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2024 Rideshare & Delivery Courses

vector graphic showing a spark delivery driver delivering groceries from walmart directly to a customer's door

Spark Driver Training: Learn How To Become A Driver & Drive With Spark

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vector graphic showing grubhub drivers pickup up food from a restaurant as part of the grubhub for restaurants program

Grubhub Driver Training: How To Drive For Grubhub, Step-By-Step

Learn how to drive for Grubhub, every step of the way. We’ll show you the basics and how it works in this series.

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Lyft Driver Training: How To Drive For Lyft, Step-By-Step

In this Lyft driver training, we’ll cover the ins and outs of becoming, and then being, a Lyft driver.

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vector graphic showing in illustration of instacart multiple - a map with four locations marked, and an instacart vehicle traveling from one to the next

A Beginner’s Guide to Shopping & Delivering for Instacart

Learn the basics of how to deliver for Instacart as an Instacart Shopper. We’ll take you through the entire press, from start to finish.

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vector graphic showing in illustration of the best doordash mileage trackers

How to DoorDash: A Beginner’s Guide to Dashing

Learn how to DoorDash, from A-Z. Our comprehensive DoorDash driver training will teach you – step-by-step – how to master the process of Dashing.

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Full-time Driver: Rideshare 100% Of Time

Learn if driving full-time is for you and maximize every minute you are on the road.

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Hacking Surge: Mastering Pricing

Learn how to significantly increase your income by utilizing Surge and Primetime to your benefit.

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Crash Course to Rideshare: Basics 101

Everything you need to know to see if Uber or Lyft is for you & how to get started.

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Six Star Service: How to Get Most Tips

Learn how to give the best service ever, maximizing your time behind the wheel.

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Maximizing Rideshare Pickups

Guaranteed to help you maximize your time and amount of pickups you receive with Uber & Lyft!

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Rideshare & Delivery Driver Interview Series

Hear stories for real-world delivery and rideshare drivers.

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vector graphic showing a shipt welcome package and what it contains inside

Shipt Shopper Training: How Shipt Works for Shoppers

Learn the basics of Shopping with Shipt, from start to finish.

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The Basics of Ridesharing

Learn the basics of driving with ridesharing services – inside and out.

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