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Best Aftermarket Backup Camera: Top 19 Picks for 2023

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It is well known that all vehicles that entered the market from 2021 onward are required to be equipped with a backup camera.

Although the government has made this crucial safety measure universal across the country, there remain many vehicles that are not equipped with a rear-facing camera.

This is where the purchasing of additional backup cameras began.

The modern market offers a large variety of backup cameras available at different prices, so in this article, we are going to walk the users through some of the best sale options.

Why Use a Backup Camera?

Backup cameras are an affordable addition to your vehicle that can make a huge difference, both in terms of safety and ease of use.

Safety – backup cameras can prevent accidents, such as fender benders while parking, or more serious incidents like backing up into a pedestrian, child, or animal.

Ease of use – a good aftermarket rear view camera can help make parking and backing into tight spaces WAY easier. With a backup cam installed, backing into parking spaces doesn’t need to cause anxiety any more!

Peace of mind – use your backup cam to be in complete control of the road around you, and eliminate one of the biggest blind spots!

What is the Best Aftermarket Backup Camera?

To make these selections, we looked at many products and utilized information provided by their manufacturers, as well as third-party customer reviews and our own hands-on experience with select models.



The AUTO-VOX M6 is our pick for best aftermarket backup camera because it is actually two cameras in one: a backup camera to help with parking, and a dash cam to record the road in front of you.

It’s easy to install, as it essentially just snaps onto your existing rear view mirror (while the camera installs above your license plate), and it works great.

Considering it is essentially two products in one, it’s priced at a steal of a deal, too!

  • Both a backup camera and a dash cam
  • Monitor snaps onto existing rear view mirror
  • Easy touchscreen operation
  • Simple to install
  • Dash cam records in FHD 1080p
  • When car enters reverse, the display will automatically show the rear view footage
  • Great reviews

Overall, this is an exceptional product that consistently earns high rankings from customers.

We actually picked it as one of the best rear view mirror dash cameras, and it also makes our list of best aftermarket backup cameras!

The 2-in-1 combo provides a ton of value.



The Accfly wireless backup camera is another great option.

This is just a backup camera, so it does not include a dash cam like our #1 pick.

With that said, this setup is wireless, which makes installation a breeze.

It features a large, color monitor to view when in reverse, and the camera can be set up to be on all the time, or only when the car enters reverse.

The camera also features bright LED lights for night vision.

  • Versatile – use on cars, trucks, RVs and more
  • Wireless
  • Easy installation
  • Large, color monitor
  • All weather camera housing
  • Camera has 18 LED lights
  • Includes wireless remote
  • Great reviews

For other similar options, see our guide to the best wireless backup cameras.


Backup Camera Rear View Monitor Kit HD 1080P for Car Truck Minivan Waterproof Night Vision DIY Grid
  • Plug and play: reverse camera and monitor are connected directly via a 4-pin cable with a power cord
  • Upgraded high performance ip 69 need to worry about water inside the camera.color hd 
  • Diy setting:you can adjust the parking line's width,moving left/right/up/down to make it fits for 
  • Vehicle backup cameras with hd 4.3 inch lcd display monitor equipped with magnetic bracket,you can 
  • Good service:installation instructions are included.back-up camera system has a 2 year warranty and

The LeeKooLuu backup camera is our top pick for budget-conscious folks.

This nifty gadget will run you about $40, which is a pretty incredible deal.

Even more incredible for such a cheap camera is that it actually works quite well.

It’s easy to use, and the monitor includes color coded lines to help you gauge distance while backing up.

  • Includes camera and display
  • Super affordable at around $40
  • Waterproof camera
  • Night vision
  • Camera can be set to turn on automatically when car is in reverse
  • 2 year warranty
  • Excellent reviews

4. Pyle Backup Car Camera Rear View Mirror

Pyle Backup Car Camera & Rear View Mirror Monitor Screen System-Parking & Reverse Safety Distance Sc
  • Backup car camera: a rugged backup rear view camera with true color reproduction and swivel angle it
  • Lcd monitor screen: this backup camera monitor comes with a 7" tft/lcd mirror monitor screen display
  • License plate mountable: the car backup camera included in this backup camera system is mountable
  • Waterproof & night vision cam: this backup car camera for automotive vehicles is ip-68 marine grade
  • Distance scale lines: a backup camera kit that features an accurate distance scale line display for

The Pyle Backup Car Camera Rear View Mirror is an affordable option, but it doesn’t include a forward-looking camera and the image quality is somewhat worse.

This budget-friendly backup camera comes with an auto white balance 4.3” LCD in-mirror monitor and has a camera angle of 170 degrees.

This is a waterproof device that can operate in all-weather circumstances.

It features night vision in addition to being fog-resistant, making it a solid choice for those on a tight budget.

Another great feat is that it can be easily mounted and unmounted to the rear license plate bracket PROS 

  • Budget-friendly 
  • Wide view; 
  • Authentic look


  • No reverse light 
  • No front cam


  • True color reproduction
  • Wide viewing angle (170°)
  • Affordable price
  • Waterproof 
  • Has night vision and fog resistance
  • 4.3-inch LCD in mirror monitor
  • Relatively easy to install
  • Click here to learn more

Overall, this is a great camera for those looking for an affordable, yet solid option for their car.

This camera includes on-screen display lines, making it much easier to back up and park your car in those tight compact parking spaces.

And, in terms of installing it, you could get it professionally set up, but you can also do it yourself with consummate ease.

This inexpensive rearview mirror/camera option has a rugged rear backup camera with a 170-degree viewing angle and auto white balance paired with a 4.3-inch LCD in-mirror monitor.

The camera itself is waterproof, has ‘night vision’ and is fog resistant.

Like other backup cameras, the device easily mounts to the rear license plate bracket.

5. X1PRO Rear View Mirror Dash Cam 

The most noticeable feature of the X1PRO Rear View Mirror Dash Cam is it’s the large 9.88-inch display, showing a full-screen HD image of the rearview.

The touch screen option makes it easy to operate both the rear-view camera and the frontal dash camera.

Another interesting feature of this camera is its motion sensors, which turn the camera on or off, depending on whether the vehicle is being parked or not.

Aside from it being equipped with an anti-vibration bracket, this camera has SD card support, adding the possibility of recording and saving your dashcam footage.

To ensure its proper use and longevity, you should refer to a professional installing this camera, although the more crafty ones might manage to install it themselves.

The backup camera records with 720P quality, while the dashcam recording quality is set at 1296P.

Yet another interesting feature is the lane departure warning.

Using the 140-degree wide-angle, blind spots are eliminated, and the risk derived thereafter is minimized.


  • High-quality design 
  • Large display
  • High-quality images
  • Automatic on/off feature


  • Expensive/complicated mounting process


  • 9.88-inch display
  • Full-screen HD image of the rearview
  • Automatic turning on & off via motion sensors
  • SD card support
  • 720P backup cam recording quality
  • 1296P dashcam recording quality
  • 140-degree wide-angle
  • Lane departure warning

Overall, this is an excellent product providing a multitude of features combined with high-quality performance.

Aside from its relatively high price, it is a top choice for people looking to equip their vehicles with a solid backup camera.

The wide variety of features with this product provides a whole lot of value!

6. TOGUARD Backup Camera Mirror Dash Cam Touch Screen 1080P

TOGUARDCAR 1080P Mirror Dash Cam for Cars with Waterproof Backup Camera 4.3 inch IPS Full Touch Scre
  • Dual 1080p fhd car camera - ce13 dash cam mirror is equipped with 1080p high-definition front camera
  • 4.3 inch ips full touch screen mirror camera - 4.3 inch ips screen and the front 170and rear 120fiel
  • Safe and secure car dash camera- built-in g-sensor sensing system, ce13 backup camera for car will 
  • Parking assistance and monitoring - the excellent parking guide of this hd mirror cam helps you to 
  • Loop recording and emergency lock - continuously recording, and automatically overwrite the earliest
  • And professional customer service will work on fixing any issue within 24 hours. you will enjoy a 
  • Display size: 4.3 inches
  • Display type: lcd

The TOGUARD Backup camera is an interesting product that combines a rearview mirror and dashcam features.

The dashcam recording quality is set at 1080P while the rearview camera records at 480P.

It is touch-sensitive, similar to a smartphone or a tablet, making its use quite intuitive and user friendly.

If you opt for this backup cam, you wouldn’t have to remove your current mirror, as this camera clips easily onto your existing mirror.

An interesting feature with this device is the accurate g-sensor, which provides you with an accurate reading of your vehicle’s moving speed.

Other features that set this product apart are its modern design, the on-screen parking guides, and an anti-glare screen surface.

With this product, it may be advisable to have a professional install it, since there is plenty of wiring involved.

One downside of the TOGUARD Backup camera is that it handles only up to 32GB memory cards, meaning there is a limited amount of recording that can be done with the forward-facing dashcam before the card has to record over previous footage.


  • Modern design 
  • Anti-glare feature
  • Dashcam included 
  • Affordable


  • Limited SD storage capacity


  • Touchscreen
  • 480P Back-Up cam recording quality
  • 1080P Dashcam recording quality
  • G-sensor
  • On-screen parking guide
  • Anti-glare screen surface
  • 32GB memory card support
  • Solid & durable iron body
  • Modern design

Overall, this is an excellent choice for people seeking a versatile yet affordable backup cam.Its dashcam feature is not to be underestimated either, as it provides high-quality recording.

Fans of modern design will be psyched about this product! 

7. Esky Rear View License Plate Camera

Backup Camera License Plate Frame, Esky Car Night Vision Rear View Camera with 170 Degree Viewing An
  • Weather-resistant and waterproof: rain? snow? hail? desert heat? the esky vehicle backup camera will
  • 170 wide angle design: the esky license plate vehicle backup camera picks up the slack with a wide 1
  • True-to-life images: say goodbye to blurry, indistinguishable images once and for all. thanks to the
  • Versatile fit: perfect matching to all the standard us license plate, this heavy-duty plated frame w
  • Automatic led night vision: drive confidently in the dark thanks to the 7 powerful led lights. with

 The Esky Rear View License Plate Camera is an affordable, high-quality image back up camera.

It is equipped with two LED lights, which help make the footage visible during night time.

This significantly eases the process of backing up or parking during night-time.

Mounting this backup camera is as simple as bolting the camera on to your license plate frame and it comes with power cables, so you can easily plug it in your vehicle’s factory monitor or touchscreen.

The camera is waterproof, although it has been reported by some users that condensation may occur on the occasion of heavy rains or car washes.

Due to the wide 170-degree angle of the camera, the driver can view what is going on from the peripherals as well as directly from behind the vehicle.

Instructions regarding the installation of the Esky Rear View License Plate Camera are not very clear, and the installation process itself may vary from vehicle to vehicle.


  • Very affordable; 
  • high-quality image for a price; 
  • waterproof; 
  • wide-angle


  • Nighttime vision not ideal; 
  • Not fully waterproof


  • Two LED lights, making things easy during night time
  • High-quality image
  • Simple mounting process
  • 170-degree camera angle
  • Waterproof
  • Fog resistant

The Esky Rear View License Plate Camera is the go-to option for those looking for a compact and affordable backup camera.

While it may prove difficult to handle condensation on camera lenses during heavy rains or car washes, overall, this camera offers excellent user satisfaction and great value for the money.

Despite the sublime visual appeal, the heavy-duty metal frame will ensure long-lasting use of this product. 

8. eRapta Wireless Backup Camera with Monitor System

eRapta ERT03 1080P Wireless Backup Camera with Monitor for Car Pickup Truck Hitch Sedans Back Up Rev
  • Designed specially for car,pickup truck,suv,minivan,tractor,trailer and sedans.reversing camera rear
  • Stable wireless signal:no interference transmission rear view camera with 4.3'' monitor,newest wirel
  • Hd 1080p image and nice night vision:crystal clear image avail us to notice the everything surroundi
  • Easy installation:avoid blind spots of vision, guard the security of reversing, and experience the j
  • Ip69 waterproof back up camera systems:rearview camera security camera which is made by high-purity

If you’re looking for a backup camera and you do not want to replace your rearview mirror, the eRapta Wireless Backup Camera with Monitor system is the right choice for you.

This camera comes with a 5-inch backup camera monitor as well.

This camera shows guidelines when the vehicle is driving in reverse, making backing up an easy and smooth process.

The backup camera monitor of this product comes with clips and a bracket, so it can easily be mounted on to the dash in your vehicle.

The 149-degree wide-angle camera is license plate mountable, waterproof, and has 8 LED lights that turn on automatically as soon as the vehicle is put in reverse at night.

Needless to say, this makes backing up and parking in reverse a breeze.


  • Good price 
  • Dedicated monitor 
  • 8 LED lights for night time


  • Monitor not the best 
  • Camera quality, not the highest


  • Stable video signal
  • Clear Image and solid night vision
  • Easy-to-install camera
  • Waterproof
  • 149-degree wide-angle 
  • 5-inch dedicated camera monitor
  • Click here to learn more

The eRapta Wireless Backup Camera with Monitor system is adaptable to a wide array of vehicles.

This is a very affordable backup camera, providing a lot of value for the money.

It comes with a 2-year warranty, too.

This is an ideal choice for those that are on the market looking for a compact yet affordable backup camera. 

9. AUTO-VOX Wireless Backup Camera Mirror

AUTO-VOX T2 Backup Camera for Car/Trucks,OEM Look Rear View Mirror Camera Monitor with IP68 Waterpro
  • Stable signal and clear image: compared with the wireless system, t2 receives a more stable signal v
  • Super night vision: t2 works perfectly even in low-light situations. with 6 led lights embedded in t
  • Original equipment look: the t2 can completely replace your existing rearview mirror, maintaining th
  • Ip68 waterproof backup camera: due to the fully sealed glue filling craft and sturdy construction, t
  • Effective parking: you can see the things behind the car easily without turning head around, which c

The AUTO-VOX backup camera/mirror is a high-quality product containing the camera itself, a rear-view mirror/monitor combo, and a wireless signal transmitter.

This camera has a subtle design and simple installation process.

The rear-view mirror/monitor combo is designed so that it looks very much like a regular rear-view mirror for a passenger car and it can be mounted on top of the existing rear-view mirror in the vehicle.

The camera recording is shown via a small rectangle on the driver’s side of the mirror.

The image appears automatically when the vehicle is put in reverse mode.

When it comes to night-time parking/backing up, the camera itself has 6 LED lights that also work on the automatic principle.

This makes it easy to back up and park in those tight compact parking spots.

The AUTO-VOX backup camera is waterproof and works just fine in rainy conditions.

This product is equipped with a wireless transmitter, so there is no need for running a wire from the rear of the vehicle.

While it is true that this camera is not the most affordable one, it is also a good value-for-price compared to other monitors/camera combos currently on the market.


  • OEM look 
  • Wireless function; 
  • Rearview mirror including a monitor


  • Complicated installation process 
  • Image not ideal


  • Wireless signal transmitter
  • 6 LED Lights
  • Mirror/monitor combo
  • Automatic turn on 
  • Waterproof 
  • Easy installation

Overall, the AUTO-VOX backup camera is the ideal choice for customers looking for a compact and high-quality backup camera.

While it may rank somewhere in the middle of the price range, this camera offers excellent performance and great value for the money.

Installation is very simple and there is no need to worry about rain since this is a waterproof camera. 

10. Spedal 1080p Car Dash Cam

Spedal Dash Cam with Phone Projection Screen, 5
  • Drive recorder5-inch high-definition touch screen,1080p resolution high-definition camera for clearer
  • Phone projection screen functioncarlink technology will allow you to project your mobile phone screen
  • Digital media receiver with am/fm tunerfm transmitter function turns your car into a cell phone 
  • 24 hours parking monitoring/g-sensor/loop recordingwith the dedicated hardware kit, the recorder can
  • Friendly customer servicespedal have professional technical team and great customer service, we offer

The first thing that catches the eye when it comes to the Spedal 1080p Car Dash Cam is its ultra-modern design, combined with the simple, easy-to-use, and intuitive interface.

The backup camera wide-angle is set at 127 degrees while the quality of the image is set at 640×480.

The front-facing camera records with a 1080p image quality.

Users have reported this camera to be fully waterproof, even in occasions of heavy rainfall.

The night-vision function is impeccable and works fine even when it’s raining.

The process of turning the camera on and off is fully automated via the use of a built-in sensor.

The mirror monitor is as easy to mount as clipping it to the existing mirror. 


  • Modern design
  • High-quality touch display 
  • Doubles as a 1080p dashcam


  • Not a dedicated mirror
  • Expensive for a clip-on unit


  • Ultra-modern design
  • Intuitive interface
  • 127 degree back up camera wide angle
  • Waterproof
  • Night vision 
  • Automatic turn on/off

In sum, this is the ideal pick for those keen on modern and sleek design.

This product will not only look good in your car, it might even enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle.

Solid all-round performance has been reported by user feedback so far, which makes this backup camera a great buy for a reasonable price.

11. YANDA HDR Reversing Backup Camera Kit

The YANDA HDR Reversing Backup Camera Kit is a perfect choice for people on the market looking for both a backup camera and a forward-facing dash camera.

The quality of the image of both cameras is set at 1080p, making sure that the image is crystal clear both day and night. 

The backup cam mode works in such a way that it uses the entire surface of the rearview mirror to display the image, making for quite an intuitive user experience.

Other options of the rearview camera include lane guidance and adjusting of the camera angle.

Once again, the backup camera angle is wide, set at 170 degrees, making it possible to observe the peripherals as well.  


  • High-quality display 
  • Doubles as a dashcam


  • Slightly expensive 
  • The touchscreen can be difficult to use & navigate
  • Installation process somewhat difficult


  • Includes both a backup cam and a dashcam
  • Image quality set at 1080p for both cams
  • Touchscreen option
  • Lane guidance
  • Camera angle adjusting option
  • Waterproof and fog-resistant
  • Audio and video recording option for dashcam
  • 170-degree wide-angle for back up cam

While the user manual of this camera may prove confusing to some and installation may be difficult for non-professionals, this product is an overall solid choice for those searching for a compact and affordable product on the market.

If one overcomes difficulties with product setup and menu navigation, they will surely enjoy a consistent quality with this camera. 

12. BOSS Audio BV430RVM RearView Car Mirror and Camera

BOSS Audio Systems BV430RVM Rearview Car Mirror with 4.3 Inch Built in High Resolution Digital Monit
  • Monitor: the bv430rvm rearview mirror has a built-in 4.3 inch high resolution (480 x 234) digital vi
  • Rearview camera: included is a rearview backup camera. you will also receive a hole saw as an extra
  • Night vision: in low light as well as dark environments, the night vision feature takes over and you
  • Weatherproof: the rearview camera is outfitted so that when the forecast looks like rain, the intern
  • Included: the package contains the following: rear view mirror with built-in monitor, rear view came
  • Warranty: boss audio systems provides a powerful 3 year platinum online dealer warranty so long as 

This mid-range price camera and rearview mirror/monitor combo is an interesting choice, providing a variety of features, solid performance through and through, and a 3-year money-back warranty.

Another great while somewhat expected feature of this camera is automatically turning off and one of the mirror’s images when the vehicle’s put in reverse gear.

The backup camera also includes LED lights, providing a decent night vision mode.

Included in the kit are all the required wires and brackets, although installation may prove complicated.

This particular camera is waterproof, so you needn’t worry whether it will rain or not.


  • Three-year warranty 
  • OEM look 
  • Affordable price


  • Anti-glare option not included


  • Waterproof
  • 4.3-inch monitor
  • 3-year money-back warranty
  • Automatic turn on/off
  • LED lights for enhanced night vision
  • Replacement brackets
  • Click here to learn more

This is a decent mid-level price choice for those looking for a backup cam.

The backup camera option is good, while there is also the dashcam which functions well in its own right.

With an authentic OEM look, this camera will definitely prove a tempting offer on the market when it comes to acquiring a solid high-quality backup/dashcam combo.  

13. AUTO-VOX X1 Rear View Mirror Camera

We are talking about a combination of a monitor and a rearview mirror offering a complete view of the back of your vehicle.

In case the display of the rearview camera is not turned on, it can twice enlarge it as a regular rearview device.

The 9.88-inch large screen has a very good quality which is 720p in resolution.

The device offers clear and crisp footage and is programmed to drop when the vehicle moves in reverse gear so it provides a better view of the parking area.

At any given time, the user of the camera can tune the camera angle by just using hands.

Similar to other backup devices of this type, it can provide a good and generally clear picture during night-time too.

Among the negative sides of this solid product is that it is pretty difficult to set up as far as people who are inexperienced with technical stuff are concerned and its display clock is only able to show military time.


  • Pretty big but fine-quality display
  • Integrated mirror featuring a touch screen
  • Settable camera view


  • The device may be challenging to install 
  • It has a bigger price in comparison to models of its class
  • Able to show military time only


  • Video Streaming on a Full Touch Display: this possibility provides the driver with four times greater view coverage in comparison to usual models of this type. It gives you a clear vision that is generally blocked by headrests, the car’s roof, and the rear pillars.
  • Full View Screen with a size of 9.88 inches having a touch feature will always provide crystal clear images without any obstruction. 
  • Intelligent Rear View Angle Shift while driving or parking gives you a view of all objects or vehicles around your car and will automatically lower the angle of the backup camera when you put your vehicle in reverse gear. Your driving will be eased by the 140 degrees angle coverage brought by the backup unit. 
  • Exquisite Night Vision Image and Clear Video Performance: this model captures footage with HD quality by providing a clear and crisp image with a 720p resolution during both day and night. The front camera of this device can constantly bring a digital image of 1296p resolution. The system is capable of recording with the front & rear camera simultaneously. It will keep track of your journeys and provide safety for accidents.  
  • Its Lane Departure Warning System will turn on an alarm if the vehicle suddenly gets out of its lane. Furthermore, the GPS of this model gives information about the route, direction, and speed of the vehicle during the journey. Every recording can be easily played back on a computer device.

All in all, we are talking about a fine product with a particularly large 720p display which can serve effectively as it is publicized.

14. AUTO-VOX X2 Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

We are talking about a model that represents an upgraded version of the abovementioned X1 while additionally featuring a forward-looking dashcam.

Similar to the X1, this novel product is equipped with a 9.88-inched rear-view mirror which can show things happening behind you on a large monitor.

The screen is providing a clear 960p footage and can simply adapt to any orientation the back camera is facing by just setting it through the control inputs.  

The back-facing dashcam is integrated with and tunes its position when your car enters the reverse gear, providing the driver with a particularly broad 140 degrees angle of view.

The mirror is also providing you with the information on what is in your blindspot while your car is moving.

Similar to the previous model, the negative side of this fine product is that it is quite difficult to set up when users inexperienced in technical stuff are trying to install them.

Nevertheless, the product is packed with a manual for the ones who still choose to set the device themselves. 


  • Fine-quality dashcam 
  • Broad and good image providing display 
  • It can double in the same way as a dashcam


  • It may be pricey for some users 
  • The installation part is particularly complicated


  • 9.88” Touch Screen for streaming is a media mirror providing the driver with crystal clear and bright footage of the traffic conditions. The control of the display can be done very easily by swiping.
  • Particularly simplifying reverse-gear assistance brought by the rearview camera which is automatically turned on when the driver shifts it, as it also drops the rearview coverage to bring a better image. This device comes with a particularly wide 140-degree angle of coverage, thus providing you with excellent footage of the situation behind your vehicle. Despite providing wide coverage to eliminate the blind spots, no distortions will be present on the image itself. This is particularly useful for the improvement of traffic safety. 
  • Loop recording and G-sensor: in case an unwanted event of a collision happens the G-sensor will lock the video thus keeping it safe from being overwritten by the Loop recording feature of the device. This recording option is intended to automatically delete the oldest segments when the device storage is full meaning that you won’t have to mind manually deleting videos.
  • LDWS & Parking Monitor – due to this feature, the device will begin recording in case an impact is detected by the G-sensor. Among the programs of the camera is the 24 hours parking monitoring. In case of a sudden departure from your lane, the LDWS will alert you in time.
  • GPS – this tracking system will record the exact direction, route, and speed of the vehicle. Sometimes a crucial thing regarding your insurance claim may be to pinpoint the location where the accident has occurred. The player application will enable you to playback this sequence on your PC which has to be connected to the network.

All in all, we are talking about a model which is a sophisticated version of the X1 and just $10 more expensive.

15. Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera

Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera
  • Works with most garmin drive, nuvi, and dzl gps navigators (sold separately)
  • View whats behind your vehicle when in reverse; bc 30 backup camera view shows right on the compatib
  • If desired, wire to constant power and toggle easily between camera and navigation modes. camera res
  • Wirelessly transmits video up to 45 feet. wireless transmission type : 2.4 ghz ism radio band
  • Rugged enough to withstand harsh weather

This backup device produced by Garmin is ideal for users who previously used Garmin or Nuvi GPS as additional units. 

It is a device functioning by utilizing a wireless transmitter by consuming energy from the 12V outlet of your vehicle.

Being in that position, the GPS device which is installed properly will employ the backup camera and provide you with the view of the rear of your car as soon as you put it in reverse gear. 

As we mentioned about the previous two models, it is advised for this device to be installed by a professional, although the producer mentions in the manual that it can also be installed by do-it-yourself users. 

This camera can wirelessly transfer a video up to a distance of 45 feet and is solid enough to endure harsh weather.

This is a device providing excellent footage during the day, as well as a clear and crisp image during night-time.


  • Good choice for users previously owning Garmin and Nuvi GPS units
  • Providing excellent quality and endurance


  • Capable of operating only with certain GPS units


  • It can work with the majority of dēzl, Nuvi and Garmin Drive navigators which can be purchased additionally 
  • You will be able to see what is happening behind your vehicle when the car is put in reverse gear – the wireless backup camera brings the view to the display
  • If a need arises, it can be connected to constant power and switched between different modes. Its camera is compatible with a Garmin navigator and has a 240p resolution.
  • It can wirelessly transmit videos from 45 feet distance. 2.4 GHz ISM radio wireless transmission type
  • Solid enough to endure extreme weather conditions
  • Rugged enough to withstand harsh weather

All in all, we are talking about a highly recommendable device suitable for users who already had experience with Garmin and Nuvi GPS products. 

16. Pruveeo Touch Screen Backup Camera Dash Cam

Pruveeo D700 7-Inch Touch Screen Backup Camera Dash Cam Front and Rear Dual Channel with Rear View R
  • 7" touch screen for ease of use: excellent 1080p resolution front camera with 150-degree wide angle
  • Auto displaying parking image: to help you park safely, d700 will automatically show the parking ima
  • Dual-lens rearview mirror dash cam: pruveeo d700 dash cam has two cameras and 7-inch rear view mirror
  • Picture-in-picture display: the large mirror display screen can display a single image with footage
  • Easy installation and operation: simply fits over your existing rear view mirror and install the cab

Now we will say something about this model which happens to be a pretty affordable combination of a rear-view mirror featuring a front-looking dashcam of 1080p resolution with an angle coverage of 150 degrees, as well as a 480p resolution waterproof rear camera.

This budget-friendly solution provides its user with a good display and gives a pretty solid performance during night-time, particularly when compared to its price.

Among its advantages is the particularly simple installation – the user has to position the rear-view mirror over the existing one and connect the power wire into the cigarette lighter in the vehicle.

Nevertheless, the user has to additionally purchase a cable to connect the camera to the mirror. Its display which is 7 inches in size also has the touch operating options and supports SD cards to record front-facing footage.

In comparison to other devices of this kind, this model is not equipped with a G-force auto-saving or movement detector.


  • Durable quality product
  • It plays the role of a dashcam too 
  • Simple to set up


  • Its rear camera does not provide a very solid picture
  • Separate purchase for the camera wire


  • EASY FOR USE 7” TOUCH SCREEN: brilliant front camera with 150-degree wide coverage and 1080p resolution, as well as a water-resistant rear camera. 
  • AUTOMATIC SWITCH TO REAR IMAGE: for safe parking, this model will switch to the rear image to fully show the situation behind your car when you put it in reverse gear.
  • REARVIEW MIRROR DASHCAM WITH A DOUBLE LENS: the device is equipped with two camcorders, as well as a 7” rear-view mirror.
  • PiP SCREEN: the quite wide mirror display usually shows one image transmitted from one camera, but it can also display two pictures transferred from both cameras at the same time.  
  • SIMPLE SETUP AND USE: it can be easily put over the existing rearview mirror and its connection cable can be easily plugged into the cigarette lighter inside the cabin of your vehicle.  

As a conclusion, we can say that this product represents a solid combination for the budget-oriented buyers.

17. Pyle Rearview Mirror Monitor

Pyle Backup Car Camera Rear View Mirror Screen Monitor System with Parking & Reverse Safety Distance
  • Backup car camera: a rugged backup rear view camera with true color reproduction and video output of
  • Lcd monitor screen: this backup camera monitor comes with a 43 inches lcd mirror monitor screen 
  • Built into mirror panel: this backup camera monitor can be easily setup and replace existing rear 
  • Waterproof & night vision: this backup camera for cars and other automotive vehicles is ip 67 marine
  • Distance scale lines: a backup camera kit that features an accurate distance scale line display for

This model represents an additional combination of dashcam and rear-view mirror which has better quality in comparison to the previously mentioned Pruveeo dashcam but is not available at such a low price. 

This set of a video recording device, mirror, and a backup camera is packed with a rear-view mirror assembly including an integrated display 7.4 inches in size, rear-looking backup device, as well as an individual front-turned camera.

It also contains an integrated g-sensor which makes it possible for the device to begin operating and turn off when the car is moving or gets parked, as well as a microphone for sound recording.

The mirror is also packed with a micro SD memory slot to allow the user to save the footage.

This camera comes with setup instructions but for the ones not having much knowledge about car electronics, we recommend having it installed by a professional.

To install the Pyle rearview mirror/display you have to initially thoroughly remove your mirror from the windshield.


  • Provides a look of equipment originally manufactured by the producer
  • High-quality image cameras
  • Including a dashcam


  • It is a bit more expensive


  • SOLID BACKUP CAMERA: it is a high-quality rear camera offering brilliant production of color as well as a 10V PP 75 Ohm video output. This device performs very well in low light conditions with a particularly wide angle of 170 degrees.
  • LCD: the monitor of the backup camera is packed with a 4,3 inches LCD screen and an NTSC/PAL video system.
  • INTEGRATED INTO A MIRROR PANEL: the device can easily be set up by replacing the original rear mirror of your vehicle.
  • NIGHT VISION & RESISTANCE TO WATER: provides good vision during foggy weather and also includes night vision.
  • DISTANCE SCALES: it includes precise distance scale lines making the parking process easier when the car is moving in reverse gear. 

We can conclude that it represents a great solution when the user is looking for a well-designed product giving an original look and may also serve as a dashcam. 

18. Master Tailgaters Rear View Mirror

Master Tailgaters OEM Rear View Mirror with 4.3
  • Screen: 4.3" tft ultra high brightness lcd - auto adjusting brightness with auto dimming mirror
  • Accessories: remote
  • Inputs: 2 video rca inputs
  • Mirror: 4mm thick glass with auto dimming
  • Plugs in to most backup cameras with rca inputs (backup camera sold separately)

When the user is more interested in purchasing a stealthy camera, this product may be one of the best solutions.

It is best suitable for buyers looking for a basic-looking dashboard without additional many elements.

Below we are going to explain to our readers why have we chosen the Master Tailgaters Rear View Mirror.

Generally, the majority of the backup devices show the footage on an exterior screen or a smartphone device.

This means that the user has to have something attached to the top of the dashboard, set up on the vehicle’s air vents, or installed on the windshield.

In case you don’t want such solutions, the Master Tailgaters Rear View Mirror can be considered as an option.

It sends footage from an additional purchased camera installed above the license plate on the rear of the car and displays it on a miniature screen attached to the rearview mirror.

One of its best features is the auto-dimming option which will make you not worry about the possibility of glare, as it is also very helpful for parking.


  • Anti-dimming option
  • Stealthy appearance
  • Solid price


  • The device placed on the rear of the car is additionally sold


  • It is packed with a 4.3” Ultra High Brightness LCD with Automatic Brightness adjustment 
  • When the vehicle is put in reverse, LCD is automatically turned on 
  • 2 Video RCA connectors
  • 4mm Thick Mirror with integrated compass, temperature, and remote control
  • It can be plugged into many backup cameras with RCA connection

The design of this device is intentionally generic as it was made to appear basic in any car it is installed in.

It fits many vehicles including models by General Motors, Honda, and Toyota, but we always suggest you make this sure before making any purchase.

19. Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera

Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 4.3
  • The backup camera is easy to install over the license plate, includes night vision, and is waterproo
  • The 4.3 lcd monitor clearly shows the live picture from the back of the car, and comes with a suctio
  • Designed specifically to help reduce blind spots. please note: wire length is 16" long.
  • Sharp picture with parking assistant. wide angle weatherproof camera
  • When the vehicle is in reverse, the image is wirelessly transmitted to the monitor. there is no need
  • Camera has 110 wide angle view,powers via the reverse tail light

Among the main reasons to get this model is the need for an adaptable backup device.

The footage of this unit is solid and recordings from two cameras are mergeable into one screen. 

It is a great solution for motorists requiring front and rear look from their vehicles.

We decided to walk you through its features because it is designed as a wireless backup device to eliminate blind spots.

This model can bring excellent image quality, a wide area of coverage, as well as clear and crisp footage in low-light conditions.

The display included in the package shows clearer footage than most other original screens available on the market. 

When compared to Pearl’s RearVision this device is not simple to install.

The process will take some 25 minutes to complete.

Although it is better if you have some experience in wiring electrical items in a car, you still shouldn’t worry if you are a beginner.

The company’s site has shared a tutorial video to inform the users about every step in the process.


  • Excellent performance in low-light conditions
  • Wireless transmission of the image to the monitor
  • This model is particularly useful for the reduction of blind spots


  • A bit more complicated to install


  • It can be set up over the license plate
  • Packed with a night-vision feature, and is also water-resistant 
  • The integrated LCD which is 4,3” in size shows footage from the rear part of the car and can be easily replaced with the suction cup mount
  • The length of the wire is 16 inches
  • Parking assisting mode brings a clear picture
  • Thoroughly water-resistant
  • Powered through the reverse tail light

Among the best possibilities brought by this model is the possibility of simultaneously displaying footage from both cameras.

You can also purchase an additional camera that can be utilized as a mini-monitor and will serve as an extra camera in case you use a trailer or even as a front camera showing the area you are facing while driving.


Before you begin shopping for a backup camera, there are also some elementary things you have to learn.

Primarily, you will need to have some kind of monitor to connect your backup camera.

The good news is that some of the present-day vehicles are equipped with integrated touch screens and monitors including a backup camera input.

Another option is to purchase an additional screen with appropriate inputs already present in your car.

If this is not the case, there are some cameras packed with a monitor, while other models are equipped with a tiny packed-in screen for the main device.

Some accessory navigation devices, for example, the ones produced by Garmin and Nuvi, also come with inputs for backup cameras.

Among our recommendations is the user to make sure how to properly set up the backup camera before getting into action.

Another solution would be the engagement of a professional who would do the installation job for the user.

For other similar options, see our guide to the best budget backup cameras.

Didn’t quite find what you were looking for?

We have many more options in our guide to the best backup cameras for every budget!

Feel free to drop a comment below if you have a question!

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