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What are the best scooters for fat people?

If you are looking for scooters for fat people, then we have compiled our list of the top 5 and hereby present it to you. Rrad on for more details.

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Are you a big dawg looking for the best electric scooter for fat person?

Don’t worry anymore as we have taken ample time to test and come up with different models tailored explicitly for riders of your weight. 

Before we delve deeper, we have to be honest with you from the get-go.

As a fat rider, the e-scooter performance won’t be as great as when it’s getting ridden by a light person. 

With that out of the way, we are happy to introduce to you our list of the best scooters for fat people and make your search simpler. 

The top 5 electric scooters for fat people

Electric Scooter NameWeight LimitBest Use Case
Extreme Bull K6661.39 lbs (300kg)Comfort
EMOVE Cruiser352 lbs (160kg)Value
YUME X11330 lbs (150 kg)Stability
Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro150kg (330 lb)Feature-packed
Nami Burn-E 2 Max330 lb (150kg)Premium ride quality

1. Extreme Bull K6: Best electric scooter for fat people with seat

Extreme Bull K6 is the best electric scooter for fat person

The Extreme Bull K6 e-scooter is one of the most unique models in the world. Tailored explicitly for fat adults weighing up to (300kg) 661.39 lbs, having the Bull K6 will not only guarantee you sturdiness but also comfort. 

Let’s have a quick glance at the specs below:

Top Speed50mph (80km/h)
Top Range65 miles
MotorDual 3500W
Battery146V; 44Ah
LightingMassive headlight
Charger capacity146V; 10Ah
Weight 65 kg (144.40 lbs)
Weight Limit300 kgs (661.39 lbs)

What we love the most about the Extreme Bull K6 electric scooter for fat guys is that it offers an all-round bull bar. With this, you can actually customize the scoter with more accessories such as a trailer, and do more with it. 

With a massive 146V 44Ah battery, this is one of the few electric scooters that come with the most massive batteries. The seller says that it can hit a top range of 155.34 miles before the battery dies. However, the practical range of a fat guy is 65 miles. 

This is to let you know that your weight determines how much range you will get with the Bull K6. Featuring dual 3500W motors, the top speed you can hit is 50 miles per hour, but again it depends on how much you weigh. 

If you love balanced worlds of range and speed, then the Extreme Bull K6 could be the electric scooter you are just looking for. 

Extreme Bull K6 electric scooter pros

  • One of the most unique scooter manufacturing designs
  • High-quality seat has been included to make comfort better
  • The inclusion of suspension makes the ride quality buttery smooth
  • The versatility in design creates room for more mods and customizations
  • A very sturdy scooter that guarantees the safety of the rider.


  • With a starting price north of $4000, this scooter isn’t in any way affordable 
  • Bulky. 

2. EMOVE Cruiser: The Best Value Electric Scooter for Fat Guys

If you are looking for a mid-price electric scooter that can carry fat riders, then the 352lb-load capacity EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter could be what you are looking for. 

Known to be one of the most water-resistant electric scooters in the world (with an IP rating of IPX6), the Cruiser is known to be a good all-terrain model. 

Below are the EMOVE Cruiser specs:

Top Speed (our tests)30 miles per hour
Top Range (our tests)58.2 miles (94km)
BatteryLG 52V 30Ah
SuspensionRear air shocks; front spring
Braking Hydraulic
Charging9 hours
Water resistance Certified IPX6
Weight 23 kg (52 lbs)
Weight Limit160kg (352 lbs)

Costing around $1500, the EMOVE Cruiser provides more value than most of the single-motor electric scooters in its class. 

Featuring an LG 52V 30Ah battery, the seller claims that the Cruiser can hit a top range of 62 miles. However, we hit 58.2 miles as our best before the battery died and asked for more juice. 

Since the Cruiser produces a 1600W motor output peak power, its 1000W motor doesn’t propel the scooter to a top speed of more than 33 miles per hour. It seems like the manufacturers focused more on the range than the speed. 

With a certified water-resistance rating of IPX6, riding the Cruiser under light showers is okay. However, we discourage our audience to avoid riding in wet conditions as you will be voiding your warranty should anything go wrong. 

EMOVE Cruiser pros

  • One of the most budget-friendly electric scooters for fat adults
  • Great range 
  • The certified water-resistance rating makes the scooter a great commuter model
  • Relatively lightweight for its weight limit


  • Since it features a single motor, the Cruiser is relatively slow
  • The scooter isn’t a great choice for hill climbing. 

3. YUME X11: Best Electric Scooter for Fat Adult with damper

As a fat adult, you shouldn’t have to go through speed wobble on an electric scooter

YUME has done a contribution towards realizing this by including a steering damper on their X11 model. 

YUME X11 electric scooter has a weight limit of 330 lbs, which makes it a great fit for fat adults weighing around 300 lbs. 

YUME upgraded the dual motors of the X11 from dual 2000W to dual 2000W. The X11 hits a top speed of 50 miles per hour now. 

Check the YUME X11 specs below: 

Our tested top speed57.8 miles per hour
Our tested top range62 miles
MotorsDual 2800W
Battery60V 31.5 Ah
SuspensionRear spring; front shock
TiresOffroad; 11 inches
ColorsGold, Black, Red
Weight 48kg (110kg)
Weight Limit330 lbs (150kg)

While I weigh 298 lbs, I was surprised hit more than the provided top speed and top range. While the manufacturer claims that the X11 can hit a top speed of 50 miles per hour, I exceeded it and hit 57.8 miles. For the top range, I hit 62 miles against 60. 

The older model we reviewed had a 60V 31.5Ah battery and 5000W motors. You may not necessarily hit what we did on our YUME X11 scooter review due to the changed components, though. 

We rated the X11 as one of the top all-terrain electric scooters since it comes with massive 11-inch offroad tires and a factory-certified water-resistance rating of IP54. 

If you are looking into buying an electric scooter that won’t struggle with different terrains, then you can opt for the dual-motor YUME X11 for several more bucks; unlike single models such as the EMOVE Cruiser, we mentioned above. 

YUME X11 Pros

  • The inclusion of a damper does away with all wobbles
  • Great model for different terrains
  • Comes in different colors, which offers buyers different choices
  • One of the buttery smooth ride qualities.


  • The scooter is bulky. 
Check YUME X11

4. Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro: The most feature-packed electric scooter for fat people

When talking about scooters for fat people, it’s simply impossible to sideline the GT Pro model.

The Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro is one of my favorite electric scooters. It allows the buyer to buy it with either street or offroad tires. 

With a weight limit of 330 lbs, this scooter carries fat people within that weight range without breaking a sweat. 

When I was buying my Wolf King GT Pro, I selected the offroad tire option, and oh boy, this thing just chews any terrain that it’s subjected to. While the street tire option is also great, encountering flats while riding is easier. That is why we recommend that to-be fat owners check the alternative. 

One of the primary factors to consider while shopping for a great ride for yourself is the ride quality and we like that the Kaabo Wolf King GT features 50A Sinewave controllers. This controller type guarantees a smooth ride quality, low noise on motors, and little to no instances of overheating. 

You will typically enjoy a perfect balance of long range and top speed when you ride the King GT. Below are the ultimate Wolf King GT Pro specs: 

Our tested top speed60.8 mph (98km/h)
Our tested top range 69.8 miles (112km)
MotorsDual 2000W
Battery72V 35Ah (Samsung or LG)
ControllersDual 50Ah; Sinewave
Tire size11X4”
SuspensionHydraulic shocks
Weight 52 kg (115 lbs)
Weight Limit150kg (330 lbs)

Featuring massive 11-inch tires, you can expect to hit smooth tarmacked roads, grassy terrains, sand-packed riding conditions, or even icy conditions without worrying much about the ground clearance. 

One of the main reasons why we featured the King GT Pro as the best electric scooter for adults for all terrains is that the tires are self-healing. This means should you encounter a hole, the tires will heal themselves, which helps the rider to just keep going. 

This scooter also comes packed with an IPX5 certified water-resistance rating, which means that once gotten unawares by rain, there won’t be much worry about getting some components damaged  (we recommend that you dry the scooter well, though) after riding. 

This scooter has premium manufacturing materials, which is what leads to it weighing more than 110lbs. This is more of merit than a con, though, because you will have no chance to fear parts breaking on you as you conquer those potholes or muddy surfaces. 

Do you wish to climb hills? The Wolf King GT Pro has a hill-climbing ability of 50 degrees, which means climbing tough hilly terrains won’t be a worthy challenge for the King. Hail the King of the different riding terrains!

Where to buy the Wolf King GT Pro scooter

Regardless of where you are in the world, we find Voro Motors to be the best store for you to buy the King GT. You can use ES-ARENA as your coupon code on checkout and end up saving $50.

5. Nami Burn-E 2 Max: Premium Heavy Duty Electric Scooter for a Fat Person

If budget isn’t a problem for you, then the improved Nami Burn-E 2 Max electric scooter is your best choice. 

This beast features a weight limit of 150kg, which makes it the greatest fit for any fat adult weighing up to 330 lbs. 

Already a far much-improved version of the Nami Viper, the Burn-E 2 Max is the ultimate definition of a premium product. Below are the ultimate Burn-E 2 Max specs:

Our tested top speed58.6 mph (94.3/h)
Our tested top range 82.1 miles (132km)
Motors Dual 1500W
Battery72V 32Ah (LG, Panasonic or Samsung)
ControllersDual 50A; Sinewave
Tire size11”; Tubeless
SuspensionFull hydraulic
Weight 47kg (103 lbs)
Weight Limit150 kg (330 lbs)

The Nami Burn-E 2 Max is the smoothest electric scooter I have ever ridden so far. The massive 50A sinewave controllers in this beast make it produce the least noise in its motors and also it doesn’t overheat. 

Another reason why this Nami version is a great choice is that it has a lighter weight than the other models featured in this list. Weighing 1-3 lbs, some heavy adults won’t find it a worthy struggle to lift it and probably keep it inside a car trunk. 

While I agree the Max E-2 is a great choice, it isn’t in any way budget-friendly, and as such, not many have been able to have the chance to ride it. Either way, I highly recommend this version if you can manage to purchase it. 

Where exactly we would ask Nami to improve on the Max E-2 is that they need to include a more responsive throttle. For the scooter I was testing, the thumb throttle had a relatively large dead zone and it felt like it was manufactured using cheap material. 

Where to buy the Nami Burn Max-E 2 electric scooter

I find that Voltage Motowerks offers the best customer service when it comes to buying your Nami Burn Max-E 2 electric scooter with sinewave controllers. Buying an electric scooter for $5K should give you a perfect overall experience and Voltage Motowerks aims to please you at that point.

FAQs about scooters for fat riders

What happens if you exceed weight limit on electric scooter?

It’s advisable that you ride an electric scooter with a weight limit above your weight.

If you exceed the weight limit on an electric scooter, the electronic components such as the motor and battery will struggle to keep up with your weight; thus, the range and speed will be lower than it has been rated. 

Long-term usage of struggling motors and batteries leads to a short lifespan of these parts.

Again, while overloading, you may end up breaking some manufacturing components such as the stem and the neck connecting the deck to the stem.

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