates of $6.75 per hour and around 40 cents per mile.

Other plans have mileage included.

In Washington D.C. rates start around $5 for hourly fees and $76 for a daily cost.

Of course, no matter what city you’re in, the cost will depend on the vehicle selection and the day you reserve the vehicle.

Enterprise Car Share vs Zipcar when it comes to Availability & Locations

Zipcar can be found at over 600 universities and colleges, in over 48 cities in North America, and as many as 170 cities worldwide.

This makes Zipcar a great decision if you travel a lot because you’re likely to find Zipcar in the various cities you visit.

If you live in an area that doesn’t currently have Zipcar, it’s only a matter of time before they will be available.

Enterprise Car Share has grown a fair amount since the early days.

Currently, they are available in over 55 cities and over 160 universities.

Most major cities in the United States are seeing an Enterprise Car Share presence and if there’s not one, they will likely see one eventually.

Fine details for Zipcar

  • Cars should be picked up and dropped off in the same location
  • One-way trips may be available
  • The app is easy to use – great for checking locations and making reservations
  • You can cancel a reservation within 3 to 24 hours depending on the reservation
  • 24/7 roadside assistance is included
  • Gas cards are located above the visor and you should fill up if its lower than ¼ tank
  • Insurance coverage available up to $1 million
  • Up to 180 miles per day at no additional charge
  • Signup here for a $25 Zipcar credit

Fine details for Enterprise Car Share

  • Easy signup and app that allows you to make reservations and control car functions
  • Member card will arrive in the mail within 7 business days
  • Prices vary by car, location, and day
  • Up to 180 miles day allowed without additional fees
  • Three hours is required for cancellations. You risk a fee otherwise
  • Your membership card is placed over the windshield sensor to unlock the vehicle
  • Gas cards are included, and tanks should be refilled if less than ¼ of a tank
  • Insurance coverage is included

Choosing Enterprise Car Share vs Zipcar could come down to where you live in and how much you want to pay.

Both companies offer a nice selection of vehicles.

The apps are easy to use and the process for both companies is easy.

Zipcar is more readily accessible and, in more locations, and they also offer $25 in credits with our link.

You might want to try both services if they are available in your area, to determine with all certainty which one is right for you.

Consider reading our post regarding Zipcar vs Maven and also Zipcar vs car2go comparison to check out the best option for You.

Check out other alternatives to Zipcar and find out how does Zipcar works to get a clear picture of which carsharing service is best for You.

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