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Begode Monster Pro Review: The perfect king of range?

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When I was looking for a new Electric Unicycle, I considered range as my leading factor. 

Achieving more than 100 miles before a battery ran out of juice seemed like a stretch for most EUCs I had previously ridden but didn’t seem so at least with the Oh So Stylish Begode Monster Pro. 

Not only is the Gotway Begode Monster Pro a master of range but also does excellently when it comes to speeding.

As of the time of writing this review, the Begode Monster Pro is currently the fastest electric unicycle I have ever ridden.

Gotway Monster Pro Specs

My Tested Top Speed58.2mph
My Tested Top Range152 miles
Motor3500W nominal power
Battery100V; 3600Wh
LightingHeadlights, Taillight, Front and Rear LEDS
Hill climbing ability35°
Weight88 lbs
Weight Limit290 lbs

Our Full Begode Monster Pro Review

Begode Monster Pro Top Speed

Rated to hit a top speed of 65 miles per hour, the Begode Gotway Monster Pro electric unicycle is one of the fastest EUCs we have seen so far. 

While riding on a smooth tarmacked street, the highest top speed I recorded on my GPS tracker was 58.2 miles per hour. 

The top speed you will record at any given time while riding a PEV is dependent on different factors, though.

These include your weight, the condition of the ride in general, and the terrain where you are riding in.

I weigh 189 lbs, which means a lighter rider would have managed a higher top speed.

A heavier ride will be lucky to record 50mph. 

Begode Monster Pro Range

I like describing range as the total distance an electric ride covers before it runs out of juice. 

Rated to hit a top range of 190 miles, I recorded 152 miles to be my very best.

Just as is the case with the top speed, the top range you will achieve depends on factors such as your weight, the kind of terrain you are riding in, and the battery level your EUC has. 


This Begode model is one of the few EUCs that feature the famous LG batteries.

Coming with a massive LG M50T 21700 battery, you wouldn’t expect this ride to be a low-range electric unicycle!

In fact, the Monster Pro comes with 4-pack 900Wh cells, which is why it’s one of the few long-range electric unicycles hitting more than 150 miles worth of range. 

A point of comparison is the Begode’s own purported long-range EUC – the Begode EX.N model.

Unlike the Monster Pro which features 4 battery packs, the EXN features only 3!

To prevent the battery from fire, the Monster Begode Pro features 20A short circuit protection. 


The Monster Pro comes with a single 3500W motor.

Producing 3500 watts worth of nominal power, you can understand why this EUC is one of the fastest.

The peak output power from a 3500W nominal power is so massive that it can propel the EUC to go even faster than 62 mph. 

If a light experienced teenager were to ride this EUC, then you can expect that the top speed would have been higher than 60mph.

Begode Gotway Monster Pro Review: Features

Is it portable?

Portability is a major concern for most wannabe electric unicycle owners and finding a portable one lifts so much weight off the chest. 

With a net weight of 88 lbs, the Gotway Begode Monster Pro EUC is certainly not light, but most heavy riders can lift it. 

Nevertheless, with all this range, it’s just ridiculous to think that you will ever need to keep the EUC in your car’s trunk. 


image of Monster Pro headlights
Monster Pro headlights

Bright lights come really handy, especially when it starts getting dark and you have to go home riding. 

The Monster Pro comes with dual LED 8000W lumen headlights, unlike its smaller siblings – the Begode EXN HS, which features a single headlight. a taillight, and RGB LED lights at the front and the rear. 

With all these lights, you even have a great way to command your respect not only in the dead of the night but also during those fun group rides over the weekend. 


Since I deeply love music, I usually consider powerful speakers an important factor when purchasing a new electric Unicycle. 

Thankfully for me, the Begode Monster Pro EUC comes with built-in speakers that support Bluetooth playback. 

Mobile App

In this era of technology, a mobile APP should be a basic feature across each PEV.

Thankfully, Begode already has an Android and iOS App that is compatible with the Monster Pro EUC. 

With this App, you can upgrade your ride’s firmware, connect with other Monster Pro owners, and select your preferred pedal calibration and the riding mode. 

Other critical functions of this app include:

  • Displaying the battery voltage, charge, and internal temperature
  • Configuring the front and rear RGB LEDs
  • Configuring the safety warning system. 

You can find the Begode Mobile App here.


Thanks to its versatility, the Begode Gotway Monster Pro electric unicycle is one of the most customizable EUCs I have ever ridden. 

With this one, you can add a seat to allow for seated riding.

It’s honestly tedious to ride more than 100 miles while standing.

Again, with a seat, you can repel against wind movement, which, in turn, helps to add more range as compared to stand-riding. 

What I love even further is that the pedals are massive enough to allow for comfy seated riding. 

There are some marketplaces near you where you can find a compatible Begode Monster Pro seat.

Just search around.


image of Begode Monster Pro dual charging ports
Begode Monster Pro dual charging ports

Coming with a standard 3A 100V charger, you can expect your Begode Monster Pro to get fully charged within 12 hours. 

We, however, love it that Begode allows the usage of a fast charger for this model.

Featuring dual charging ports, you can use the standard charger that has 3 A and a fast 8A charger. 

While using a fast and a standard charger, I achieved a charging time of 5 hours.

In comparison to 12 hours while using the standard charger, this time I saved was a steal for me. 


Your safety matters while riding a EUC and Begode seems to have done its job pretty well to address this Oh so important feature. 

This Electric Unicycle has tons of alarms to let you and the ride be as safe as possible. 

To begin with, whenever you speed above 18 miles per hour, the alarm beeps twice per second.

When you hit 28mph, the alarm beeps thrice per second.

When the motor hits 75% peak output power, the alarm beeps five times to alert you. 

While riding on an incline (45° from left to right or when the wheel leans 35° backward or forward), the incline alarm automatically switches off to alert the rider that they are protected. 

Another alarm that beeps twice per second while riding is when the battery has a low voltage and the EUC is riding at a speed of 5mph. 

When there is a low voltage but the EUC goes faster than 4.3 mph, there are 2 beeps in 2 seconds to also alert the rider. 

Other than the alarms, Begode has done an excellent job of equipping this EUC with massive and bright lights to offer much-needed visibility at night. 


image of begode monster pro handle
Begode Monster Pro handle

One of the coolest features I love about the Gotway Begode Monster Pro is that the EUC has an anti-spin function. 

With this one, the motor stops immediately when you hold the handle.

This feature is especially beneficial because it makes the ride safe from say kids or an ignorant person. 

About the size, this EUC, without a doubt is a massive one.

When the pedals are folded, it measures 610mm by 260mm by 680mm. 

With unfolded pedals, it measures 610mm by 500mm by 680mm.

The pedal height is 165mm while the wheel diameter is 610mm.

Some handy Begode Monster Pro tips

For the time I have owned Begode Monster Pro and connected with fellow owners, I would like to share with you some tips you may find handy: 

  • Part of the EUC maintenance is to ensure that the screws are properly tightened. As such, it’s important to blue loctite some of the screws to always keep them tight.
  • This EUC is NOT waterproof. Its water-resistant rating won’t perfectly allow you to ride in the rain or in water conditions. If you ever think that you will ever be caught up in the rain, make sure that you seal it up with a silicone sealant. Again, you can find a EUC shop near you to help you drill a hole at the bottom of the shell, which will be useful to drain any water.

Begode Monster Pro Pros

  • Featuring a 3600W battery (with 4 battery packs), this EUC is one of the longest-range devices
  • One of the fastest models we have today
  • Different functions offer the much-needed versatility
  • No those agitating power cut-outs.

Monster Pro Cons

  • The manufacturer doesn’t share any IP rating details
  • One of the heaviest EUCs ever.

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