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Zoomo: E-bike Options, Pricing and How To Use In 2023

Find out why Zoomo CEO Mina Nada has found success in the New York City E-bike rental market with convenient ebikes for delivery couriers.

When you are a full or part-time courier or someone with a short daily commute, owning or renting an e-bike is the obvious choice.

However, it can be a difficult task to find the best electric bike option for your needs by wading through the available companies and potentially conflicting information.

So, we did it for you.

We put together a comprehensive guide about Zoomo, one of the leading e-bike rental companies.

We’ve compiled as much information as possible about your options with Zoomo, how much an e-bike rental costs, and how to use the e-bike rental service.

Hopefully, this guide helps you decide whether a Zoomo rental will help you become a better gig worker by increasing your productivity and profits.

What Is Zoomo?

Zoomo, a Sydney, Australia-based startup founded by Mina Nada and his Bain colleague Michael Johnson, is a quickly growing business that specializes in light electric vehicles.

The company was started in 2017 as Bolt Bikes but decided to rebrand in 2020.

Zoomo spans several countries across three continents.

The service is available in a handful of major cities in the United States, but they are quickly expanding.

Founded on six virtues essential to the company’s values, Zoomo strives to make the life and job of every courier simpler and more productive by providing an eco-friendly (and wallet-friendly) transportation option.

vector graphic showing a zoomo bike against a blank background

How Does Zoomo Work?

Zoomo is available on a subscription basis, similar to the popular Citi Bike membership model that has taken off around the country.

There are three subscription plan levels depending on your needs.

Each subscription requires a deposit and a weekly rental rate.

You will choose which subscription is appropriate for your situation.

You will book an appointment to pick up your e-bike, which has everything you need to get started riding.

You can log into your courier gig immediately upon leaving the Zoomo location if you would like.

Zoomo covers all maintenance and repair needs, so if you run into any problems while the e-bike is in your possession, contact their customer support to have it resolved.

There are no minimum or maximum subscription lengths.

You can return your e-bike at any time, as long as you give Zoomo a 7-day return notice.

This service is perfect for delivery riders, such as DoorDash bike couriers, looking for a transportation solution, especially in large cities where vehicle ownership or traveling by car is not feasible.

Food delivery workers can earn more money while traveling quickly between stops for a low weekly rental rate.

Zoomo is not limited to couriers.

Anyone in need of an e-bike, such as commuters, can benefit from an electric bike rental.

What Comes With a Zoomo Subscription?

Zoomo strives to be your one-stop shop for e-bikes.

Your electric bike rental includes accessories and equipment that will make it a breeze to start delivering or commuting immediately.

In addition to the included features and accessories, the Zoomo store allows you to rent or purchase additional accessories, such as water bottles and delivery bags.

1. Zoomo E-Bike

There are three models of e-bikes available with a Zoomo subscription.

Zoomo will pair you with the most appropriate option based on availability and your needs.

Your bike can go as fast as 18-25 miles per hour to help you complete deliveries quickly and efficiently.

2. Charger

Each e-bike can hold a charge for up to 7 or 8 hours.

Your rental comes with a battery charger so you can easily prepare for your next shift.

For riders who choose the Pro subscription plan, you can rent a spare battery for an additional weekly charge, which will ensure that you always have a charged battery on-hand in case you want to work longer shifts.

3. Phone Holder

Phone holders are subject to availability, but most of the bike models come with an accessory that allows you to keep your phone in view, which is essential to most couriers who need GPS tracking and location services to find their destination.

4. USB Port

Most models come with a USB port for easy device charging on the go.

The most important piece of equipment for a delivery courier is their smartphone.

If your phone dies, your shift is over, and you cannot earn any more money.

Eliminate this problem by plugging your phone directly into your e-bike and charging as you ride.

5. U Lock

A U lock is a secure, portable lock for e-bikes and bicycles.

When it comes to keeping your bike safe, U locks are better than chain locks.

You don’t want anything to happen to your Zoomo e-bike while you are popping in and out of restaurants and making food deliveries.

Your Zoomo rental will come with a U lock to protect you from theft.

6. Maintenance and Customer Support

Zoomo’s top-notch customer support is here for you.

All service and maintenance will be taken care of by their team.

Simply call them or reach out through the Rider Hub, and they will address your issue.

Anything from a faulty battery to a loose bike chain can be fixed or replaced quickly.

7. Safety Instructions

Each rental involves a safety induction.

Zoomo’s experts will go over the best practices to keep you and your e-bike safe.

The last thing you need to do is get hurt because you don’t know how to operate your bike safely.

Zoomo will ensure that you have the knowledge you need to stay safe.

How Long Can You Rent a Bike From Zoomo?

Zoomo does not have a maximum rental period.

Therefore, you can continue to rent your e-bike as long as you pay the weekly fee.

However, Zoomo offers a rent-to-buy option for couriers who would benefit from e-bike ownership.

With a $400 down payment followed by regular weekly payments, you could become the owner of your own Zoomo e-bike, meaning no more rental fees once your bike is paid off!

How Subscriptions Work

Subscriptions through Zoomo are simple.

You will choose your subscription level, book an appointment, get your e-bike, and ride away!

To keep your e-bike, you must pay the weekly fee, including the subscription cost and an added charge for insurance to cover damage and loss.

There is also a one-time refundable deposit when you book your rental.

This charge is typically $150 for all plan levels.

At check out, you may choose to rent a helmet for a small weekly fee or bring your own.

If you decide to use your own helmet, be sure to bring it to your pick-up appointment!

At this time, you may also choose to purchase a delivery bag if you need one.

How Much Does Zoomo Cost?

Zoomo has several subscription plans available at different costs.

The plan you choose depends on your needs.

Each plan has a different mileage allowance and provides different benefits.

All plans include Zoomo’s high-quality servicing, maintenance, and support.

1. Lite Plan Cost

Zoomo’s Lite Plan is designed for commuters or riders new to electric bikes and want to try the service out.

There is a mileage cap of 80 miles per week on this plan.

The Lite Plan starts at $20 per week.

2. Flex Plan Cost

The Flex Plan is perfect for part-time couriers or commuters with a longer trip to and from work.

At $35 per week, the Flex Plan has a mileage cap of 150 miles weekly.

3. Pro Plan Cost

With unlimited weekly miles, the Pro Plan is designed with full-time couriers in mind.

Food or grocery delivery workers who put in long hours and travel many miles do not want to be restricted by a mileage cap.

With the Pro Plan, you gain the option to rent a spare battery starting at $20 weekly.

This plan starts at $49 per week.

Where Is Zoomo Available?

Zoomo is available in Australia, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States.

The U.S. cities that currently offer Zoomo rentals are:

  • San Francisco, California
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • New York City, New York (ChinaTown and MidTown)
  • Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Chicago, Illinois

The company is always looking to grow and is accepting requests to expand into new cities.

Zoomo Comparisons

You may have heard of other e-bike services or seen e-bikes available for rent in your city.

Although e-bike rentals are not a new concept, Zoomo operates differently than the other common services.

We will compare how Zoomo works with some of the major bike rental companies.

vector graphic showing a woman on a citi bike for top of how to use citi bike page

Zoomo vs Citi Bike

Citi Bike is available only in the metro New York City area, with some service locations in New Jersey and a recent expansion to Miami, Florida.

Unlike Zoomo, you do not take a Citibike home.

For $185 annually (or $15 a day or $3.50 per ride), you can take short rides on bikes located at service stations around the city.

The rides are limited to 30 or 45 minutes, which is not ideal for couriers or commuters.

Zoomo vs Jump

Jump is a nearly-defunct bike rental system.

Uber bought the company and then turned it over to Lime.

Available in limited cities, these bikes are pedal-assisted, not electric.

They are also dockless.

The cost of a JUMP rental is by the minute, making it much more costly than a Zoomo subscription.

Zoomo vs Zagster

Zagster was a popular bike-share service that is no longer available.

They suspended all operations in 2020 due to Covid and ended up shutting down.

Zoomo vs Lime

Lime is a rental service for light electric vehicles, such as scooters and bikes.

It is more widely available than Zoomo.

However, like other services, Lime charges by the ride (with daily and monthly passes available).

Zoomo is the best option for couriers and commuters because you receive an e-bike to keep at home with you instead of having to travel to a service location.

How to Rent with Zoomo

To rent an e-bike with Zoomo, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the Zoomo website
  • Select the plan that is appropriate for you
  • Select your city
  • Choose any add-ons (such as a helmet or delivery bag)
  • Enter your personal information
  • Select the closest pick-up location
  • Select your desired pick-up date and time
  • Check out and pay your security deposit (some locations allow you to pay in-store)
  • Attend your appointment and pick up your e-bike!

How to Get Your Bike Serviced

You must log in to the Zoomo Rider Hub to get your bike serviced.

From there, you can contact support, schedule service, report a theft, or address any other concern.

The Rider Hub will prompt you to follow the steps on-screen.

If it is urgent, Zoomo asks that you use their chat feature to connect with them immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

We put together some frequently asked questions about the Zoomo service.

vector graphic showing a man on a zoomo bike

What make and model e-bikes does Zoomo use?

The currently available e-bike models are the Zoomo Zero, Zoomo Sport, and Zoomo Rover.

How can you contact Zoomo?

You can contact Zoomo through the Zoomo Rider Hub, a form on their website, or the chat feature on their site.

How much do Zoomo bikes weigh?

Zoomo bikes average 27kg or 60 pounds.

How long does a charge last?

Most models get up to 8 hours on a single charge.

The Zoomo Rover gets 7 hours.

How long does it take to charge a Zoomo bike?

Most Zoomo bikes take about 4 hours to charge.

Should You Rent a Zoomo Bike?

Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn more about the Zoomo e-bike rental service.

Now that you know the locations, costs, and how it works, you can decide if a Zoomo electric bike is right for your delivery business.

If you could benefit from an e-bike with a low weekly charge to help you build your courier business and earn more, visit Zoomo’s website today and book your rental!

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